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Easy way to masturbate...spend NO money on sex toys..cause you don't need em' if you do this!!

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Okay, so I've got an easy way to masturbate ladies! No need to buy expensive sex toys or anything! Here we go! 1) Get something small..a house hold object. For you ladies who don't usually masturbate..something like a lip gloss container would work.. (just lip gloss!) Or for you ladies who want something bigger..get a tooth brush or something.. 2) Get it a little wet. 3)Lay or your bed or the floor.. but your bed will probably be more comfy. Lay in a position to where your legs are bent..knees in the air. 4)To start off. Clear your mind and close your eyes. 5) Start rubbing your breast. It helps you get going. 6)Leave one hand rubbing your breast..the hand rubbing your breast should have you object in it. Take the other hand and rub up and down the inside of your thigh. 7)Take that hand and rub the spot between your poophole and you clit. Then slowly move up to your clit and gently rub there. 8)Take your hand off of your breasts and rub down your stomach all the way to you clit sliding your hand across your skin. 9) Leave the hand rubbing that you started with rubbing.. and take the object with your hand it's in and rub your spot between your poophole. You may want to take it directly to you clit and put it in but don't. 10)Take the object and gently rub it all the way up to your clit. Rub your clit with it. 11)Slowly and gently put in in your hole.. it may hurt while putting it in a little bit but that only means you hit a sensitive need to panic. 12)When it's in, move the object up and down without taking it all the way out. Get harder and harder. 13)Then, start rubbing with your other hand and move the object side to side harder and harder so hit's the sides of your hole and arouses you. It feels good. You may get an orgasm. 14)Don't take it out for more than 30 seconds, if so, you might want to start teasing yourself again and redoing the process. It's fun. 15)Hope this works for you! P.S. Even a sucker stick works if you want to use something small :) I used it and I still got an orgasm! HAVE FUN LADIES!! :)
Posted by Anonymous on Jul. 18, 2013 at 4:38 AM
Replies (41-42):
by Kate on Jul. 18, 2013 at 7:47 AM
YES! Except I've only just remembered it was a sausage. And I'm pretty sure it was a troll. At least I hope so.

Quoting Anonymous:

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Are you kidding me?! Someone not only did this but then posted about it. Ugh I feel green!!! 

throwing up

Quoting katemckenzie:



by Anonymous 14 on Jul. 18, 2013 at 7:51 AM

You sound like a dude trying to give directions to some place he doesn't know how to get to.

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