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Didn't know CPS made store calls!

Posted by on Jun. 9, 2013 at 11:00 PM
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Today, my SO and I drove a half hour over to a town  because there is a baby depot at the mall and they had  two carseats on sale, one for a boy and one for a girl and we have boy/girl twins who are 21 months and they have out grown their current infant carseat.

Our only purpose of going to the mall was for this one department store, the twins are are happy in the double jogging stroller and we pick the carseats out but the employees are having a hard time locating the box in the back. Our twins are getting fussy, they don't want their sippy cups, no snack, no toys, they just start crying.

We are walking around the baby section just waiting and trying to make them happy but nothing is working when an older lady, about late 50's comes up and ask what's wrong. This happens a lot and I just think that she is a nice older lady who likes to talk to little ones. I tell her it's just not a good day for them and that they don't like to wait.

When we came into the store, they had shoes on, but since they were sitting in the stroller and I didn't want to just let them out, they don't stay put in such a big store, I took their shoes off and put them in my purse to see if that would make them happier. She saw their bare feet and asked if we could afford shoes.

We aren't super rich, but we aren't poor, we have a good life so our wordrobe reflects that. It's just that they didn't have shoes on. I made a weird face and said " um yea? I just took them off"

she then said they are too old to be in a stroller and we shouldn't keep them "caged" up.
really? Because I've seen five year olds in strollers, my children aren't even two yet. It's more dangerous to just let them run around the store.

She then asked if we beat them because she works for the state with CPS and she knows the different cries of a baby and their cries were of a "beaten child"

Well, that escalated very quickly.

I've never even poped them on the bottom let alone beat them.

She then told us when a child starts crying, the parents need to leave the store right away. Really? because I've listened to children cry in stores all the time and their parents continute to get the things they need.

We walk away from her, she was just being crazy.
But I noticed that she FOLLOWS US OUT TO THE CAR.
She runs up to us, tells us to get our "poor" babies into the car and turn the AC on because they are "over heated"
We live in florida, but we JUST walked out of the cool store.
We didn't have a chance to unlock our car door before she even came up to us.

We didn't get her name so I could even call to complain about her STALKING us in a store, that is if she really was CPS. maybe she was lying? But I thought if they werent "on duty" and on work hours, they shouldn't come up to someone and say " OH IM CPS, YOURE ABUSING YOUR CHILDREN!"

I'm still livid over this woman!

by on Jun. 9, 2013 at 11:00 PM
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