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When SIL attacks! WWYD? *long*

Posted by Anonymous
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 My SIL, she's just out of control and I have no idea what to do. It would take years to explain everything on here and even then, it wouldn't make sense. I don't even know what the heck is going on half the time. Have any of you had to deal with a close relative like this?

To name a few things: She lies. I mean, LIES. You can brush her arm walking past her and suddenly you've shoved her to the ground.

She thinks she is or was a vampire.

She once called the police accusing her (new and unsuspecting) roommate of murder because she found a few small pinprick sized drops of blood on the tv screen. The dog had chewed a raw spot on it's tail so when it wagged, it splattered a bit of blood on the tv. The crime scene guys were not amused.

She has abused drugs and alchohol off and on for years.

She was in a mental health facility where she says they would beat people and drug them to comas. She also said she had seizures [that she has never had before or since] and they did nothing for her. The facility didn't find anything wrong with her like schizophrenia but did think she should have therapy to deal with some of her feelings. They set her up with free therapy but she refuses to go.

She also wants to get disability (but has been rejected) because she *can't* go out and deal with the public except she can go to crowded parties. She spends her days dressing up in different costumes and taking FB pics.

When she lived with us (after getting sober) she would have fits if the kids walked in the house before noon. She didn't want to go to bed before 7 or 8am and then was angry that she couldn't sleep with their noise. This is after she asked DH and I to go to bed as soon as he got home at 1030pm so she could *sleep*. She actually just wanted to play on the computer without anyone around.

Anyway, she is on another tangent, but this time she has really just taken it too far. She is lying and involving people we all mutually know. It's embarrassing! She tells these acquaintances horrible things about how bad she is treated. Stuff that is just not true. SIL and I used to be very good friends before she started to change but now I can't hold the relationship together. She has just gotten so freaking MEAN.

Plus, she tells my MIL I do things that I don't so then MIL calls DH to scream at him. He explains what really happened and MIL will just say, Oh. She doesn't apologize and she still believes her daughter everytime it happens.

At what point is it okay to just walk away? DH and I have tried to help her but now she is pretty much just ruining our reputations with old high school friends. Yes, we don't hang out with these people that much anymore, but that doesn't mean we want them to hear a bunch of lies about us, either. i don't want my DH to not see his only sibling but we are both over dealing with her lies.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun. 17, 2013 at 4:30 PM
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