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And then the waitress followed me OUT of the restaurant....

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 So I went out to eat with my dad today and this family diner type place since that's all we have within 40 minutes of us. We sat down and the waitress came and got our drink orders, she seemed a little, idk, not completely polite but whatever I can deal with that.  She brought our drinks over a little bit later and got our food orders. It took half an hour for her to bring our food and she did not check on us once the whole time, we were both sitting there with an inch of drink left in our glasses.  She wasn't even making eye contact so it's not like we could even signal to her that we needed her. She brought the food and I asked kind of laughing "is there a reason it took half an hour for us to get our food?" and she said "oh, I don't think it was that long." And I said "yes, it was, I texted my husband that we had just ordered our food right after we ordered it and that was half an hour ago, I checked." She said "well, his sub takes awhile to cook" and I said "does it take half an hour?" she said she wasn't sure and I let it go. My dad mentioned that his fries were cold but she didn't say anything or offer toreplace them. She got our drink then and never asked how our food was and then we didn't see her again until I had one bite left of my food (my dad was still working on his a little) and she asked how things were. I was quiet because if I said anything it would have been "it's a little late to be asking tha don't you think?"  so I didn't say anything. My dad said his was fine and she left.

My dad finished up a couple minutes later and we sat for about 6 minutes (me with my plate having been empty for about 9 minutes in front of me and him with his leftovers) until she came and said in a very impolite tone "do you want a box?" and he told her "yes please" and then it took her about 7 minutes to bring the box over.  He placed his sandwich in the box and we waited approximately another 7-8 minutes or so for our bill. Finally we decided to go to the bar and asked for our bill so we went up there and I said to the person at the bar, in a joking manner but obviously still a little peeved, "If a person has been waiting over 20 minutes since they finished eating to get their bill and nobody has brought one, does that mean there is no bill to pay?".  The person up there (who I had wrongfully assumed was an assistant manager of some type because she wore a different shirt than the other girls) said "no, there's a bill to pay" and at that moment our waitress came around the corner and printed it off and handed it silently to my dad and walked away. My dad got money out and was standing there with his money and the other woman took it and said "I'll get you some change".  When she brought it back I said (still assuming at this point that she was an assistant manager or something), "i just have to say that was the worst service I've ever had". She said "well, you say you waited 20 minutes for your bill but i clocked out about half an hour ago and you guys were getting your food so unless you ate in 5 minutes that's not possible." I said "I ate in about 10 minutes which does make it possible" and she said "well you have to understand she has other tables that she has to take care of too" and I said "i do understand, I waitressed for five years" she interrupted me and said "well then you should understand" and I said "I absolutely do not understand. I waitressed for 5 years and not once, no matter how busy I was, did I give somebody the poor quality of service that I got today and it would have been completely unacceptable at any of the places that I worked to have given that kind of service." At that point we walked out. On the table my dad left three dollars and I had jotted down on a napkin:


refill drinks before food comes, if necessary

ensure prompt delivery of food or touch base with the table if taking longer than expected

check on table within 3 minutes of delivering food

attempt to rectify any problems with the food or service (cold food)

deliver bill promptly

speak politely

from one waitress to another....

We got out to the sidewalk outside of the building and she came out behind us and yelled "what did I do that made me such a bad waitress that you can't say to my face?" I turned around and she said "Because your food took a long time I'm not supposed to bring other tables their food?" I calmly said "Why would I be upset that you brought other tables their food, did I ever say that I was upset that other tables got their food before us?" she said "no, but I'm supposed to bring you your bill instead of bringing other tables their food?" I said (calmy still) "It shouldn't have taken twenty minutes to bring a table their bill after they finished eating despite wether you needed to bring other tables their food, if it was going to take you that long you should have just brought the bill with the box".  She said "well sorryyyyy. I like to follow the rules of making sure all the dishes are cleared before bringing the bill!" and I said "well my plate was sitting in front of me for about 10 minutes before you cleared it so it didn't occur to me that it was high on your list of priorities" and she said "well sorryyyy I guess I'm just the worst waitress in the world then!" and turned to walk away and I said "no, just the worst waitress *I've* ever had" and she said "well what restaurant do you work at then? I'll be sure to come in there!" and I said "I'm not working right now"(I'm still employed at the restaurant but because of my children and hectic school schedule I haven't taken any hours in months) and she stumbled over some words that I couldn't understand as she went back in the restaurant. And that's what happened. I'm sure somebody there is going to find something wrong with what I did lol, but to be honest I was a LOT nicer than I felt like being so I'm just proud of myself for remaining calm.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

by on Jul. 24, 2013 at 9:37 PM
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by on Jul. 25, 2013 at 11:03 AM

That waitress is insane.  Who waits outside to confront a customer???   She is out of her effing mind.

by on Jul. 25, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Quoting quinnsmom715:

next time ask for a manager..she should not have followed you out..

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by Anonymous 37 on Jul. 25, 2013 at 11:09 AM

How do you know the manager wouldn't have given a crap ?

Have you spoken with them before. If you know your going to get bad service there , as you replied to someone else. Why go there ? ( yes I saw you say it was the only place for 40 minutes. ) Doesn't mean you have to go there . Maybe drive another 10 minutes and try a different restaurant. ( what about the place you are still considered and employee )

Maybe if you do continue to go there , You SHOULD be going to the manager . And not leaving rude notes for the server .

Quoting EricaG87:

 Honestly, you're right, it was bitchy of me to do that. If I had thought that talking to the manager would do anything then I would have gone that route instead but I pretty much know that the manager (likely also owner) wouldn't have given a crap.

Quoting la-cosa-nostra:

I thought you writing out the tip note was rude, yes her service was terrible, but you should have simply asked for the manager. 


by on Jul. 25, 2013 at 11:13 AM

We don't tip for poor service.  And some may think that is bad but if you're good at your job than we tip 20% or more.  I would have spoken to her and the manger and told them why I wasn't giving her a tip.

by on Jul. 25, 2013 at 11:18 AM
Yea, my husband wouldv'e left her a quarter, thats what he does for bad service.
And I wouldv'e asked for a manager for sure.
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