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Hey ladies I got the brilliant idea to open a new post regarding my original post in order to update you all, for those of you who have not seen my original post here is the link

Update :6/20
So yesterday i went to the hospital and I picked up my lab results for the "sample" that I gave them to see if it was the fetus I passed , turns out it wasn't !! the exact words were "DEGENERATING DECIDUAL / NO CHORIONIC VILLI PRESENT . No fetus parts or vilious -like material found. So in a break down DECIDUAL is basically the uterus lining that sheds when implantation begins, BUT no vilious material is somewhat scary because it means we do not know if the baby has implanted in my uterus or if its ectopic, ALSO I got my blood work results my levels went from 250 to 550!!! In 6 days tho :( so more blood work tomorrow and hopefully they get me in for another ultrasound to rule out an this point I do know tho that I am still pregnant , I really am thank ful for all of you ladies of it wasn't for your encouragement I don't know if I would've even went in for my blood work thanks so much !! update 6/22- got my 3rd blood draw results they have went from 550 to 767 in 48 hours, normal blood draws should double within every 48-72 hours.. so still not sure how good or bad this is, being that an ectopic is still not ruled out.. hopefully ill be getting a ultrasound on monday...thanks again for the support ladies.. keep your prayers and fingers crossed for me :D


update 6/26

so ladies i guess the torment hasnt completley ended. so i went to the ER telling them that i was feeling some dullaches and have had an ectopic before. so they see me have me undressed etc.. i get blood work and while waiting for the results i get the ultrasound, so the ultrasound tech and i are talking about my long journey getting preggo and how i felt that tis was ectopic, which she also agreed she thought that too, so my hopes definitley crashed. well first we do an abdomonial U/s AND TO OUR SUPRISE there was a sac, ! :) in the uterus at that.. BUT nothing was in there :( so

leaves us guessing and saying maybe my dates were off and the spotting and uterus lining i shedded was because of implantation occuring , which would mean id be what 3 4 weeks now? 

also the blood work so 250 550 767 and now 1004. which these were my hcg number changes since june 13th .. so i really dont know now.. then the DR comes to me and says well it looks like the pregnancy isnt growing properly you should either wait to miscarry or get a DNC and advised to follow up with my doc tommorow.

but wait 2 weeks ago i had nothing at all in my uterus just spotting and a piece uterus lining.. wdytttttttt???



Hey gayls, just a small update today while im here at work, so i spoke with my OB and they said they do NOT want to do a DNC and they believe that my dates were off and i am just early on in my pregnancy, they ordered me a prescription of progestorone cream and also another blodd draw, my last levels were 1004, and they said that they will do another ultrasound once i get to 2500.. she also said that woul explain why they only seen an empty sac because at levels of 1004 there is no hear beat etc yet to detect.. thats why they discourage such early ultrasounds because all it does is get the mothers nervous and anxious lol.. well i ge tthe blood draw today after work and the results tommorow morning before the holiday.. wish me luck and thanks again for all your prayers and kind words!!



Gm Ladies! and happy fourth of july, well quick update for you all i got my blood results back and they are 1600! 4 days ago it was 1004. my dr still wants me to do more blood work before ordering an ultrasound for me (they want me to be at 2500) so i go back friday again .. hopefully they are at 2500 or at least very close to it so i can get the ultrasound, so at this point im still waiting.. my dr keeps reassuring me my numbers are normal but idk im starting to get a feeling they are just dragging this out to save themselves the time of having to do a US , (shruggs shoulders) im not as optimistic as before, since june 13th my numbers have only gone from 250 to 1600 .. and its been almost a month.. i dont see how thats "normal" to them but i can only wait and see with a US at this point. once again thanks for your thoughts prayers and well wishes! and i hope you enjoy your weekend! be safe :)


07-11 update

GM ladies!! How awesome you all are , its such a warm feeling to have to log into CM and see so many requests for updates. really lets a girl know youre cared about.! thank you

well im not sure how much of a update this is but i have not been able to get the blood work i was supposed to get last friday , and my job changed my work schedule again so now im working 7am-530 so by the time i get off of work the lab is already closed. they close at 5pm m-f. SO tommorow im off work and i will be going to get the blood work needed.. hopefully because so many days have went past my levels are high enough to get a US. BUT this am while using the restroom at work i wiped and saw blood again.. so im back to spotting, its alittle brownish maroonish in color.. and i have been crampy since last night. ive also had a few sharp pains in the left and right areas of where my tubes should be so this US is def needed. well thats really all for now ladies .... wish me luck and thanks again!! :)


07/18 UPDATE-

Good morning ladies, sorry its taken me so long to update , well on 7/11 the most recent update i made i ended up leaving work early due to the bleeding and cramping, my dr had me do blood work that thursday that turned out to be 1099...:( remember my last blood results was 1600 so they decreased.. then that friday she had me do a ultrasound where we found that i had a empty sac in my uterus measuring around 5 1/2 to 6 weeks. they asked for me to do a repeat ultrasound in 14 days.. to see if there is any progression or a heartbeat.. which i highly doubt , because since then i have been cramping and lightly bleeding , so im pretty sure that the baby probably stopped growing at 5  1/2 weeks. i will still get a repeat ultrasound down just to clarify things but im at the point now where i am able to accept that this is not a viable pregnancy. but i can say as well theres two things that have kept my spirits lifted and thats the support ive recieved from you ladies and all of my friends and family as well as the fact that this wasnt ECTOPIC!! whch rules out what any dr ever told me (they have always said if i ever get preg naturally it would be ectopic, or that i wouldnt be able to concieve naturally).. so when dh and i are truly prepared to have another LO i know to try naturally again because it is still possible. :) thanks ladies..

Posted by Anonymous on Jun. 20, 2013 at 12:09 PM
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by Hey Brother on Jul. 29, 2013 at 3:12 PM
by Anonymous 15 on Jul. 30, 2013 at 7:37 PM
Bump! Surely you know something by now...
by Anonymous 31 on Jul. 30, 2013 at 7:44 PM
So sorry ur going through this. I'm a surrogate and our last attempt was very similiar. My numbers just weren't doubling. I stopped meds and miscarried. Best of luck to you.
by Ruby Member on Jul. 30, 2013 at 10:31 PM
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Been thinking about you.
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