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I told my daughter she didn't have to do her homework this weekend

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My 13 year old had homework for PE over the weekend she was supposed to watch a football game and write a paragraph on it. We have had a busy weekend yesterday was skating practice and Costco,target and grocery shopping and today we went bowling for my sons birthday and are headed to dinner. So I told her I would write her teacher a note telling her we didn't have time to sit around and watch a football Game this weekend. Would you cancel your plans for PE homework?
by on Sep. 29, 2013 at 7:30 PM
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by on Sep. 30, 2013 at 5:59 PM
Yeah I wouldn't do it either. What a stupid assignment
by Anonymous 15 on Sep. 30, 2013 at 6:06 PM

you do know in order to have regular stations you have to have a converter box and that thing cost like $50. and i went over a year without cable and not once did foot ball come on any of the regular stations that i had.  and not everyone has internet. It is a stupid assignment and i would make my kids watch nor would they. We have one tv in our house and i will be damn if I am going to sit all day and watch football. My family hates watching sports.

Quoting nomadbrat83:

Football is not on cable. Plus it also can be watched live online.

Quoting Anonymous:

no and being that my family hate football, my kid wouldn't be doing it either. what the hell do they do when the kids don't have cable?

by Ruby Member on Sep. 30, 2013 at 6:26 PM

Agreed! Thanks. :)

Quoting GaleJ: you say we can agree to disagree. Thank you for a civil exchange of ideas, always informative.

Quoting cali_gurl:

I think we may have to agree to disagree on this one. We don't have enough information about what the teacher pre-taught about the subject for the homework, or the purpose of his/her homework. Sometimes you have to do what is asked of you, whether it is from a teacher for a homework assignment or your boss at work. I agree that sometimes kids have too much homework, but in this case  I wouldn't  tell the teacher how he or she should have presented the lesson or homework differently either.

Quoting GaleJ:

Well the requirement was, I believe, to watch a football game. That's approximately three hours before the written portion of the assignment which is, in my opinion, a rather lengthy period. Beyond that simply "watching " a football game, without some basic knowledge of the game, would be rather pointless.

The teacher instead should have selected some short videos and shown them at school. They also might have had a field trip to a local high school game or practice. The teacher could have then properly explained the points that were important to their lesson and would have avoided having the students watch a one hour game broken up by at least ninety minutes of television ads, many of which would be of questionable appropriateness for children, mostly of adult beverages.

As to your contention that my stand on homework is disrespectful to teachers I respectfully disagree. Depending on level and district many children are spending as much or almost as much time at school as a person working a full time job. That should be enough time spent on academic learning. As it is many students have no free family time on week nights given the amount of homework across all classes and the child's need of time to eat, bathe, and sleep enough, let alone have any time for family or community. At the high school level it has been demonstrated over and over that the typical homework load actually interferes with the amount of sleep adolescents of that age should be getting. That seems very disrespectful, to the family and to the needs of the child.

In Montessori we stress not just the academic learning of "stuff" but stress universal learning. That allows our young people to learn about much more than just what is taught in school from books. To focus so narrowly is to discourage the development of a complete and whole person.

Quoting cali_gurl:

I disagree. Sometimes homework is part of school and it should not be seen as something "not important enough to be done in the classroom". That is disrespectful to the teachers that take their jobs seriously. I bet this PE teacher RARELY gives homework (I have taught PE before and yes, I am a mother and teacher too). It does not sound like this child would be forced to "forego family activities" by watching part a of a football game (doubt it would be necessary to watch the whole thing) over the weekend and writing a paragraph about it. I think it is teaching responsibility.

Quoting GaleJ:

...and I was in the classroom as well as being a mother. The idea that work that isn't important enough for you to do at school is being sent home as homework where it interferes with family life is ridiculous. Manage the time you have the students at school and allow me to do the same at home.

At our Montessori school we only very rarely gave any homework and that was usually because a child decided to do some either by their choice or because they had wasted time in school to an excessive degree and chose to make the time up by working at home.

Forcing children to forego family activities is destructive to family life and harmful to the child.

Quoting cali_gurl:

She didn't have 2 hours of downtime at home all weekend? I am a teacher and wouldn't appreciate that.

by on Sep. 30, 2013 at 7:21 PM

Nope and it pisses me off when they get homework on the weekends. Kids need down time. 

by on Sep. 30, 2013 at 10:39 PM
Yeah, I'm not giving my kid my phone for 3 hours so she can watch a football game for gym class. Who wants to watch an entire game on a phone???

It's a stupid assignment

Quoting Jennyanne322:

You have smart phone or computers. You can watch a football game on both of them.

Quoting yirbeth:

We don't have cable or a converter box so my kids would be screwed, lol.

Quoting Miller0305:

Football is on regular tv too

Quoting buttercup627:

Just write that you don't have cable
by Anonymous 17 on Sep. 30, 2013 at 10:41 PM
Homework comes first in our house. She could've found time to watch a game if you would've allowed her to.
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