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OK for boys but not for girls?

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The earring post where many moms said they would not pierce their baby girls ears because of the pain, and not do it that young for cosmetic reasons, and that they would allow their daughter to decide when she got older made me wonder why it is so wrong for you to put two small holes that take a second to do and can grow up into a baby girls ears yet it is perfectly fine to cut off a piece of a boys penis that has thousands of nerve endings for cosmetic reasons and not give them a choice when they are older?  Seems kind of crazy.  While we are at it, why not cut off a girls inner labia and clitoral hood when she is a baby since it serves no purpose, would not affect her sexuality later in life, and it might grow and darken with puberty and be "ugly".  Don't we want our daughters sexual partner to be able to see her "perfect" genitals like we want our sons partners to not have to deal with an "ugly" penis?

By the way, I could care less either way.  I have one circumcised boy and one uncircumcised, and my daughters ears are pierced.  I don't care what you do with your child but I am wondering how one could be so evil even though it is painless and the other is considered normal and ok even though it is painful and alters the body greatly.

Since some moms see the word circumcism and freak out saying this is an anticirc post, it is not.  Read the full post and let it sink into your mind before you start typing.  I could care less what you do with your kid.  Your kid, your business.  I have one cut and one uncut son, and my daughters ears are pierced. I am trying to understand why circing is ok but piercing is considered evil and a horrible thing to do to a girl.  Doesn't make sense to me.  Piercing is the lesser of two evils to me, yet it is considered worse than permanently altering a body part in a major way.  I don't get it

Posted by Anonymous on May. 24, 2013 at 12:41 PM
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by Sapphire Member on May. 24, 2013 at 4:42 PM
I'm OK with both
by Ruby Member on May. 24, 2013 at 4:51 PM
My DH made the decision about circumcision, and I was fine with it. Our doctor recommended it.

If a boy chooses to do it later in life, it would be a big endeavor, unlike piercing ears...

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by Bronze Member on May. 25, 2013 at 12:17 AM

You disgust me. You don't deserve a son if you are already talking about chopping off part of HIS body that you are prejudiced against.  You are no better than those parents in countries where they mutilate little girls. They don't want to deal with all that labia and they "just don't care for it" so they mutilate their girls. You are just as brainwashed as they are.  Cutting off body parts in your child that you don't like is NOT, I repeat NOT a "way of parenting".  It is a one time act of mutilation and violence against a child.  "it just seems like one more unnecessary thing to have to deal with". SMH. Unbelievable.  Lady, you are clueless. There is nothing ,absolutely nothing that will you will to deal with. Are you not listening? There is nothing special to maintaining an intact baby and boy. The foreskin is fused which means all you do is clean the outside. The foreskin will remain this way for years. Usually by the time it does retract, the boy is old enough to clean his  penis by himself.   Here is a shocker, if you cut your boy you will actually have to do more to keep him clean now a days because LOOSE circumcisions are the new thing. In the past, too much foreskin was cut off in babies because a doctor has no way of knowing how big the baby's penis will get.  This created tight and painful erections for many men. The solution is to do loose circumcisions and not cut as much, but this is leading to it's own set of  problems because the remaining skin has to be constantly pulled away from the glans because it will want to reattach itself.  I hear it ALL THE TIME with all these problems these moms of cut sons are having in dealing with adhesions and the pain it's causing their sons.  So either you do a traditional circumcision which can lead to painful and tight erections, or a loose circumcision which means more maintenance for mom, or just leave it alone.  The foreskin is far from unnecessary. It is functional, normal, and healthy. It has immunological, protective, and sexual functions. Educate yourself before you bring an innocent boy into the world and mutilate him because of ignorance.

Quoting garnet83:

 Well you can take it up with the lady that trained me. I'd never seen an uncircumcized penis until I took the job there. The first time I saw it, I thought there was something wrong with it. She came over to show me how to change his diaper (which was a blow out cause all his diapers were) and she pulled it back and there was poop all in it. Don't get mad at me. I did what I was trained to do. Either way, it's no longer my problem cause I haven't worked there in 9 years and if I ever have a son, he will be circumcized. You can deal with the foreskin all you want. I will not. And I am not prejudice. I think everyone is entitled to their way of doing things and their ways of parenting. You can have fun with it. I just don't care for it. It just seems like one more unnecessary thing to have to deal with. I have no problem with people who don't circumcize. That's your choice as a parent. Just because I don't care for it doesn't make my prejudice. You're defensive.

Quoting VanessaCB:

You are full of it. Absolute nonsense.  A 2 yr old's foreskin is still fused to the glans so that means there is nothing special you have to do to clean.  Just clean the outside like you would a cut penis. Do you really think you are fooling everyone? Many of us actually have intact sons and I am here calling you out as a liar. Unless those 2 yr old's are being prematurely retracted which is damaging, then there is not way for anything to get inside the foreskin.  Twice the amount of time to clean a poopy diaper in a intact boy?? Umm, NO.  Just wipe off any poop on the outside. I would imagine cleaning a poopy cut boy is harder since the poop is directly touching the urethral opening and you bet some of it is going inside his urethra. The foreskin is nature's way of preventing that and keeping the boy healthy.  Uncircumcised boys do not have an odor? Cut that bullshit.  Maybe it's your prejudices against whole boys that are making your smell things that are not there.  My son is intact and he has NEVER smelled.  Cleaning him now at 5 yrs old is as easy as putting him in the bathtub a few times a week. That's it. No need to even touch his penis.No having a circumcised penis is not easier, faster, or more convenient.  At least in infancy and in young boys it is NOT. Far from it. When the foreskin does retract on it's own which can happen up until puberty, all the boy/man has to do is take a few seconds to push back and rinse with water. Simple.

Quoting garnet83:

 I realize that. However, when I was a preschool teacher in the 2 year old room, I dealt with both. The uncircumcised penises were a much bigger headache to clean. It took twice the amount of time to change a poopy diaper because it was more involved. Even without a poopy diaper, many of the uncircumcised penises had an odor about them that was unpleasant which indicates to me that they require more maintenance in cleanliness.  Having it circumcised makes cleaning much faster,  more convenient, and easier. Cleanliness shouldn't be a hassle.

Quoting Anonymous:

There is no reason an uncut penis is unclean.  Water washes it just as well as a cut penis.

Quoting garnet83:

I got my girls' ears pierced when they were babies because they were small enough to forget it within minutes and we wouldn't have to deal with the fear and crying later in life if they decided they wanted it done. Not to mention, if they decide they don't want them, we can take them out.  And I would have a boy circumsized if I have a son. Not for cosmetic reasons though...I'd have it done to aid in hygiene.

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