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I'm super confused- hoping some of you are on "the in" and can help.
Hubby and I have recently adopted a soldier to support. We read through the list of items to send and I'm in shock...
We assumed the soldiers (and we may be correct) would be interested in receiving certain hygiene products and treats (gum, cookies, whatever) however we weren't expecting to see sheets, t-shirts, coffee makers, flash lights, socks, tape, water purification tabs, etc. doesn't the gov provide this stuff?? I was seriously outraged thinking how cheap our gov was... Then hubby pointed out that the gov probably provides some of these things but they are low quality etc. *shrugs* I dunno...

I've emailed our soldier and asked him specifically what he would like since his original list was very broad.
We did have fun shopping for him today. Hoping we hit a few of his needs as well as wants.

I also wished to extend my appreciation to his wife by sending her a gift basket or gift card etc.
I haven't read anything about the soldiers wives/husbands at home so I'm hoping I didn't step out of bounds there????

by on Jun. 28, 2013 at 7:35 PM
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by on Jul. 1, 2013 at 9:22 PM
I know that they're navy. I wanted to know why they're call Seabees. Thanks.

Quoting besosfantasies:

 They're Navy. Some are electricians, equipment operators, builders, etc. They mainly "build and fight". They were modeled after the Marines.

Quoting TishHughes:

What's a Seabee? I saw them in Afghanistan bit never bothered to ask.

Quoting besosfantasies:

 Hey anon, nope not awkward at all. I know what they get paid, husband is a Seabee. Interesting world huh. If you're so proud of what you are through your family and husband, why the heck are you private? And why the heck are you giving this woman grief about wanting to HELP a SM? Relax.

Quoting Anonymous:

Yeah original anon here, so this is going to be awkward for you. I know exactly how much people in the military get paid since my DH has been in the Navy since shortly after we got married, I was also the daughter of a Naval Officer. My DH and I lived fine on E-1 pay and we live fine on what he get's paid for his rank now. Military pay isn't a secret, you can google the pay charts for every year. I still don't think it's a big deal that they have to purchase their own socks and sheets.


Quoting besosfantasies:

 What most people do not know, is that the military doesn't get paid as GREAT as most people think! OP I think you're wonderful for helping out!

Quoting Foxilady:

My husband and I obviously view our service men and women differently than you.

These soldiers are prepared to pay the ultimate price to keep our country safe. In our opinion they are over worked, underpaid and made to carry heavy burdons (as does their loved ones)

Our family will gladly help in any way- even if the American government gives then a stipend to buy sheets...

Quoting Anonymous:

You buy your own sheets, t-shirts, socks, tape, flash lights, etc. The military provides you with a clothing allowance/uniform allowance to buy things like shirts and socks with, they make coffee in the galley every day, and they provide you with clean water. Why would the military provide those things for him? They pay him twice a month already he should be able to get some things for himself.






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