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My husband locked me out of the house today

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Im trying to figure out what to do at this point. My dad says if I don't come to him by tonight hes coming to get me tomorrow. We live a bit away and I have $15 to my name and 1/4 tank of gas in my Expedition. We got into a fight, because there were not clean towels and he needed to take a shower so he could go hunting. He didn't get up until 2pm. We were in the ER with out special needs daughter until 5am, she got me up at 9am and we started out day. I had to go to the grocery store, had to pick up our oldest daughter from his parents house since she had to stay there when we took our younger one to the ER. Yesterday was our youngests birthday party and he was working all day, he didn't pay for a single thing for the party, my mom and I paid for all of it. I get $50 a week since I have to stay home with our youngest special needs child. Her doctors will not let us put her in daycare because of her specific needs so I cannot work. Im working on getting her on SSI right now. Today he said I don't do anything around the house, he threw a whole pan of food on the floor and was going to walk away from it and leave it for me to clean up. I stood in front of the door and made him take care of it. He did a half ass job and walked out the back door so I went out the front and stood in front of his truck so he couldn't leave and had to go back in and take care of it. He walked in in front of me and locked the door, I was in a t-shirt and barefoot and its 30 degrees outside. Luckily we have friends living with us right now and she opened the door for me. Now hes gone hunting and Im sick of the shit. My dad wants to come get us but we don't live close and my oldest is in preschool and Im not sure how it would go having her miss school or to pull her out. Its head start so Im scared they will report me or something for it. Plus my youngest has doctor appointment she has to be at this week. What would you do in this situation? What can I do?
Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 3, 2013 at 3:59 PM
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by Platinum Member on Nov. 3, 2013 at 5:52 PM

Holy shit. Who's on the lease?

by on Nov. 3, 2013 at 5:54 PM
Call head start in your dads town and see about transferring and start calling pediatricians in your dads town to switch your dd... I wouldn't miss this weeks appt if it can be helped though.... Is there a friend who could help you out this week??

You need to get out of that situation though!
by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Nov. 3, 2013 at 5:56 PM
It's his money, he works so he has it all in his bank account t that I have no access to. I'm given a $50 a week allowance. He does not have the mindset that his money is our money, he thinks I'm a housewife and I should cater to his every need and make him happy, even if I'm not. The cops won't do anything unless he touches me.

Quoting justpeachy71904:

Really? Are you seriously asking this? It is your home. Put your foot down and stop acting lime a child. Tell him if he cannot grow up.and help take care of YOUR children then he needs to leave and can expect a bill for child support

And what do you mean he didn't help pay. His money should be your money. I dont understand this. But why uproot your kids one special needs for an asshole? If he gives you a problem you have the option to call the local law enforcement... Let them tell him where to go and how to get there.

by Anonymous 18 on Nov. 3, 2013 at 6:02 PM
I'm sorry but you sound like a whiney ass who blames everything on other people. If he has been soooo abusive to you that it has fucked up your ability to act like a responsible adult and you are allowing your kids to see all this go on but then you aren't sure if you should let your Dad come get you and the kids.....I think someone should come and take those kids to a safe environment till you can grow the fuck up!!! DON'T even respond anymore ...I hate a weak ass bitch!!!

Quoting Anonymous:

Your right Ido have issues but I stand by the fact that his abuse has caused those issues. You can't expect swine who has been through te abuse I have to be 100% normal.

Quoting Anonymous:

Yes because blaming him for the choices you make about how to respond is ridiculous. Just fucking admit that YOU are fucked up too without blaming everything on him and what you say might actually have weight. Otherwise you look an 8 year old that says "I know I hit him but he made me"! Put your big girl panties on for God's sake..your are these poor kids MOM. Act like you are over 10 plz!!!

Quoting Anonymous:I was a different person before he started in with his shit, and it's gradually gotten worse over the years but wasn't like this at first. His actions have cause me to become a person I don't like. The difference is I'm trying to change this, I want better for my kids and myself. I am the only one who is going to be able to change myself though.


Quoting Anonymous:

He's made me this way. He's run me down to the point that I'm breaking. He expects me to do it all for him, he thinks he has no responsibilities because he works and I dont agree. I will not treat him like a king and wait on him hand and foot...and for the record there were clean towels, they are no folded and put away yet but they are clean. I got slightly behind due to a sick kid and birthday's life it happens.

Quoting Missdameanor:Really? Because stopping him from going anywhere and forcing him to clean it up sounds EXACTLY like what a Mom would do....not a wife. Just admit are as screwed up as he is and your kids have kids for parents!!!

Quoting Anonymous:

Why would I clean up his mess and not make him accountable for his actions. I sure as hell wasn't cleaning it up. He would let it sit on the floor for a week before he cleaned it up because he dosent clean anything. He dosent want a wife he wants a mommy. I'm NOT his mommy.

Quoting Missdameanor:Yeah? Blocking his way to the door and then standing in front of his vehicle so he can't leave???? sure DO handle things in an adult manner!!! Your poor kids!!!

Quoting Anonymous:And Im not stressed? I deserve his shit because hes stressed? I don't do stuff like that to him, I deal with my stress in an adult manner. I don't throw a fit like a baby.


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