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35 yo and can't figure it out

Posted by on Jul. 2, 2013 at 11:31 AM
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I am thinking the PMS is only making things worse and I don't think I am depressed b/c I don't feel like this when I am alone or away from them so here goes:

I have two boys 5 & 8. My 8 yo may be on the spectrum (Asperger's) (waiting for eval to deterermine this) He is just a little different. Playing on his own is more challenging, playing with certain friends is too. I can't explain it. We had a friend of his come over and I wind up playing ball with him b/c my son wants nothing to do with sports and the kid wound up being bored.

My 5 year old is fine in regards to playing and socializing with friends. Also both of my boys friends are in summer camps everyday - certain times of the day so they aren't always around to play. Needless to say: I am with my kids a lot. My older son gets tutored twice a week and goes to tae kwon do once or twice a week.

I was never a kid person but always wanted kids of my own. Parenting was never diffucult until recently. I just  am not the creative playful type.I would rather just be like, "There ya go, go outside and play. Your old enough to entertain yourselves" But I know it's not that easy.My 8 yo is very impatient with his little brother. The littlest thing sets him off and they are fighting or if I am trying to do something with my older son like his little science experiment kit my 5 yo will come over and dump stuff out just to make a mess.

I discipline my kids, they know right from wrong etc.. But they just do stupid stuff I don't have patience for. While playing bubbles today my 8yo took the 64 oz bottle (after me telling him that we are not wasting it. he won't use it for bubbles but for something he has in mind in his own head) and ran with it around the yard flinging it around so the stuff came out. They both went to their rooms b/c I was DONE.FINISHED.BURNED OUT and it was only 10:33am when this happened.

Everyday I wake up and it's just a struggle. Taking them anywhere is frustrating. My son with his social issues he gets weird in public and it's embarrasing b/c people probably think I am a crappy parent and it's hard to ignore the looks and yes I do care what they think. Why, I don't know. So I limit the time we spend at the park, the store etc... They watch tv a lot. Most days if I have to make the beds or whatever I lay down b/c I feel like I physically/mentally can't do it. I want to cry pretty much every day for the past few days... I try to get them to go outside and a situation always arises and I just can't handle it. I can't. They just don't play, they are always doing something stupid. Like I said, I am not the creative playing type. I pretty much suck at that part of parenting.

Yes I posted this somewhere else too.

by on Jul. 2, 2013 at 11:31 AM
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