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Here's My Very Unpopular Opinion On Autism, ADHD and other rapidly rising disorder.

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I'm going anon for this to avoid all the personal backlash that is going to come with "my" theory.

So, autism (I'm going to use autism in this post, but my post is meant to encompass ADHD, ODD, and other disorders) is on the rise. That's undisputed, but why? They say it isn't the vaccinations and honestly with tighter and tighter FDA regulations I was never really a fan of this theory. I'm quite sure back in our grandparent and parents polyester wearing, lead paint using, prenatal smoking and drinking days, there was much worse crap in that huge shot they gave them, you know the one all our parents sport that left that round scar on their forearm.
Was it the food? I'm doubtful of that too. Granted people did eat home more, but they still had crap in their McDonald's, Swanson frozen dinners and it was all eaten of bpa plastic and carcinogenic styrofoams.

It's on the rise because we've mainstreamed these disabilities.

When our grandparents had out parents, if a child was "different" they didn't toss them out into society and try to mold them into normal people. They accepted the raw hard truth, they're child wasn't normal and would never be. Even with medication to make them normal, they didn't try to interject them into a normal society, educate them in a normal manner, employ them in a normal manner and expect them to wed and reproduce in a normal manner. These we the children who permentaly lived home with Ma and Pa. Sadly, sometimes these children were instutiionalized, but for the most part, they were just the special kids who we all knew would never live a cookie cutter life. They were loved all the same, but part of that love was the tough love of the realization and acceptance of their future.

Fast forward to our parents having kids. Special children were included, they were medicated and forced to conform to a normal life. Our parents, while well intentioned, fought for the rights for the special needs kids to have the same education, the same employment and the same marital/reproductive future as their normal counterparts.

What was once a genetic flaw occurring in every 1 in 100,000 kids turned into one that occurred in every 1 in 10,000 and then every 1 in 1,000 to now greater than every 1 in 100!!!! It's not our food source, (cancer can claim that) its not our drugs. It's our BLIND COMPASSION that is ruining our gene pool.

Then there is the other rampet issue of mental health disease and crime. In bygone years, the severely mentally disturbed were instutiionalized, now we treat 'em and street 'em as they so put it within the medical community. Asides from the above happening reproductively, they are also slipping out of control, cracking and shooting up rooms full of kindergartners, theaters full of movie goers and malls full of shoppers. We don't need gun control, we need mental health control.

Sally meets Johnny, Johnny needs lithium daily but overall he is a great guy, he loves Sally, treats her like a queen. They have three kids, he is a wonderful father, husband and provider, until one day he thinks he doesn't need those little pills anymore. Then Sally finds out what a monster Johnny is. He snaps gets fired, drains their bank accountant hits her. She leaves him, but now how much of that crazy was passed on to those three little innocent kids.

Hey I am prepared for the bashing and quite honestly I have perfectly normal healthy children. If mine were not, I would probably initially be defensive of this post, but ultimately, think I would come around as to protect the hardship being genetically passed on to my grandchildren whom may be.
Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:18 PM
Replies (101-110):
by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:45 PM
Tell me where is ONCE said we should lock anyone away?

Quoting Anonymous:

heck why dont we just do some nazi shit and get rid of that threat to our gene pool -because to me this might have been what you said lock them all away so they dont breed with our kids are you kidding me right now ???

by Anonymous 21 on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:46 PM
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 BS.  Because a parent has not sought out a diagnosis does not mean that the child is without the disorder.

It is commonly known that Amish culture refuses the practices of modern medicine.

If the Amish chose to refuse to treat a broken leg... it would not serve to make the bone any less broken.

Quoting Anonymous:

You do also realize that Amish children born abnormal are thought to be possed and "dealt with" hence why no Amish children are autistic.
by Anonymous 30 on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:46 PM

I have also heard liberals SCREAMING Oh that is just NOT right.. when people with a "special needs"  were also sterilized when they began to react to their hormones screaming at them and seek out sex.     No kidding- don't sterilize your Down's syndrome child!!! SOME people are saying this... well, just WHY NOT? 

It was done in the past, too- you had a "special" child that was NEVER going to be able to live on it's own- they did get them sterilized too.  

In our small town- there are two famlies I am close to with what we used to call retarded kids.. now they call them mentally challenged or what ever doublespeak words you want to use, they are still mentally SLOW and never ever ever can hold a job without someone standing over them- like washing dishes, etc...

They do still live with their parents, are in their 40's and what are they going to do? Lock them up? The slow woman- she loves to go bowling, she can walk to the lanes and people are nice around here.. and she LOVES the "boyfriends".. she has has them.. lovers.   Do you blame her parents?  They are elderly now... do you blame them for have her fixed?   Just who would be responsible for her kids if she had any?

We DO seem to think EVERYONE has a "right" to reproduce... it costs plenty in social services and ongoing "Miraculous" medical care to let some people with certain diseases to have  children also.. is this so wise?????   Really?  

Sometimes it was best we did not have the miraculous medical "miracles" of today.  

I also rememeber back in the early 50's that some children born with certain genetic disorders did NOT live til adulthood.   NOW they get constant miraculous medical treatments and they live a long long life.   I do sometimes wonder..........perhaps it was better when "God" or nature was the decider.

OH and back when we did NOT get as many vaccines as they push today.  We ONLY got at the most, the killer diseases vaccines... the 21 days measles,   the smallpox, polio,  whooping cough.. diptheria, tetanus.That was about all.   They push 36 vaccines on babies today.    for even NON lethal things. I don't think it's good. 

There was NO such thing as ultrasound either.  Now it's ROUTINE and SO many!!! Ultrasound shakes, ultrasonically- liquids!!!  Shaken baby syndrome before the baby is even born??? OUR BRAINS are quite liquid. What is it DOING to a fetal brain?

I would not get any if I were having babies today. I would NOT.  

by on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:46 PM

You don't understand autism in the least. Educate yourself before you speak on a subject.

by Ruby Member on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:46 PM
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Hitler already did that.  He even killed all their parents, too.   It had absolutely no effect on the number of mentally retarded, mentally ill, autistic.   Same numbers born after the war as born before.

Quoting Anonymous:

heck why dont we just do some nazi shit and get rid of that threat to our gene pool -because to me this might have been what you said lock them all away so they dont breed with our kids are you kidding me right now ???

by Platinum Member on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:47 PM

Bump for later cause I am at lunch but my special needs students will be back any moment. I'll reply later.

by Ruby Member on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:47 PM
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That's what you're not understanding.  There's a great saying regarding Autism:  once you've met one person with Autism, you've met one person with Autism.  While there are people who are profoundly Autistic and low-functioning, there are also those at the opposite end of the spectrum.  

My son is very high-functioning, very intelligent and there is absolutely no reason that he is not expected to work and live on his own.  Yes, he's on medication to help him focus, but that will not prohibit him from living a full and productive life.

You do realize some of our most gifted composers, inventors, and free-thinkers were thought to have been on the spectrum?  Imagine the loss to society had we locked these great minds away becuase they weren't "normal."  

Quoting Anonymous:

No, just don't raise them to think they are entitled to lead the same life as their "undisabled" peers.

My aunt is 58 years old, she is autistic. While she has far outlived her doctors and my grandparents expetations she is still here. She is not nor has ever been locked up in an instution, although several times she did recieve respite care because of uncontrolable circumstances. Shes happy and mostly healthy but she lives home. She has never been employed or married. That was never an option for her. She stays under my grandparents roof, now just my grandmothers and does some housework, cooking and cleaning and whatever else her abilitys allow. That is her life. Not the greatest, but to her happy.
Clearly you are taking this very personally, I'm going to assume you have a child or children suffering from a condition, therefore I don't expect you to initially see any validity in this.

Quoting silverdawn99:

Obvious its putting them in a insane asylum where they can't mess up the *normal * people gene pool

Quoting Anonymous:

Well what is your solution then?

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.

~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

by Ruby Member on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:47 PM
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Please, tell us what exactly you are proposing.

Quoting Anonymous:

Tell me where is ONCE said we should lock anyone away?

Quoting Anonymous:

heck why dont we just do some nazi shit and get rid of that threat to our gene pool -because to me this might have been what you said lock them all away so they dont breed with our kids are you kidding me right now ???

by on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:47 PM
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i hope you dont pass that ignorance on to any kids you bipolar "half baked" kids is smarter then you could ever be...

Quoting Anonymous:

i totally 100% agree with you, that is where the problem is.  people are stupid now days, they place too much heart and faith in an empty shell then they do for the others.. so tired of having to hear about parents who have kids like this complaining about there lives. if your so unhappy, if your child is that out of control that you don't know what to do. then GROUP HOME, INSTITUTION... this world is not going to stop the music just for your kid because they cant handle themselves in public. its time to just except that your kid is only half baked and that's probably as good as it will get.

by Anonymous 3 on Nov. 14, 2013 at 12:48 PM

Quoting Anonymous:

I feel parents want their child diagnosed with a problem to justify their lack of parenting. Sometimes, yes the child does infact actually suffer from a disorder (like ADD or what not), but a lot of the time, it's the parent looking for the easy way out. Not really looking at the child's future. They just want an easy fix for the kid... 

What gets me the most is labeling these kids. Oh johnny acted out at school today, he through a huge fit, instead of disciplining him, lets throw him in the mental institution for a week and label him with Asbergers. Yeah, that's completely logical (sarcasm...)


So now johnny will have an excuse for his poor behavior for the rest of his life. And everyone should accept his behavior and blame his "disorder". He will never know how to take responsibility for his actions. 

There is nothing"easy"about being a special needs kiddo or their parent.
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