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What did you spend last year??

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On school? Meaning events, supplies, uniforms, trips, lunch?

If you pay tuition that's fine add it in your total. But I really want to here from the moms of public schools. I've seen so many post about school supplies and uniforms and how it's so expensive. At the end of the day it still needs to get done. We suck it up and provide the things that our children need for school.

My dd goes to a public school but it's ran like a private school. Children who want to attend must test into the school. And they are very selective. Last year the total cost was around $1300 who knows what this year cost will be. Where heading into 1st grade and our end if the year trip will be Paris France.
Posted by Anonymous on Aug. 6, 2013 at 3:17 AM
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by Ruby Member on Aug. 6, 2013 at 4:09 AM
We have 3 kids in school
$100 each for supplies. 300
$500 each for clothes. 1500 (give or take)
$40 each yearbooks 80 (BM buys one)
$40 school pics. 120
$50/mo lunch 300X2 600 (one brings)

High school $200 (1/2 we pay)locks, asb, pe uniforms etc
Jr high, $150 locks,pe uniforms

That's at $2850

We have one in preschool. $775/mo for 3 days a week. Not counted in total above. She goes year round. $9300

Field trips, winter clothes, teacher gifts not included. Man kids are expensive. Glad we are done having them. Lol.

by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Aug. 6, 2013 at 7:46 AM
Yes, I only have one child dd is 6 years old. Vocal is her major. She loves it there. Pretty hard to get in but we love it. This year she preformed at the kimmel center

Quoting mudwrap:

That's a good charter school. So your kids are into music?

Our school got local trips only. They do have a trip to Italy next year for middle schoolers but I'm not comfortable sending my child to another country without me. Plus i was told that theyve reached the limit of hpw many kids cam go. apparently onpy a few can go. dodnt really care to ask about it much. I did arrange an entire family trip to Europe this year so it doesn't really matter.

Quoting Anonymous:

Philly, my child attends the Philadelphia Preforming art school it's amazing. Last yeah the kids went to Montreal

Quoting mudwrap:

Paris France for end of the year school trip? Where are you located?

I'm in California. We donated $1000 to the school, school supplies spent $500 for the 4 kids? books (wasn't able to keep track how much), kids bought lunch daily, no uniforms, camping trips & other trips $700-$1000. Not sure what else. After school Extra curricular activities more $$.

by Ruby Member on Aug. 6, 2013 at 9:19 AM

A lot. One is public, one is private. Yesterday I paid $300 for a parking pass, so my guess this year will be a lot more.

by on Aug. 9, 2013 at 3:08 AM

 can't agree more........


Quoting Anonymous:

Hun I don't even know but if I took a pic of some of the attire that these kids wear to school you would call cps

Quoting want10more:


well, we don't have uniforms, but... ONE for the WHOLE year?  how the hell would that work? my girl could do it,i swear she could go for 6 wks and not stink but my boy stinks about 2 hrs after he showers if he ain't careful! but there has to be dirt or food or something on it, gosh, ONE uniform????

Quoting Anonymous:

Thank you for your reply. Yeah that soild about right 1800. I know this one mom how brought one uniform for the whole school year

Quoting want10more:

last year was 1800 to school, lunches, milk, school activities. then add in shoes for boy and girl, both about 60-80 buks. all needed gym shoes. and school sneakers. 20/pr for the lil un, 60/pr for the older ones. chorus/band clothes, shirts about 20 ea, pants for the girl 20, for the boy 50. and band/chorus shoes for both, 60. class trips are extra, i usually send 30 buks w/ girl, 10 w/ lil un, 50 w/ boy, depending on how much they eat.

but i so WISH my school was a 'selective' school..... my kids test out too high for sucha small school. and cuz of that they're damned lazy, just cuz they can be. ughhhh.




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