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I am a SAHM & work full time!~ Edited on How I do it!

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Yep, I am always busy between the two.

Since some people think "It's not possible." Here is how it is. 

I work for a virtual call center. I work from 9-5:30. I never leave the house. The kids go to school then come home. We get the homework done and chores done. At 5:30, dinner that has been cooking all day gets put into plates to cool off, while I pick 2 more kids up from their practices or games. We all come home eat. While the little kids take their showers, the older kids does their homework and then their chores. Kids goes to bed. I clean some. Then shower then to bed. Wake up at 5 to finish all the things I didn't get to the day before. Then wake kids. Dh works 50+ hours a week most weeks. So nope, he is not a SAHD. I wouldn't support a lazy ass man that can't get off their asses and bring in income.   

Posted by Anonymous on Aug. 28, 2013 at 4:33 PM
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by Anonymous 11 on Aug. 28, 2013 at 7:53 PM
So even though I work 40 hrs a week and I'm the bread winner just because I work from home I'm a SAHM? Interesting. You do learn something new here every day. I guess there is suddenly no such thing as a WAHM anymore?
by on Aug. 28, 2013 at 7:57 PM
No you're a work at home mom.
by Anonymous 16 on Aug. 28, 2013 at 8:13 PM

I was a teacher for an online high school.  My live (online) classes were scheduled during morning preschool or naptimes.

Quoting Anonymous:

What do you do?

Quoting Anonymous:

I am similar.  WAHM really i guess.  My hours are flexible but I worked 40 hrs/wk this last year too:  3 hours in the morning while my daughter is in preschool and 2 yr old DS sleeps in (Dh drops her off on the way to work), then we go get her and eat lunch and play, then a couple more hours while the kids nap, then I make dinner and we eat/play/etc.  Then I get the rest of the work done late (ie midnight-2am), while they are doing something independent (I could do 5-10 minutes of work so I just leave the laptop open and sneak a little in when I could) or the occasional hour here and there while they "helped."  It wasn't easy but it was doable.  I haven't had a sitter in over a year, but a few hours per week would have helped my sanity and made this really doable (why I didn't is much longer to explain) and would have made the 1000+ phone calls go a little bit more smoothly.  Anyway, I'm just agreeing... it's not easy, but doable.  :)  I have decided to cut back this year and only work 20 hrs/wk though which means I don't have to be as strict about times and naps and such.  Next year, when both are in school, I may go to 40hrs/wk again.  Not everyone can find these jobs though.

by on Aug. 28, 2013 at 8:14 PM
So you are a WAHM. Why not just say it.
by on Aug. 28, 2013 at 8:50 PM
what is the name of the company are they only local to where you live how do I apply?
by Silver Member on Aug. 28, 2013 at 8:58 PM

what call center is virtual? i want a job like that!!

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