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Had my tummy tuck procedure...update 11/26 added pics page 50

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Hello everyone! I'm 6 weeks postpartum with my 3rd c section baby. I'm 24 years old and also am going through a divorce with my husband. I've been with him for 7 years and have had 3 babies with him. Before I had kids I felt I had a great looking body but with my first baby I gained almost 100 pounds, and then Got pregnant a month after having my first. My kids are now 6& 5 years old and obviously 6 weeks. I'm done having children and with everything going on and my self confidence being so low I've decided to have a tummy tuck procedure done. I feel like I've consumed my life into my kids and my husband (who stabbed me in my heart and back in the worst possible way) that I think it's about time I did something for myself. I'm scheduling my procedure tomorrow and it looks like I will be having the surgery in about 3 weeks from now. Also I am bf at the moment so I've been making sure Im storing enough milk for my 2 week recovery. That way I can pump and dump, and I'm requesting a list of meds my ps (plastic surgeon) will prescribe and run it by my obgyn as well as my pediatricion to see if it's actually safe to nurse. If not then pumping and dumping will have to be the answer. I plan on posting tons of before, recovery, and after photos as well as updating during my transformation! I don't have much support and I'd hope to get the support from all you lovely ladies. Also if you had a TT done id love to hear you're stories as well as see some pictures. Well looking forward to getting my surgery date tomorrow as well as starting my juicing fast to help loose a few pounds as well as clear my system to prepare for my surgery date. So excited!! Can't wait to be on the flat side again and get rid if my horrible tattoo and stretch marks. Please excuse any typos I'm mobile. So it's hard especially with my acrylics on. Haha :))

Got my scheduled surgery date today which I September 30th!! Eeek that's like right around the corner. I even added lipo to my flanks which is what my doctor highly recommended so I don't end up with a flat tummy and bad hips. Plus I will look more squared he said, not looking forward to lipo, I bruise easily so I know I will be very bruised. But still excited, about to join the flat side soon!

I have my pre OP this coming Monday which will be all my instructions blood work, ill get my meds to fill, and answers to all my questions wants more. I feel like I'm repeating my questions to my dr but I'm just making sure he know what he's doing. Lmao! And that his answers stay the same. ;)

I'm so excited its gonna be a loooong 2 weeks that's for sure!!

Thanks for all your support!

UPDATE post op day 1 had surgery yesterday

The pain and nausea is fucking unbearable, I keep trying to sleep but can't. I can hardly eat because the nausea kicks in so bad. I feel the pain all in my muscles in most spots of my cut I believe and some around my back and tail bone. Not sure if it's cuz Ive been hunched over and from the recliner or it's from the lipo! Either way I feel miserable and I've also had crying spells...I'm already thinking why in the fuck did I do this...this is all horse shit. :""(

Day 5

I'm feeling much better today. Pain is minimal, it hurts when I move to get up or go to the bathroom. But for the most part it's where near what it was the first couple days post op. That was terrible. I did get to shower yesterday, which was a mission in a half. Honestly didn't get as "clean" as I'd liked because it was still painful and hard to manage with my drains all hanging out but I did feel much better after the shower. Like my spirits were lifted in away because I was getting depressed being stuck in my recliner all day. I'm still severely severely swelled up and the cut looked pretty yucky but I keep telling myself it's a healing process and I know it will hey better.

I posed a pic on page11 it's the day after my surgery I will try and get a more recent picture today since it's a weird feeling to take my binder off. So tmi because it's graphic.

Update 10/7

So I had my one week post if check up. Dr says I'm healing beautifully, but I am concerned with my swelling around the incision. Like I've said before I swell really really bad and I've know my body. But my dr reassured me that I'm fine but I am swelling more then his other patients but that I have no sign of infection and I'm doing just fine but I need to be cleaning my incision. Which I'm worried about because I get squeamish and grossed out but I really need to do so I don't get an infection. Gah!

Also my drains are still in. There getting pretty darn annoying at this point. Dr said for sure they will be out by Monday of next week. I mean it's good because I don't want that extra fluid in my body as it is but the drain are just a pain in the ass draining them finding clothes to cover over them and of course not sitting on them. Lol

Another thing that has been going on is my support system. My moms been stressed out a lot so it's just been really hard on a lot of things. And I've been kinda on my own. Oh well it is what it is. :(

I've added picture of my back and my beautiful (swollen) hourglass figure lol but seriously you can see a huge difference in my sides. I'm loving the results and I can't wait to see my FINAL results are. :)

10/14 update
So I had my drains removed this morning and good god!!! That is the most weirdest feeling I have ever felt in my life!! It literally makes my skin crawl thinking about it! It's hard to explain but just imagine a big rubber snake being pulled out from under your skin from hip to hip...gah! So gross. The left side didn't hurt but for some reason my right side was uncomfortable and slightly painful but still manageable.

What is painful are these little electricshocks that come and go in my stomache and sides. Dr says that is my nerve ending reattaching themselves. I mentioned how they actually hurt like hell and he told me to take OTC meds to help. So that and my numbness should go away and I should have full feeling within 6 months. WOAH!! What a long process this is huh? My goodness...but I am starting to feel like myself again. All I know is I'm so thankful those damn drains are out! Also my lipo areas are extremely itchy so bad I wanna just just outta my body at times. Man O Man what have I done to myself? Just need to be patient and remember this is all a process and I'm one step closer to full recovery.

Let's see...oh I'm still swollen as can be. Well it has gone down a bit but now the drains are out I can literally swell back up which is what ps call "swell hell". Since the drains helped with the swelling and fluids without those in I will swell and my body needs to learn to control it. If it gets to bad I need to be aspirated and I heard that's painful so my fingers are crossed that I won't get Serona Other then that I'm feeling pretty darn good. I will post some pictures on page 48

Update 10/21

Not to much has really changed. Since surgery I've lost 12 pounds! Buuut the swelling is ridiculous!! In the mornings my tummy is super flat and that's kinda with swelling but as the day goes by I blow up! Especially after I eat. It's kinda gross actually haha I look pregnant but what more uncomfortable is the feeling of being extremely bloated and swollen but super tight belly which makes me feel as if I'm gonna pop!

I've been able to actually sleep flat in my bed!! WooHoo! Took me long enough! And everyday it's crazy I just feel better and better. Emery is good morning around so much more and standing straighter each day. Also my incision line is healing well minus some scabs. But the scar it's self is looking extremely thin and light link so I'm super excited by that.

I go back to work Wednesday so I'm dreading that because I'm still hunched over and I can't imagine the swelling ill have after my first day back.

I'm gonna post some pics and maybe even of my incision. We will see. :) lol


Sorry I haven't updated in awhile! Well I'm 2 months post op and the scar is healing nicely minus some areas that actually opened up. :(( but they have then scabbed over and I'm still healing so it's just takes time. The swelling isn't as bad but it's still there. I'm still extremely numb in all areas even where the lipo was and I just hope this goes away soon. My belly button looks cute in my opinion but you can see the scar around it which I'm a little upset about but honestly I can get that fixed later on.

Other then that I FLIPPIN love my new stomache!!!! I have confidence I never thought I would have. I feel amazing!! I watch what I eat, and I walk daily. I can honestly say I'm much much more active with hiking and just moving around more. I can't wait to get in the gym to start tonning and training but I still need healing time before my dr will approve me to get in the gym. I don't want to hurt my stomache by lifting weights especially because I had the muscle repair done. I fit comfortably in a size 5!! Omg! A 5?! I used to wear a 12. WTF?! Also it's so much fun to close shop now. I can try on anything I want and it just looks and feels amazing to have my confidence and I'm not even all the way healed. Next stop is scar therapy to lighten it up a bit.
Posted by Anonymous on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:43 PM
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:44 PM

Front picture. Gosh my belly is so yucky!! I wanna cry just posting this.
by Anonymous 2 on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:45 PM
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Isn't it a little soon for them to do one? I'd think they wouldn't schedule one for 6 months or so at least to give new moms the time to slim down a little naturally and then do the tummy tuck. Regardless, good luck.

by Ruby Member on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:45 PM
I dont object to having a tummy tuck, but why so soon after you had a know the recovery is far more then two weeks, right??
by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:45 PM
These pictures aren't to recent, because you can still see some tape on my incision. Ill post more later.
by Anonymous 3 on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:45 PM
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Sweetie you really don't need a tummy tuck. With a little bit of time and excersise you will look absolutely fabulous. The skin of your tummy is hardly droopy and will tighten up with time. You should see mine after 5 kids and a large amount of weight loss! Mine won't wet go away without surgery, but yours will.

You look beautiful!
by Emerald Member on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:46 PM
Were you able to finance it or have to pay in full? I'd love to do it.
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by Anonymous 4 on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:46 PM
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Ohh jeeze... Do some damn sit ups after a couple of months.
by Anonymous 5 on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:46 PM
I would wait a little bit until the stomach muscles have healed post baby. I am Getting one done next summer
by Platinum Member on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:47 PM
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Good luck. Really you should try a workout plan and try to lose the weight before resorting to surgery. Curious as to how a tummy tuck is going to get rid of a tattoo and stretch marks...
by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Sep. 8, 2013 at 6:47 PM
I'm actually already at pre pregnancy weight. I only gained 17 pounds so it wasn't long before I lost all that. I'm also on a time frame here, my dad owes my money and so he has the funds to pay me back now. So I decided to use that for my procedure. Plus I'm in full time school and used up most of my leave so this is my opportunity to have my surgery done otherwise of have to wait a long time.

Quoting Anonymous:

Isn't it a little soon for them to do one? I'd think they wouldn't schedule one for 6 months or so at least to give new moms the time to slim down a little naturally and then do the tummy tuck. Regardless, good luck.

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