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Do you ever have that day when you just can't handle one of them?? LONG

Posted by Anonymous
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My 5 yr old... really...  I know she is five, but everytime I take her out of discipline today, she does something to get put right back in.  

Yesterday, she peed her pants 6 times and when we went to do s'mores, DH and I agreed that she obviously didn't deserve any.   She got so mad we said no that she peed herself on purpose.   (that wasn't all she did, but that was the end of the night)

Today, she was playing with the neighbor kids and was pushing the kids around on the trampoline that the neighbor sent her home.   Then she lied to me and told me a different story.   I asked the neighbor and sent Abby home to sit in time out.  I apologized to the neighbor and came home and she had hidden and refused to come out.  She also peed herself again.

After dealing with that behavior, and putting her on the step for a long time and such.   The older kids were watching a TV show that she likes and I said, "no TV.   You can play on the back porch by yourself or in your room.   She went out on the back porch and I saw her look down and laugh while she peed herself right outside the door.

Oh my lord...  this isn't my first ball game...  I have four kids and she is my second youngest.  But I have to admit, I am pretty pissed and tired at this point. 

So, I went out there stunned, and asked (yes, dumb question) "Did you just pee on my porch?"   She gets this evil grin on her face and laughs.

At this point, I'm done... finished... so I bring her inside and spank her and put her on the step.   ((our family do choose to use spankings sometimes, up to you what you choose to do, but as pissed as I was, I only gave her two swats on the butt very controlled, so you can suck the abuse comments up your a$$))

After I was ready to talk to her, and I felt she'd been there long enough...  I called her to me and she stamped her feet with arms crossed the whole way.   She gets here and I say, "Wow, I take it that you aren't sorry for your behavior.   I guess it's your choice how you feel, but when you behave (such and such) then this is what happens (time out's etc.)"   She actually growled at me, so I put her on the step again saying, "Well, I don't think you are ready to be nice."

I'm stunned...  I mean, she's always hyper and getting in trouble for one thing or another, but THIS is ridiculous.

it actually got worse, the next pee issue we had was her peeing purposefully on the floor of the bathroom and screaming at the top of her lungs that it wasn't her.

I don't get it... yesterday we bought them slushies, took them bowling, etc...  Today, i played with her and took them bike riding.   I just didn't have time to read a book while i was doing lunch and she has taken to peeing herself when she is told no.  They also each get a special night 1-2 times a month where they stay up and do something special just that kid and us.

WTF do I do???? 

I'm consistant... i'm strict on important things and have fun and listen.... what is going on???  I tried asking her but she is just angry and says she doesn't know...

Posted by Anonymous on May. 24, 2013 at 6:31 PM
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by Ruby Member on May. 24, 2013 at 6:38 PM

 Has anything changed in the home? Any life changes? Anything she may be scared of? Is she getting enough one-on-one POSSITIVE attention from you?


If she's doing it out of sheer definance, make her clean it up herself, like get down and scrub the spot if it got on the floor with a brush, soap and water. Make her hand scrub her clothes that she peed in. Once you stop giving her the attention that she wants from it, she'll realize that there isn't anything in it for her.

by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on May. 24, 2013 at 6:58 PM

Yes, we do those things...  make her clean up and take responsibility for herself.   I have an 11 month old, but she started peeing her pants before I was even pregnant with him.   So I don't think it's just him.

She did great in preK and never had an accident, but would come home and pee herself as soon as I had to say no to something... she hates being told no, and I try to mix in some yes times, too.   It just seems like it's never enough.   We can play a game, her and I, go play outside, swimming, etc...   she will even clean up with me and put things away so I can go make dinner and then she pees herself because I'm doing something else and had to say no to reading a book or something.

Yes, they are all responsible for the choices they make.   I always make them at least help clean up any messes they have... from potty messes to dropping and breaking something, whatever...

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