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ok ladies let's talk hygiene! (graphic)

ok ladies..bring your vaginas and your questions, concerns, and tips.. maybe we can learn something from doesnt have to be all about the vagina but this group will be very graphic so for those of you who cant handle it,,,bye, go somewhere else and gripe..this is our version of dr. oz but this is dr. mom let's get started ladies! 

so my tip of the day is:

BV (Bacterial Vaginosis)

Caused by offset of pH balance of the vagina. (from sex, perfumes, soaps and other stuff i cant think of right now cuz its 6am n i cant go bk to sleep lol) And can have a very unpleasant and embarassing fishy odor and change in discharge texture. This is a very common thing ladies so dont be ashamed or embarrassed.

Home remedy (and i've done it so i know it works)..plain yogurt with live active cultures. This will create the proper environment (pH balance) for good bacteria to grow and the bad bacteria will rid itslef

Shoot ladies! What questions do you have? Feel free to share whatever you like!

  kiss Be u n do u boo! 

by on Oct. 27, 2013 at 6:24 AM
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by Gold Member on Oct. 27, 2013 at 10:36 PM

I am an OB. I would personally never recommend anyone wash their vagina with an antibacterial soap. There is a very delicate balance of bacteria on the skin and vagina. The abnormal bacteria is growing inside the vagina, not just the outside. I'm glad you got everything taken care of, but it's not something I, or any one of the many gynecologists I know would recommend. The whole antibacterial soap thing is a marketing gimmick. Regular soap and water will cleanse you just fine. In fact, for patients with very sensitive skin, I advise soap on the hair-bearing parts and just water and fingers (no wash cloth) to rinse thoroughly between the folds of the inner labia. 

Quoting imandia4:

 I told my OBGYN about it and she was all for it. It worked for me. And you know a lot of body washes are antibacterial? It didn't cure it but it helped with the odor.

Quoting Perle1:

Quoting imandia4:

 Sounds like BV. You will just get on some antibiotics for about 2 weeks. No biggie. I would suggest for now use ant bacterial wash and wash after every time you use the bathroom. Even when you just pee. Only use white cotton crotch undies and make sure they aren't tight. I been there and done that. It is common.

Quoting Anonymous:

Ugh i just made a gyno appt because I have a disgusting fishy smell, SO embarrassing. I cant wait to get rid of this shit.


Noooo don't put antibacterial soap on your vagina. It just destroys the healthy bacteria and will not treat BV. There is really no place for antibacterial soap unless ou are preparing for surgery or something. 


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