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FS fixing idea number two

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Having people completely relying on the government is wrong. Many children are born into this too and they don't know their true potential.

Its like raising your children. If you clean their rooms, dress them, do their homework and so on and never teach them they won't learn how to be self sufficient .. how to live! They won't have the confidence either.

They need a boost and TOOLS. How about if they can't find a job have them volunteer until they do find work! They are required this to keep their benefits. It will help them gain confidence, skills and experience and show their children a good example!

Welfare to work...what happened to that? 1 in 7 people are on FS. A change is needed. This isn't working.
Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 3, 2013 at 5:25 PM
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by on Nov. 3, 2013 at 6:38 PM

Whatever it is you do you must deal with a small percentage of the population.  Most people on food stamps actually work. 

Quoting Anonymous:

Not the families I work with. Not in my area!

Quoting abecee:

The first obvious glaring mis information in your scenario is most people on food stamps WORK


by Anonymous 6 on Nov. 3, 2013 at 6:40 PM
The welfare to work program is already in place in most states. Also, many on fs already work.
by on Nov. 3, 2013 at 7:34 PM

 Okay but if you are JUST on food stamps how are you paying all other bills? Therefore if you are JUST on food stamps you are also working. If you aren't working then chances are you are receiving more than just food stamps and unless you have a LEGITIMATE reason to not participate in the work study you HAVE to do it. I would much rather them focus on covering educational costs so you get the skills required to get a better paying job that will get you OFF assistance. Otherwise, we are in a vicious circle where you make $8 an hour and still need help. Or even worse, you make too much money to get any help but not enough money to make it on your own. I do agree PA has changed and like I said I think we need to worry more about continuing education over work. I would MUCH rather see someone sit on welfare for several years while they get a damn good degree and get experience in that field so they can actually get that good paying job. But we also need to keep in mind degree does not always equal good paying job.

Quoting Anonymous:

Yes...but yet there are still many that don't. I was on PA 13 years ago....I am aware of this. I also work with many children and families...PA has changed....for the worse

Quoting MDWife12:

*Sigh* you do realize that a lot of people on food stamps work right? Or that in certain states if you want to have cash assistance you have to find a job and you take job training courses, you have to look for work for 40 hours a week and yes they really do call and make sure you are turning in applications and going to interviews....I know they do that for a fact because I was the one that got to call around to all these places and say "I'm so and so from such and such and I am just verifying that so and so turned in an application with your company" or I would say that I was verfying that they did have an interview. Whenever someone lied they would get disciplinary action taken against them. If they are caught in a lie on multiple offenses they do lose their benefits for x amount of months. If you are not working a full time job, lets say you are only working 20 hours and your worker feels that you could easily work 40 hours then guess what?! The other 20 hours that you aren't working you will be doing job search activities.


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