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So many gifted kids yet the US education its not doing that great. I don't get it.

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Not one day goes by that I don't see a post or comment about a child who is gifted. A child who is well above their peers, however I never see that same parent saying their kid excel in xyz or that her kid graduated at 18 from college. Im not sure if this is all mom's joy to have an intelligent child or what cause as far as I know the U.S is not doing that great in education compared to other countries. (no research done, this is what I have been hearing) DD is only 6 but from back in my high school days I can tell you I didn't learn much. I learned English because my cousin gave me classes, but I always felt like the school was really bad and not teaching enough. Now I see all these post about gifted kids and yet the education is doing so bad, so I don't get it.

Posted by Anonymous on Aug. 27, 2013 at 8:27 AM
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by Anonymous 7 on Aug. 27, 2013 at 9:13 AM

I believe it comes down to a few factors... This is per OUR school district and the conversation we had with them over the summer... Our school district mandated testing this year for all incoming K's to see where they placed. DD scored at a second grade level. 

What class was she going to be in? Kinder.

Why is this bad for the gifted student? They become bored, they are not challenged and they act out in class. If they act out in class and continue to do so through their second grade year they are not eligible for the G&T program.  

Take the average student... They are forced to sit in a desk for hours upon hours each day listening to a teacher talk about grammar, math, history, etc. Not at all fun to the young mind. Many kids are sent to HS disenfranchised with the system and losing their thirst to learn because they haven't been learning... they've been schooled. 

Our district straight up told us to homeschool or put our child in a Montessori or Waldorf school. DD is a Waldorf kid but they had no openings and still don't a week into the school year. We are homeschooling and it's working great. She has torn through over a month of her second grade math curriculum!  

Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting Anonymous:

I have "gifted" kids...I have expressed my opinion in this thread. What questions are going unanswered?

Quoting Anonymous:

Its funny how none of these moms who have "gifted" kids never have an opinion when being questioned. lol

Im questioning how the US is doing so bad in education when there are so many gifted kids out there.

by Gold Member on Aug. 27, 2013 at 9:13 AM
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I have a gifted child and I have one who struggles...*shrugs* 

However, I believe the education system as a whole sucks. I also don't believe that the education system plays any part of children being gifted.

by Anonymous 9 on Aug. 27, 2013 at 9:16 AM

The US system of education forces schools to teach to the test.   Most schools are worried about not meeting the state and federal mandates and losing their funding.  Teaching to the tests focuses all the attention on the kids that are average or below average.  The gifted kids fall through the cracks.  They can pass the test so the schools don't spend resources on them.  The gifted kids are not challenged.  

by Anonymous 10 on Aug. 27, 2013 at 9:20 AM
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I have one gifted child. He is on track to graduate from high school as a junior in college. As a 5th grader, he did the 8th grade ACT assessment test and scored in the 90th percentile and above on all subjects. Same test the 8th graders take, not a dumbed down version. 

My middle child is either average or slightly below average. We are working with him because he struggles. My youngest is too young to tell, but seems to be on track to be above average. 

We have been in a great school district that has the abilty to keep kids engaged and allows the teachers to challenge the ones that need challenges while helping the ones that need it. For example, the GT(gifted and talented) kids were given 5 additional spelling words over what the other students had to learn. The GT students were also assigned extra projects which included research projects above what the class was doing. We moved for one year to another district and could tell the difference. The district for one year tried to suspend my oldest because he would act out when he was bored. They taught all kids at the same level and expected all to do well in the environment. This does not work if you want to have kids succeed. Different kids learn different ways. 

I will brag about each of the kids ablities. The oldest is exceptionally smart. The middle may not be doing well by school standards but he is able to use his other ablities and is a charmer. The youngest is self-confident and smart. 

by on Aug. 27, 2013 at 9:22 AM

We get help, just not from here :)

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Quoting Bethsunshine:

I know the feeling! My youngest son has learning issues but I don't talk about it a whole lot, for the same reason as you. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed about it ( there is no reason to be),I just don't want to hear the judgement.

Quoting RiotousDigits:

I would if anyone cared.  If I posted here that my DD struggled with math, handwriting and attention issues, I'd get hammered with "what are YOU doing to help her" and "OMG, another mom with a speshul snowflake."

My kids struggle.  My oldest is starting 3rd grade and is beginning to struggle with the heavier workload.  My youngest has been in assorted therapies since she was 4 months old, started public school at 3 and is still 3 years delayed in language.

I talk about it freely, just not on CafeMom

Quoting Maxi_Maxi:

US education sucks in general. And most moms aren't going to ever admit that their kid has any struggles.

Everything and everyone gets judged here don't let that stop you from asking for help. I prefer to see post about how many moms give each other advice on how to get their child to an ok level. Or what to do if a child needs some type of special therapy(some moms don't know what to do or where to find resources) Than seeing how a 4 year old read the word STOP and all of a sudden he is gifted. Or how an 18 month old said dadda and that made that child gifted. I have learned at lot from some moms offering ideas and tips to help a child.

by Gold Member on Aug. 27, 2013 at 9:22 AM
This. Our education system needs a major overhaul but instead they just keep throwing more expectations and band aids on the same outdated, broken system.

Quoting ninjakids:

There is a whole documentary about this (waiting on superman). it shows that the us is very far behind in education and even in Canada we have the same battle. It doesnt mean that its impossible for a child to be gifted, you just hear about it more often because like others and yourself have one is going to brag about their 'average' child.

Now im half I cant remember if there is 50 states or 52... but even if there are 600 us students doing what you said at only 50 states... thats only 12 children per state. That is not even every school district in that state.

by Ruby Member on Aug. 27, 2013 at 9:25 AM
My kid has been in college level classes since age 13, if you count AP's and age 15 if you count only university classes. Others are following suit, because sibs are usually 10 or fewer IQ points apart.

Educational opportunities are the parents' responsibilities.
by on Aug. 27, 2013 at 9:25 AM
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Isn't this the truth? I attended back to school night 2 weeks ago where the principal talked about our "new" math program called "Singapore Math", based on the excellent schools and teaching methods in, of course, Singapore.

She then showed us a slide of where the US ranks in math and it was a joke. Kazakhstan was ahead of us, according to these rankings, and the Chinese are kicking our asses, which I already knew.

Lol. I am not ashamed to say my child is not "gifted". He's good in some subjects and struggles in others. Not gifted.

I do hear the word thrown around a lot these days, though. I really don't even take it seriously anymore when a parent says it. Maybe it's true about their child and maybe it isn't. However, I have a feeling that the word "gifted" is used rather liberally these days.
by Silver Member on Aug. 27, 2013 at 9:27 AM

Sorry, but blame it on the public educational system (mostly) meaning the whole system IMO. From the Federal level all the way down to the county level, and then there is the added involvement of the Teacher's Union, the school's administrative staff and their ideas and then the individual ideas and attitudes of the typical public school teacher. I'm not bashing all public school teacher I have met a few really great ones, but not many, not enough.

It's just a perfect recipe for sucky educational out comes, even with all the gifted children in the class, school or county. It's very sad and frustrating and the amount of money and resources wasted! I get really irritated when I think about it.

I am a big proponent of the possible idea of the voucher system. I think it would be great to get a certain amount of money to hand over to thew school of your choice. The competition between the schools would be very good for both the students and the budget. The best schools, probably those with innovative ideas THAT WORK and exceptional staff and programs would win out on receiving the enrollment money and the school would only become stronger and better funded as its success grew as reflected by the students and the community, and those that insist on having crappy and wasteful ideas THAT DO NOT WORK, or shi**y staff would wither up financially and die, as they should, only now as things stand today they can't because they are so protected by the government and the union.

Ideally if each student is allotted so much in funds per tax dollar contribution and other grants and funds, why not allow it to be applied only to the schools that produce instead of constantly pouring it in to schools that fail over and over again leaving the students and surrounding community to suffer for their failure in the end.

IDK, the way it's set up now makes very little sense to me personally and even though you can enroll your kids in to good magnet schools, as my son is, or hopefully live in an area with great schools or sent them to a private good school if you can afford it or through a scholarship if they are eligible to receive it and beat out the competition to receive it, there is still so much failure that goes on every day that it would take major changes from the top all the way down to elevate the outcomes to what we as a country want and what our kids deserve living in one of the wealthiest (by general typical living standards that is) and most socially secure countries in the world.

by Ruby Member on Aug. 27, 2013 at 9:29 AM

1) Mothers tend to brag that their children are gifted or advanced or whatever when their kids are average.

2) Being a gifted child doesn't mean the kid will have any interest in school whatsoever.  My cousin tests off the IQ chart and dropped out of high school.  People tend to have a very unrealistic expectation that gifted is directly related to academic success and achievements. 

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