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Diaphram Dilemna! Please help.

Posted by on Sep. 2, 2013 at 2:45 AM
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Greetings Mama's and Mama-To-Be!

My name is Empress. I am new in the cafe, but I have come to know that NO subject is TMI or personal to discuss on here within limits. So I'm going to put my issue out there. As my tag implies, I am a 100% All-Natural Mama, in as much as I can control, and I have always been pretty much Pro-natural. In hindsight, I just didn't know the harms of some practicing modern medicine(as not to offend) and haven't always trusted my gut nor my body. That being said, I need help in the "Control" department. Birth...Control. DH and I actually want to try for another child next year. His swimmers are Olympians, and my field is fertile, but we wanted to wait a little first as we settle into our new home with our children. So we were told about the diaphragm. yes, the Diaphragm. Please read below for my history and why that option was given. I was actually feeling like I had absolutely no options but to chance things considering, I have not even heard the word diaphragm mentioned since the last time my mother and her "girls" got together around a television commercial to talk down the Nuva ring two years ago. By the way, that thing is the devil incarnate ladies. Every time I inserted one I bled for weeks!. If the doctors hand you one to show you, RUN MAMAS RUUN!!!!.

Below is a synopsis of my Birth control past to avoid being given suggestions I've already tried.

In the past trying to go the all natural route, I tried the rhythm method and for a while I seemed to be instep until stress hit and wham! Pregnant. Not complaining because I got an awesome DS and my only to date 16 years later. Seeing ALL NATURAL methods didn't work for me I tried a little scientific intervention. Enter, BC pills, patch, and Depo with my first DD. Having constant complex and chocolate cysts threatening torsion of the ovaries followed by three emergency surgeries, I learned I inherited my paternal and maternal sides predisposition against synthetic hormones of any sort. Yes, I am in the rare group of women whom are PH (Progesterone Hormone) sensitive. An aggravating yet good thing actually. I also had my youngest DD four years ago, and she is a complete miracle baby. 

So fast forward to the present where I have been Vegan for four years only recently switching our diets to 80% vegetarianism a few months ago due to locale and food availability. I don't take medicines, only use my own herbal mixes(working towards certification as a Holistic Consultant), and see a Holistic doctor who believes in home-birth and using nature and massage when needed, and science when needed. Periods were wonky and having a past history of endometriosis I was given a Mirena IUD with the promise that the dose was extremely low and time released and it was perfect for people with my sensitivity. LIARS!!!!. Mirena was Pure H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!! I just had that thing taken out and TMI ALERT!!!

A period I hadn't seen in over a month has run out like a freed hostage. Yay and ICK at the same danged time!! Bittersweet is an understatement. If you have a choice for IUD...GO PARAGUARD. I had it and it was wonderful. NO hormones. That's the one I wanted actually and they gave me Mirena instead. Guinea Pig No More!

So here are my questions:

1. Anyone using a Diaphragm, or have used one SUCCESSFULLY in the past?

2. Any spermicide suggestions (foam/gel?)

3. What else can be used/eaten to raise the numbers in the protection department. {very allergic to condoms :( }

The very best regards to you and many thanks in advance for POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE feedback!

thank you

by on Sep. 2, 2013 at 2:45 AM
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