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Would you let a 10 year old...*vent* *Update*

monitor his own medication? 

My 10 year old is on Concerta for his ADHD and Zoloft for his  OCD. He has to take these meds every day, even when he's not in school. The Zoloft is very dangerous if you go cold turkey off of it. 

While he was in California with my exhusband, I would call my ex daily to make sure that kiddo was getting his meds. We've had problems with him getting his meds while he was there before. Every day, I get told yes. 

Well, Kiddo comes home after being in California for five weeks, with TWO FULL pill bottles. Like, more than full. They combined the two prescriptions that were sent out. There were 34 pills in one bottle and 35 in the other. 

I flipped shit and called my ex. Apparently he would tell our son to go take his medicine. My son would jiggle the pill bottles, drink some water and my ex was satisfied. He never once actually gave a pill to my son. 

So I told him that if he can't get off his lazy ass and actually give him and watch him take his pills, he is never coming out there again. (Visitation in our divorce decree is listed as "Visits  are at Mother's discrection") 

So what does the ex do... calls our son and tells our son that I said because he didn't take his medicine, he can't go to his dad's house anymore. My son then texts me and tells me he's sorry for being so stupid. 

WTF? Why on earth would he call a child and tell a child that. It was my ex's responsibility as a parent to make sure the meds were being taken. Not the 10 year old. My eye is twitching. 


My son was not taking his pills because now that he's on the right doseage and the pills are doing what they are supposed to, he feels fine and feels like he doesn't need them anymore. Which is why when he's at my house, I make sure he takes them every day. 

by on Aug. 25, 2013 at 10:26 AM
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by Anonymous 9 on Aug. 25, 2013 at 11:34 AM


my daughter's friend is on similar meds.  she refuses to take them, and teh mom doesn't force her to.  Then she asks for an "uppage" because they "arent' working"  THEY HAVENT BEEN TAKING THEM!!  her SOn is on the maximum dose possible for his adhd meds.  Never takes his pills.  He'd probably turn into a zombie if he took that dosage!

The mom was dependent on pills, and is making the kids that way.  THe 10 year old not only takes a few for the ADHD ( which she genuinely has)  but she takes an allergy med ( ok) a med for chronic upset stomach, a med for not being able to sleep at night, a med for depression, and one for something else.  The kid takes more pills than a cancer patient. 

She spent the night at my home and she THREW THEM AWAY.  my dogs got into them.  I'd kill the litlte brat if she killed one of my animals. . . the mother told me that ShE knew when to take them and at what time that I didnt need to worry about it.  SMH. 

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