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Did Cop Who Punched 'Pregnant' Woman Use Too Much Force?

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Did Cop Who Punched 'Pregnant' Woman Use Too Much Force?

by Rebecca Stokes

arrests, pregnant woman arrestedThe police have issued a statement regarding their recent controversial arrest of a 16-year-old teen boy and his 21-year-old sister, Brenda Hardaway, who claims to be pregnant. The story garnered public notice when a video was released of the sister being arrested with what appears to be an undue amount of violence. In the video, she tells the officer she is pregnant as he attempts to cuff her. Eventually, the officer punches her in the head and moves her forcibly to the ground. The Rochester Police argue this claim, saying that their officers acted with "tremendous restraint."

The reason the officers gave for their arrest tactics? They claim that the pregnant woman had pointed a can of pepper spray at them. However, if that is indeed what took place, it wasn't captured on the video which later made its way to YouTube.

Police officers find themselves in high-risk situations every day. Many have lost their lives as they try to do their job and keep the streets safe. Seen from that perspective, you could argue that the police officer was doing what he saw necessary to prevent harm.

Of course, there are times when forceful methods can and should be used when apprehending suspects. If a woman is pointing a gun at a crowd, would you expect the police to keep their hands off of her simply because she is pregnant? No. You wouldn't.

But watching the video a second time, it's harder to believe that this was an instance where the correct amount of force was used. Even if the woman did threaten him with pepper spray, she was well subdued after the fact. The punching and subsequent behavior just seems like it was driven by panic and anger.

Do you think the officer used too much force in this case?

by on Aug. 30, 2013 at 8:33 AM
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by Gold Member on Aug. 31, 2013 at 6:59 PM

 This belief is one of the reasons cops can do anything they want.

Quoting KrissyKC:

But you are talking about dealing with MENTALLY ILL MINORS.   This woman was not mentally ill, nor was she a minor.   While the baby didn't deserve any injury, SHE is the one who should have protected her own child by not placing herself in that situation to begin with.  

Oh, I'm a big pregnant lady who is going to go all bad ass on a cop and try to spray him with pepper spray, injure his nose, etc... and I'm going to cry about it later because I put my own baby at risk when I behaved that way.   Personally?  I think she should be charged for putting her child in danger.




Quoting copasetic1:

I worked for years with mentally ill teenage girls placed in a locked treatment facility by the courts. They were dangerous to themselves and/or others, or they didn't come to my department. Some were extremely self injurious or suicidal, and to keep them from harm (they can cause themselves horrible injuries) we sometimes had to restrain them. We were highly trained in methods to avoid this, and in ways to restrain them without harming them. Other girls were dangerous to others. Staff got broken bones, large hanks of hair pulled out, head butted, kicked just about everywhere, punched, bit, everything. I have seen huge metal fire doors kicked off their hinges, one time with only one kick. When they got upset, they threw heavy furniture at us like it was nothing.

I had to press charges a couple of times over the years. The cops in that quiet, rural setting said they got into fewer "fights" than we did.

We never hurt a kid. Never a bruise, never a punch. Hell, I reported MYSELF the one time I swore at a kid. We sometimes had to hold them, with supervisors watching every minute for safety and frequent checks, for a couple of hours until they were safe. Letting them go too soon could mean another child getting hurt, or the restrainee hurting herself badly. A kid in a panic attack or a flashback could cause a lot of harm to you, and when they came down from it, would turn to you for comfort - and get it!

We were all females in that department. 4 staff to watch to watch up to 12 mentally ill teenage girls. And we did not have to resort to tactics like the police regularly use. We had no weapons of any kind.  If two or 3 regular size women could hold a 200 lb girl who is used to being in fights and is trying her hardest to hurt us bad, screaming horrible things at us, injuring us, well these big men can do the same.

Sometimes kids would try to run away. We would tell them - you do not want the police looking for you. They are not like us, they will mess you up. They are allowed to, and if you act up, they will mess you up. And it was true.




by Silver Member on Sep. 1, 2013 at 1:26 PM

She grabbed his crotch hard - she assaulted him. 

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