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Working parents and food stamps ETA

I see the common phrase on here get a second or third or even fourth job, but do you do the math before you say that. I did the math today. So here goes:

There are 168 hours a week. Minium wage here is 7.25 so all my figures are based on Indiana's wages.

Lets start with a single mom with 1 job working 40 hours a week minuim wage. 

That is 1,160 before taxes. Average rent here is 600, so there goes half her check plus got to include utilities and child expenses. If she has a small child, diapers or pull ups, maybe formula. 

Now lets throw in a 2nd job in our single moms life. full time 2 40 hour jobs.

Thats 80 hours a week of work. She gets 2,320 a month before taxes. Working 2 jobs gives her 88 hours a week to sleep, take care of her child, and herself. 

Now lets say she gets a 3rd job. all 3 are 40 hour jobs working 7.25. She now works 120 hours a week making 3,480. Once again that gives her 48 hours in a week to sleep take care of herself and her child. 

Now lets move on to a couple husband and wife each working minium wage. 

We will start with just 1 job for both, 40 hours a week. That is 2,320 a month. 

Now lets give them both 2 jobs, working 40 hours at each one. Thats 4,640 before taxes. But gives them 88 hours to be parents take care of themselves and sleep. 

Lets give them 3 jobs apiece working 40 at each job. Thats 120 hours at work for each person that gives them 48 hours a week to take care of their child(ren) and themselves. but they make 6,960. 

average bills for Indiana is:

Rent is 600

Electric is 180

Gas is 70

Water is 75

Car payment, depends but for this exersise we will say 290

Insurance varies but for this exercise we will say 180

Phone, gotta have a phone for a job, 50

Child care is generally about 5 or 6 hundred a month

Average family eats 500 a month is groceries. 

So now lets add all this together, and this isnt including gas being 3.99 a gallon here, and health insurance and other expenses that are needed. 

Calculating everything and child care being 500 a month now the expenses are 2,445 and the childcare at 500 is if the family has 1 child. if they have 2 it doubles, 3 triples, ect ect. 

So lets go back to our single mother working 1 job. 2,445 a month and our single mom working 1 job is only making 1,160 before taxes. shes already in the hole. 

lets take her working 2 jobs, shes making 2,320 before taxes shes is still in the red of things.

Now lets take her working 3 jobs, never seeing her children, and never sleeping Shes no longer in the red, but than your going to complain someone else is raising her child, because someone else would be raising her child. 

Now lets take the husband and wife both working minium wage and take their situation.

2,320 a month they are still in the red. Take them working 2 jobs They can both float and do pretty well. 

But this is not always the situation for some parents. Some parents have a disability, or some other problem.

Also This is only done on minuim wage 40 hours, right now full time jobs are hard to come by. Everyone is hiring part time, if they are hiring at all. Looking through all these figures, for Full time employment for both parents, is just black and white, but got to include parents who cant find full time or a job at all. Jobs are hard to find, If you get full time your extremlly Lucky right now. Next time you tell a parent to work 2 or more jobs do the math and find out exactly what your asking of them. Because it might be damn near impossible, if not impossible. Think it through people. 

Thank you and that is all. 

*ETA* I never expected this post to blow up like this. I want to think everyone for giving me their perspective on such a hot topic not only on Cafemom but also in the world outside our computers. I got on after I put my kiddos to bed and had 99+ notifications. goodness. Thank you everyone for debating nicely and also for sharing your stories. I am trying to read everyones replies quickly, but with so many having such wonderful points on their views and sharing their stories, replying to each one will be hard to do. Each story is diffrent, but yet they all have a message. Some abuse, while some use it for its intended purpose. I know everyone wants a world where no matter what no kids are living in poverty, but sometimes that world is hard to reach. Due to job closings, outsourcing, wage cuts, and lack of full time jobs because of the affordable health care act, sometimes people just need an extra push. Im proud of everyone who is using the system for its intended purpose. While I know the abusers need to reevaluate their situation and their life. Even before PA, everyone had help raising their kids. Look at the great depression that followed after the rawring 20's. Those children in that time were not going to survive in the communitys and the people didnt ban together to help each other through a tough time. Only taking the help that is needed is a wonderful approach. Thank you again for reading and for sharing your thoughts, stories, and opionions on a hot topic. :D

by on Jun. 18, 2013 at 4:14 PM
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by Platinum Member on Jun. 25, 2013 at 10:17 PM

7.25$ here 

most places are part time the full time ones rarely hiring because the pay more,

my husband has a full time but his hours are so wonky I can't find much work that goes around his hours 

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