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sometimes *vent*

Posted by on Sep. 2, 2013 at 5:26 PM
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i hate just being the *girlfriend* , my bf has a 4 year old and i love being in her life but i feel like i have no power, especially compared to his (my bf) DAD

her mom has full custody but barely takes care of the kid (5 days out of the week , his dad has her) 

his dad has way overstepped the parenting boundaries (IMO) 

school is starting next week and today just told us she had summer homework / project 

(grandpa is the only connection to the mom, bf doesnt talk to her so any school activities we should know through him, he lacks to tell us (or just the bf))

after reviewing the HW, most of it wasn't complete and what was was written by the grandpa to pass off like she did it, i have her redoing all of it now (rewriting numbers and spelling them out) \

last week mom took her to the docs, to find there was blood in her urine, grandpa knew but didnt tell bf until a week later because...get this...*he didn't wanna worry her dad*...

she attends a full christian school that (in both our opinion and im sure the mom agrees being shes athiest) is pushing religion onto this lil girl way to hard and young. i went to give her a spongebob eraser for her to pack with school supplies and she says she can't bring it to school, shell get kicked out....shes 4, its kindergarten, are you kidding me?!?!?!?! 

grandpa also has her literatly PREACHING to us, and has also taught her that if you go to hell you'll get your head cut off by the devil / vampires...

nice right? 

next custody hearing is in a couple of weeks when bf says hes going for full custody , none of this co parenting because the mom refuses to cooperate and twists bfs words , shes barely in the picture anyway, im pregnant now and will be a stay at home mom when baby comes. we have two schools next door to where we live. if we get her shes being pulled from the school she attends (grandpa pays for it) and is being mainstreamed so she can have a normal childhood without living in fear of the devil (grandpa talking of it every 10 mins) as well as being taught to judge others . 

grandpa seriously gets under both mine and my bfs skin but if we try to go against him, he will pull for the moms side (has in the past) and go against us in court or flat out wont stick up for us....ughhhhghghghghgh i love my bf to death but when i told myself i'd do anything to be happy, i didn't think it would include this drama lmao.  

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by on Sep. 2, 2013 at 5:26 PM
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