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How DARE He Tell My Daughter Religion **Update**

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So, last night, DSD7 (I've been with her dad for three years, married for one and a half) was asking about religion.
She asked what religion we were. I told her we're Wiccan.
DH has never had a problem with my religion. I even taught the kids a Wiccan bedtime prayer. No problem. Took DSD and DS4 to a Mabon celebration earlier this year. No problem.
DH, last night, decided that, no, I cuold not tell her we were Wiccan.
WTH?! Really?
He's not religious. At all. I am.
I wrote and performed my DS's Wiccaning (think of a Christening) the day we were released from the hospital after his birth.

Okay, here's where I got really pissed.
DSD and I said her prayers and went to bed. DH starts in on me, saying that I need to stop throwing my religion down the kids' throats.
Excuse me? At least I'm adding religion to their lives! And why do I need to stop when every parent that is religous teaches their religion to their kids?
I'm not telling my kids that my belief is the only one, or even the only right one. I will let them make that decision for themselves when they are older. But for now, I am teaching them what I believe.
Then, after we had stopped atalking about it, he starts looking up all these Jesus freak videos and playing them, loudly, while I'm trying to watch TV.
I paused my show, listened to a good five minutes of one of the videos, then turned my show back on.
He asked what my problem was.
Well, first, dear, I was watching my show before you started this crap.
Second, why do I have to have Jesus thrown down my throat by a man who knows less about the damn religion than I do? And in my own home nonetheless!!

Seriously, I do not miss my XH, the bio father to my two bio kids.
But last night, I was longing for him, because he shares my religious views and would NEVER have done what DH did.

Thanks for reading. Rant over!

Update- 10/23/13
Okay, so I texted DH the day I wrote this post and told him that we needed to talk when the kids went to bed.
I asked him very calm;y, what his attitude was about the night before. Was he really having a religious awakening, or what?
He told me that, no. He wasn't becoming Christian, he was just drunk and being an asshole. That he doesn't care what I tell the kids about religion, whether it be MY religion, or the family religion.

Thank you to all the women who had something positive to say on this stream. I really appreciate the good advice. It really helped calm my anger and disbelief and made me able to have an adult, level-headed conversation with my husband.

Oh, and we're still doing the Wiccan bedtime prayer. The kids, DSD included, ask for it.
It's areally good way to help transition from the day into bedtime.
And last night, DH helped me do the prayer with DSD.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct. 19, 2013 at 9:30 AM
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by Anonymous 21 on Oct. 25, 2013 at 6:20 PM

I only mentioned death because it does go hand in hand with religion, sadly though,, my children have had to experience death, with having a cousin, and great grandmother die in their short lives.

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