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Can you remember your child's exact birth weight and length?



Question: Do you remember your child(ren)'s birth weight?





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Inspired by the fact that someone was baffled at my not caring to memorize my son's exact birth weight. That's just it, I don't. I don't think it's that important. I have it written down somewhere and my brain never registered it as something it should remember.

I'm his mom. I know how he thinks, what he likes and hates, what makes him tick and what makes him sad. I do not, however, care to remember his exact weight at birth, nor do I feel like that's something I should be able to list off the top of my head. Not saying it's a bad thing by any means if you do know your child's birth weight, just that I don't see the importance.

Do you remember how much your child weighed at birth?

by on Nov. 3, 2013 at 10:11 AM
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by Rachel on Nov. 5, 2013 at 5:05 AM

No, not at all, especially not when compared to some stories I've heard both in real life and on here. It was just painful, and I do NOT do well with pain, at all. There is nothing about that I would want to remember. I had IV pain medication and it wasn't enough and I was pissed off at the world because I had to choose between paying for the epidural and saving that money so I could stay out of work for the first month or so. Overall it's just not an experience I want to remember.

Quoting Bellarose0212:

I see. Yes, deliberately trying to block out details about your labor might accomplish that. Was it traumatic?

Quoting Sister_Someone:

I assume this was for me?

No, I don't usually have memory problems, I just remember different kind of stuff, and I guess I don't consider that particular info to be so important. I knew that he was healthy and within the normal range, I didn't even care about the rest at the time. I wanted to hold him and sleep for three weeks, lol.

I can't say I remember that many people asking me what he weighed, either. I don't have any family or anyone who would care about that particular piece of info, and the doctors, I think they did, a couple times, and I said "six something, it's in the chart". I guess the fact that I've deliberately blocked all about my labor out of my mind is also a part of why I just don't remember the weight. 

I find it so cool when people just remember that effortlessly, but I don't, and it's just not something I ever saw as important enough to make an effort to memorize it.

Quoting Bellarose0212:

To add, I suppose it isn't bad you don't remember but it makes me wonder about your memory. Do you have trouble remembering things in general? Both weight and height seem to be asked and talked about often enough to be committed to memory since everyone asks in the weeks and months following a birth.

Quoting Bellarose0212:

This. I didn't have to think about it or eject other information in favor of that. It's easy.

Quoting MIA0223:

Yes for both. Its not.something I studied to remember. I just do!

by Silver Member on Nov. 5, 2013 at 11:07 AM
Yes my kids ask about what I was doing before labor started lol

Quoting HaveFaith1215:

hmm. Didn't even think about that. My dd asks me all the time about her birth story. She likes hearing it. Maybe that's why I remember so well. 

Quoting Prdmmyof678:

Dd1 6lbs10oz 19in 11:10am friday

Dd2 6llbs9oz 20in 2:20am friday

Dd3 7lbs3oz 18in 4:26am Saturday

Ds1 6lbs10oz 19in 1:45am tuesday

Ds2 9lbs2oz 21in 9:38pm Tuesday

Dd4 8lbs9oz 18 1/2in 1:50pm Tuesday

Remembering this doesn't make me a better mom than one who doesn' kids have asked me what time they were born and I like that I can tell them off the top of my head

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