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Self esteem issue due to body flaw.

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I have moles EVERYWHERE. Different sizes, some raised some not. Every day there's a new one and I'm afraid by the time I'm 30 (i'm 26) that I'll covered in them head to toe. I have them all down my jawline on my left side. I refuse to take pictures on that side of my face and am so self concious about it. I've had kids come up and ask me all the time "What's on your face". It's awkward and embarassing. I have them all over my back and arms as well and two on my boobs. The only place they're not on is my stomach and legs/feet other than that they're everywhere. I even have one big one on the back of my head.

I know I can get them removed but it's expensive and Im not sure if insurance will cover it if it's not a health problem. At least the ones on my face and head anyway. It's something to look into.

Is there any way I can prevent them? Also will my kids get them this bad? My oldest already has two and she's six.  I am so sick of them and sick of DH making fun of them and the kids and their friends asking questions. It's making me just not want to leave the house.  

Pics that I have: 
All over my face, mostly small ones. You can't see the large on on my neck.

My face four years ago, you can see how I didn't have that many then:

And the one on my jawline...the most embarassing part that draws attention.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun. 13, 2013 at 1:19 AM
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by on Jun. 13, 2013 at 10:21 AM

 this exactly. You are very pretty and if I just saw pics of you without the words in your post I wouldnt even have noticed them. The kids asking questions I can understand cuz they are kids, but ur dh making fun of them is being an asshole. they must not bother him too much if he is with you. That is whats making you worry more about them, not the moles themselves I bet. I would see a dermatologist just to make sure they arent from the sun or anything that could turn to skin cancer (i think those look way different but just to be safe) and see about removal. Until then, dont focus on them so much!

Quoting areles:

nobody cares about these but you.  and perhaps some asshole you were in third grade with.

you're beautiful.  fret not.


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