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Why? What makes everyone hate.....

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I've read numerous posts here at CM, in which some mom's seem to have a real issue with those of us who have  chosen to home-school our children.  My question is, why?  What exactly is it that so many people have an issue with?   With any other topic on CM the "statistics" are supposedly enough to quell any argument one may have against anther's opinion.  Why do the "statistics" of homeschooling, never get mentioned?   Such as:

On the SAT, Homeschoolers score 67 points above the national average. Homeschoolers also outperform all other students on the ACT.

Home-schooled students at Boston University had an average GPA of 3.3, and Kennesaw State University confirms that the GPA’s of their home-schooled students are significantly higher than the average.

“Homeschoolers bring certain skills: motivation, curiosity, the capacity to be responsible for their education - that high schools don't induce very well” Daniel Golden, Wall Street Journal

The conclusions of Dr. Rhonda Galloway, BJU English professor, after researching 180 first-time, home-schooled BJU students:“In my study, they did as well as, if not better than, the other students..."I think the edge home schooled children have over conventionally educated students - whether Christian or public - is that they’re not afraid to ask questions; they speak their minds and they have to be readers because they’re so involved in the self-teaching aspect."They’re more independent. When they have a question not answered in the classroom, they’ll go out and find out more or they’ll pester the teacher until she finds out.”

Link to afformentioned information HERE

This is just the tip of the iceberg in relation to the benefits of homeschooling.    I could site numerous studies and articles that will back up the above, as well as point out other "pluses" to homeschooling.  So, again I ask, what is the big beef with homeschooling parents? 

I've heard a number of you say;  "A homeschooling parent should have to get a degree in education before they should be allowed to home-school."  Really?  Even when the evidence shows that not having said degree hasn't "hurt" these children in the least?   Yet, you can see children everyday of the year drop out of classes staffed by someone with a degree.   It seems to me to be more of a defenseless argument than anything else.  

Just for the record, although I do not have a degree in education, I do have an Associates in Accounting, I have a Bachelor's in Business and am currently working towards my Masters in BA.  So, in the minds of those of you so against homeschooling, do you find that I am unqualified to teach my children?

Posted by Anonymous on May. 31, 2013 at 4:17 PM
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