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*Edit in Red* How do you know when your child needs to move up a grade in school?

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 Dd is in 1st grade. By the end of the year they should be reading 54 words per minute. She reads 91 words per minute.

I volunteer in her class, so I have worked with all the kids and she does seem to be advanced. She is just, IDk SO BORED there, she can't stand it. She hates the books she has to read for homework because they are so easy and repetitive and complains that she feels like she's in kindergarten again b/c it's all the same stuff, and she already knows it. Since she is struggling with being unhappy in school and not wanting to go everyday, I'm just kinda trying to think of possible solutions.

 I don't even know if this would be an option, just wanted to hear other mom's experiences.

 It's to the point that I am considering homeschooling so that she can go at her own individual pace. I did that with my older two kids. After a few years they wanted to go back to public school, and they did. The transition was a little hard at first, but now they are in high school and are both straight A students, and very advanced.


Thank you all for the advice! It has really helped me. I haven't even talked to her teacher yet but your comments have given me some really good things to consider:) After reading all of this, I'm not sure that moving her up, if that were an option is a good idea at all. Hopefully the school will have some alternatives. I just want her to enjoy learning, like she used to.

 To the ladies who said my dd is basically immature b/c it's a struggle to get her to do her busy work homework, are you kidding me? She sits in school for 6 hours a day. Would you expect a 6 year old to be all happy about coming home and then having more boring work to do? She used to LOVE to read and now she hates it, because the books are stupid.

 "Cat likes to eat. Cat likes to eat fish." bla bla bla

It's not like I don't try to supplement her reading with subjects she likes. She just hates that particular homework, and she has to do it. That hardly means she is immature.

 Anyway, thanks again everyone:)

by on Oct. 22, 2013 at 9:53 PM
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by Platinum Member on Oct. 24, 2013 at 6:52 PM
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I would recommend waiting before you entertain skipping a grade. My oldest son skipped a grade after the school asked us for two years to consider moving him up. At the time, it worked great however there were ramifications that I did not anticipate. They aren't "end of the world" type things, but they are things that impacted him and his school experience. He is currently 16 (won't be 17 till March) and is a senior in high school.
One thing that I had thought about breifly but didn't think would be an issue was physical maturity. He still looks like a boy compared to the 18 year olds in his class. He plays basketball and is quite tall and while he is very muscular in a long, lean way he has yet to "fill out" the way so many of his teamates have done. You shoud see some of the young men on other teams!! Some of them have beards! LOL Another year would have made a big difference on the court.

As trivial as it seems, the driving thing has been an issue socially. Most of his friends got their licenses during their sophmore year. He has been so busy with senior year and preparing college apps, etc that he still hasn't gotten his.

Those two things combined also factor into girls. They are all older and can drive. It's not a deal breaker, it's just a strange dynamic.

And then there is the one that is killing me. I'm about to send my barely 17 year son away to college!

by on Oct. 24, 2013 at 6:54 PM

check to see if they have a gifted program she could join.

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