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There is not a terrible 2's stage

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I am convinced that there is no terrible 2's stage ( at least in my house there is not ).  There is, however, a terrible 3's stage and its running rampant in my house.  My 3yo is going through this a destructive stage and its getting on my last nerve. Nothing is working.  I have tried everything.  She will ransack the place in under a minute.  And she seems to always take advantage when she knows I have my hands tied with her brother ( my 5 mo ).  As soon as she knows that I am changing a diaper, feeding him, or anything else that takes my attention away from her for just 2 freaking minutes ( and I mean 2 minutes because I timed it once, because I thought I was crazy ), she goes and destroys something.  Right now I had to put her back to bed.  I was feeding her brother, and she ran into the play room.  I thought she was good in there. But as I was listening to her, she went silent. And when she is silent I know she is up to something.  So I get up to check.  She has the dang chocolate syrup bottle in the play room and she poured it all over her toys and she was smearing it into the rug!  I know its an attention thing.  I know that she does this because I am having to take care of her baby brother.  And people say to " Ignore her behavior" because she is doing it to get attention.  But really?  I'm supposed to just walk away after she has made a mess like that? And not put her in time out?  

This is KILLING me! I just want to scream.  She breaks her toys. She broke her blinds in her room.  She gets into the pantry and opens the spices and pours them out. I have tried baby gates everywhere.  She just climbs over them. Even the high ones. And now she is strong enough to pull/knock them over.  Those safety things are no match for her.  The door knob ones, she just pulls them off.  The refrigerator safety latch.. it took her two seconds.  I put it on the fridge.  I tested it out and couldn't get the fridge door to open.  So I called DD in there to test it out on her.  I told her to open the fridge.  She tried just opening it, but she couldn't.  In my mind I was like " hah!".  Then she looks at it, and ripped the whole darn thing off!  Luckily the only things she can't figure out is the toilet seat latch, and the cabinet latches.  But everything else, is not effective.  She looks at it and she will have it figured out in seconds.  I'm just going to lose my mind. 

Posted by Anonymous on May. 22, 2013 at 9:42 AM
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by Gold Member on May. 22, 2013 at 10:51 AM
It's really all downhill after they start walking and talking, honestly. =\
by on May. 22, 2013 at 10:53 AM
There are loose stages th at revolve around yhe concept of equilibrium and "unequilibrium". As described by some psychologists name I dont remember lol. Basically there are set ages where kids are unbalanced and have more behavior issues etc. Its like ever 12-18 mo when they r young

Quoting Anonymous:

Oh no! please don't tell me that. I was looking forward to her growing out of this stage! lol

Quoting blsdbyangel07:

Well.... the 4s isn't much better imo.  So good luck.  LOL

by Diamond Member on May. 22, 2013 at 10:53 AM

3 is the worst in my opinion!

by Silver Member on May. 22, 2013 at 10:55 AM
Well so far here the terrible 2s has lasted until 5 and still going strong.
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