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This chick is F***ing BAT S**T CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous
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 I was at my FWB's house last night for the first time in a while because we needed to study. Yes, we actually get other productive things done. LOL We studied, tested each other, etc.

While we were driving somewhere, he told me his ex-girlfriend "the nice one" meaning, a "goody two shoes" friended him on facebook and she's pregnant. She's 19. He broke up with her in October-ish while we were still only in the actual friend stage and we never hung out at that point. She was a really sweet girl. Very sheltered but was just as sweet as she could be. Him and I go to school together and our days are LONG so friendships bloom when there's nowhere else to go.

I was like, "WOW! You dodged that bullet!" He's says, "You have no idea!" He starts telling me about how she did it on PURPOSE, he just knows it!

He tells me how the baby's father is not in the picture because he's an illegal immigrant that got deported and then got back with her ex-boyfriend but he's in jail now as an accessory to murder because he burned down a house that someone killed people in. I'm like WHAT IN THE FUCK DUDE? I told him, "Boss, you fucked that poor girls head up!" Of course I was kidding.

So, usually we always talk and have hour long conversations. We're very good with communication and telling each other things and just sharing our deep dark confessions, secrets, etc...right? We're in the bed just hanging out and talking in the dark, which is totally normal for us. He brings this chick up again because I can tell he's kind of like freaked out about how close of a call she was for him with daddyhood.

He tells me that he knows this chick got pregnant on purpose and of course I ask him how. He explains to me that now that he's thinking about it, it all pointed to it when she was with him. She'd always tell him not to use a condom (she wasn't on BC) and not to worry about it and just pull out. I think he probably did a few times just to please her. That's kind of a red flag there, of course.

Then this is where the bitch gets fucking BAT SHIT CRAZY! He told me that she had a section in her fucking closet of GIRL BABY CLOTHES.....and she wasn't pregnant and never was pregnant.

I jump up and am like, "You are fucking kidding me right now? How did you not see that she was fucking creepy as fuck? That wasn't a warning sign to you, seriously?" He thought it was just a phase girls go through or like pretending with dolls or whatever I told him, "Um...NO! That's the kind of bitch who I would never let around me if I were pregnant, in fear of her killing me and cutting my baby out!"

Apparently, she wasn't all too sweet.

I just had to share! I told him to end the conversation, "Boss, the one girl who you thought was the most normal out of the girls you've dated turned out to be, by far the most creepiest bat shit crazy girls out there. You need to just stick with the obviously crazy ones."

Sorry so long and random but my mind is baffled!

Posted by Anonymous on Jul. 31, 2013 at 2:29 PM
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