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I can't decide if I should pull him out.

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 I got my son into cubscouts.  He's six so he's a Tiger Cub.  He doesn't seem too interested in baseball, basketball, football etc. but I know it's important that he be in some kind of extra curricular activity.  I figured Cubscouts because it would help socialize him and build his self confidence.  Well, he hates it.  He doesn't like the meetings, complains and whines when we have "homework" to do, and to be honest, I don't like it too much either.  I just don't want to pull him out too early and teach him that it's okay to just give up.  He's gone to about four or five meetings now, all of which he says are boring.  I try to stay positive about it and explain how you have to do work before the fun things like field trips and stuff, but he's just not feeling it. 

I'm thinking about putting him into a mixed martial arts class.  He went to an open house thing with a friend of his one night and he loved it.  I think I'm going to call today and get some details and price it out.  Do you think I'm bailing too early on Cubscouts?

by on Oct. 28, 2013 at 1:39 PM
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by Anonymous 32 on Oct. 30, 2013 at 5:22 PM


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My boys couldn't care less that I don't like scouts! My DH, my mom, their scout leaders etc. provide the support they need! My two oldest boys are both Eagle Scouts. Our next son is getting ready to do his Eagle project! My DH is the only Eagle Scout out of him and his 3 brothers! His parents were over-bearing when it came to being supportive of the scouting program! So just b/c I don't hover over them, and act like scouting is their 'whole life' like my in-laws did, has not hindered them from getting their Eagle Badge!!!

As far as my DD goes, she actually went to a Girl Scout meeting with one of her friends last night! She came home and said, "MOM!! That meeting was SOOOOOO BORRRRRRRING!!!!! I almost fell asleep!!! Please mom!! PLEASSSEEEE!! Don't make me join Girl Scouts!!!!" HA!! HA!! HA!! HA!! I KNEW she would not like it!! I told her I was not going to force her to do Girl Scouts or any other extracurricular activity she doesn't want to do!!

As far as how many kids my DH and I choose to have--that is really NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!!!! We are NOT on any type of welfare! We pay all of our own bills, we own 2 cars fully paid for, and we own our own house!!!! smdh

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 Way to be supportive of your boys. I'm gonna laugh when your dd wants to be a girlscout. PS... quit having kids

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Nope! Not at all! I personally, cannot STAND scouts! I think it is SO STUPID!! Of course, I end up with 4 boys and one girl!! My boys have ALL LOVED scouts-do not ask me why! I told DH a LONG time ago that if they are going to be in scouts, he will be the one to be sure they do the crap in the book to get their badges. I refuse to go to any of their stupid scouting activities or dinners etc! They are having a stupid thing about scouting this coming week for the families and I am not going! I remember when my mom forced me to stay in activities I did not want to stay in as a kid! I HATED that she made me go!! I always said if my kids don't like an activity after the 3rd time they went, I would not force them to go a 4th time. I think the martial arts sounds way more fun than stupid scouting!! I am so glad we are down to our last 2 boys who are of scouting age! I was even happier when I found out DD was a GIRL at my 20-week ultrasound! I was like HOOOORAY!!!! NO MORE DAMN IDIOTIC scouts!! WOO!! HOO!! Good luck!!




by on Oct. 30, 2013 at 11:37 PM
I've heard mom's on limited incomes talk about their kids getting pool passes from I don't know where group that promotes=funds exercise for children of limited incomes.

I've heard of church groups and clubs (Lions, Rotary, Optimist, Elks, etc.) clubs giving sports "sponsorships/scholarships" to kids of limited incomes.

I've also heard of county recreation programs offering discounted prices if the parents serve as coaches. Or if they are of limited income.

Maybe you have a relative that would love to "sponsor" him in a sport? I mean, Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents, God-parents...why not enlist them? Every kid should have a cheer-leading section for him!

Not knowing whether you live in or below the snow belt...if your child is diagnosed as ADHD...I believe then he'd qualify for gov. aid for indoor physical activities during the winter months. Or maybe the cost can be tax deductible as a medical necessity?

Just ideas for you to consider. I'm glad he was excited about the award ceremony. If he can hang in there and attend Cub Scout Summer Camp...he'd be hooked on Scouting for life! That one week this year was my first experience as a Den Walker for my son's group. I don't know which of us had more fun...him or me!

My son has been told since he was little that he can't get his driver's license until after he earns his Eagle Scout Award. We figure the responsibility and maturity it takes to earn that award would make him a safer more responsible/mature driver.

JOY is in the JOurneY.
by on Nov. 1, 2013 at 2:00 PM

We are going to get our daughter into martial arts too. Dh watches martial arts movies with her. We went to dh's teacher to say hi and she was in aww when we went into the dojo. She did a stance, because she is 2 it was wrong, the instructor corrected her. She got so excited that he taught her how to do it right and does it the right way now. When she is 4, we are enrolling her in the Little Dragon program that he has.

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