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My son the drug dealer

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DS is 16

He admitted ( without being forced) that he smoked weed. He says he smoked it 3 times and he smoked K2 but he threw away the K2 because it was horrible and he didn't want his friends to go through what he did while he was using it. That was a year ago and he said he probably won't use it again until he was older. I had to tell his father and he went nuts and ds said he would never tell me anything again.

Fast foward to yesterday.  He txt me that he was in major trouble at school. Apparently he found a big bag of weed. and since he doesn't smoke it he gave it away. The person got caught and told the teacher it was from him.

A few inconsistency's

1) he told the teacher he found it on the weekend. Told me he found it that day.

2) he said he gave it to a guy who smoked pot. Turns out it was a bunch of yr 9 girls Around 10yrs old.  (edit again, they were 13/14 yrs old. Not that that makes it better)

3) Did he give it away or did he sell it? He told me no but he has been lying a few times. This is crucial because if he is found guilty he will be charged with dealing rather than if ihejust gave it away. I know both are wrong but hopefully he didnt take any money for it.

There is a meeting on monday at his school. This will be with the head of the school, youth aid, campus police, his teacher and me. Until then he is suspended from school.

He used to be a good kid. Well if you don't count setting fire to the petrol tin (says it was an accident) or photo shopping rude pictures witch he claimed it was because they were picking on his friends.   

Help! Anyone!

 NOTE! He is a nice boy. Stupid maybe? Criminal yes. Its hard for mums to believe that their child has turned into this. I have edited out the nice boy comment.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun. 25, 2013 at 12:53 AM
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by Member on Jun. 25, 2013 at 3:02 AM

 ok 1st he has to gain your trust back, just like he feels like you need to earn his by telling dad. (I know this because my boys tell me everything like when they tried pot, drinking, and my son's gf getting preg.) I always tell my husband these things because he is their dad and should know, however the kids feel like we've betrayed them. 2nd by offering up the drug test I say do it (they sell them at just about every $1 store or drug store (no you don't want to hurt him, but they also need to know WE are still their parents and not just cool friends they live with, he's lied so he has given you reason to question what's truth. 3rd kids are their own people. my hubs and I got married when i was 16 because he jpined the service and i couldn't be without him. I had my son almost 2 yrs later and we are still married, and yet my son got his gf preg. after knowing her for 3 weeks. (she gave him drink and pot and we do neither)

And 4 if he does get expelled you'll figure it out. I had to drop out because I got married but I got my ged and went on to college and did pretty well for myself. it is NOT a reflection of you, however it will always hurt your heart because it is not what you had planned, but don't fall into that bubble of "not my kid he knows better shit" just be there to help him when you can and kick his ass when you have to!! lots of luck to you all...sorry so long (touched a nerve I guess)

Quoting Anonymous:

 Yes, we must get on to this fast. If he is lying about this than how do I trust him anymore. He says give me a drug test because I havn't smoked it in a year.  I don't know what to think about this, good that he he offers a drug test and he also reminded me that he willingly told me when he tried it and didnt try to hide it.

I so desperately want him to tell the truth! I just hope it doesnt wreck his life. I don't want to see him throw his life away. I try to be a good role model!

Oh well it will all come out on Monday morning at the meeting. What if he gets expelled? He is too young to leave school and what other school is going to take him after being expelled?


Quoting Anonymous:

 totally this!!! good to be in some trouble to maybe straighten him out, but not enough to ruin the rest of his life. and just my opinion but if he is 16/17 then girls that are 13/14 aren't really "kids" compared to him. and they were just as stupid to take it from him!

Quoting kamrynlily07:

It sounds to me like he's lying. I think it's highly unlikely he found a big bag of weed, then gave it away.

It's probably better that he gets in trouble now, rather than when he's older when punishment will be far more harsh. Hopefully he learns some hard life lessons and turns himself around.

Hugs~ I'm sorry you are going through this.





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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Jun. 26, 2013 at 5:28 AM

mum stop fucking lying to all these people none of this shit even happend shes just trying to start shit on the internet

by on Jun. 26, 2013 at 5:57 AM

Quoting Anonymous:

mum stop fucking lying to all these people none of this shit even happend shes just trying to start shit on the internet

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