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I hate people!

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So hate is a strong word. Maybe seriously annoyed by is a better choice.

I am a hairdresser of 21 years. I am good at what I do, and I love doing a great job and making people happy.
But, why? Why do people not understand. If I am cutting your hair, don't try to run your finger through it, unless you want to lose one. If I am putting foils highlights in, please stop moving your head around while you talk, unless you want bleach spots all over your head.
And , please, please , if you are coming in for a pedicure, I should not have to spend 15 minutes one each big toe , digging out dirt under your nails. Seriously though. I am not a servant , and if the dirt under your nails is that bad ( even after soaking your feet) you are nasty.
There are no number of layers, so stop asking for that... They are short, medium, long, they can be texturized or razored. But don't ask for 2 layers, that makes no sense.
Stop asking me why all this grey keeps coming in, when you color it all the time. The shit grows at the root not the ends.
And if you are going to color you hair at home, expect that when you come in for me to fix it, it will cost you money.... Sometimes, a lot!!! You should of just come to the salon.
I love my job, and will always do my best job. But, common sense helps you have a better service.
Posted by Anonymous on Jul. 24, 2013 at 5:15 AM
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by on Jul. 24, 2013 at 8:49 AM

Whenever I have gotten any type of chemical services, like a perm or whatever, I have had to sign a release form.

I could never be a hair stylist! I would end up stabbing someone with my scissors. I was talking to my neighbor about this the other day. She is going back to work today as a cosmetologist.

Quoting Anonymous:

There should be some kind of signed release. She was warned , she choose to be stupid. Why she you be liable.

Quoting katemckenzie:

Teenage black girl with afro comes in.

"I want my hair white. Like silver white. And silky straight, like the Pantene commercials."

"Well I can tell you right now you aren't going to get white hair."

"Why not?"

"The potency of chemicals we would have to use to achieve that would fry through your hair before it ever lifted that high, with your texture."

"I'm sure it will be fine, just do it anyway. I want hair silver white, not yellow like Miley's."

"Are you sure?"


I decide I don't want to be held responsible for this one and let our salon owner do this color.

Relaxed the hair first, then passed her off for coloring, since she didn't want to wait our recommended week between chemical treatments. Within the hour, half her hair is missing and she's screaming to high heaven about how she's gonna sue us all.

Quoting Anonymous:


I got the other day...

How long have you been doing hair? ( New client)

(Me) 21 years

(Client) do you have any experience with color

(Me - in my head ) no, in 21 years I've never done a flipping color... Really?

Quoting katemckenzie:



I love being a hair dresser, but somedays I just want to rip what little hair out of my head. Certain clients I just want to stuff into the tanning bed and "break" the hinges so they melt in there.

by Bronze Member on Jul. 24, 2013 at 8:54 AM
I honestly don't have the "you're just a hairdresser" experiences very often. (Unless a small town Iowa boy sits in my
And I'm pretty good at sensing what people are projecting through body language and eye contact. And since I do not project that mindset I truly don't get that back from others.

After doing hair this many years, I recognize the blessing and its wonderful value doing hair has had in my life. With three daughters, I've saved TONS of money and my girls always had great looking hairstyles especially during prom and homecoming.
It's not only been a wonderful experience meeting fabulous people throughout the years, but has connected me with what I'm most passionate about aside from doing hair, and that is working with teens.
I rarely have encountered that type of 'you dont have a real education if youre a hairdresser' mentality even though I've heard this said. But heck, as hairdressers, we know ALL the bones , nerves and muscles we had to learn about in "Theory".... Plus we are like scientists since we work with chemical components every day. :-)

Quoting Anonymous:


" oh your just a hair dresser!"

Excuse me. If people had any idea how much education, time, and money goes into the knowledge it takes to provide a great service, maybe there would be more respect.

I think they would appreciate it more, if they understood at any moment , if it were not for the education .... They could be bald.

I pretty sure they would not be happy.

I hate home color and cut jobs. Idc who you are... It looks like you did it at home.

Come on ladies you don't give yourself a Pap smear !

Quoting Anonymous:

 Love my lady ♥

Do you ever feel unapreciated for the job you do?

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