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Should I call cps? Kinda long

Posted by Anonymous
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2 diff stories

Mom #1: where do I start? I don't really know bout her first kid all I knew is during the pregnancy she had a eatin disorder and was addicted to meth and homeless goin from house to house.
2nd child she was just a baby at the time had a cleft pallet and the mom was goin to be homeless well when I bought my cheap house I got a 2nd one also so I suggested for $200 a month she could live there (which she never paid and totally trashed my house an left without a word). Well ill tell u all that I saw...she smoke weed around the children which I don't care if you smoke but not around the night her cleft pallet baby started chokin durin feedin time and she was so stoned out of we mind that before he noticed the baby was purple and her boyfriends father couldn't even find the sucker thing but when he did the baby lived......
3rd that she is out of my life we remain friends on facebook but she posts everything on her life there. He is homeless with 3 children goin from meth houses to meth houses her baby's daddy no longer wants her but he was a piece of shit anyway and she found a home 2 weeks ago and got a job at a fast food place and now she is kicked out of that home and ha to quit her job for who knows what reason.

I kno this moms housing ways how she keeps it and such and it's a hazard...when she has a home. And the children I've met specially first born loved me and always wanted to stay at my house and her and I had a very close bond and it kills me for all 3 of these innocent children Togo through this but I want to make sure I ain't in the wrong?

2nd mom: *breathes* she has 1 child and 1 on the way. I'll give u a backstory...she is my boy friends girlfriend and before I knew who she was she wanted to kill me because all my boy friend talks about us me cause we had a history in 1999-2004 forever go right? We just became friends again in2009 FRIENDS! Anyways this chick is psycho ok and stupid..she would babysit his sisters children and smoke cigarettes off the ground blow it in the kids face not pay attention to them and text on my friends phone all day and his sisters phone all day well 1 of the kids wandered to the street almost got hit and dice it's a small town the man got out puked the child up went to her and said us this yours? Great babysitter right? Now they got pregnant and now she has her 1st kid and they live with his parents at the time and it reaks of cat piss I mean BAD eesh and the dog will poop and the kid will want to put it in its mouth! She also started feeding the baby pizza and spaghetti at I believe 6 months -8 months! And sometimes it'd be so steaming hot it would burn her lips! She holds the baby to where she can fall out of her arms and a couple times...she has! Now she's pregnant again and about to give birth and they live in there own house and what I can tell of "cleaning" I'm scared for the children. And once again her daughter wanted to be with me the most also and now I have another bond lol! Dang children!

I don't want any of these children goin through this and like what I said I in the wrong?

If not how do I report them exactly?
Posted by Anonymous on Aug. 12, 2013 at 1:58 PM
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