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I can't do it. I just can't.

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I can't do any type of retail.
I hate people way too much, lol.

I am in school to advance in my career of choice.
I've been in school for 2 years and have a year and a half left.
To help with bills, I wanted to get a part time job. Nothing too serious or time consuming, just something to help my husband out.

Fuck this.

I can't.

I applied for a job at a restaurant. It looked fun and exciting and fast paced.
I've never worked at a restaurant before. Only an insurance office.
So I got hired as a hostess. The hostesses also bus tables, which is something I don't like.
I don't really like bussing, I'm better at coordinating.
So anyways, I kept the job regardless and decided to give it a try since my friend works there too and loves it.

A family comes in the door. I greet them and ask either how many or if anyone else will be joining them.
I get a snarky response almost every time.
They'll say "Obviously just 4 of us."
Actually, you bumbling idiot, it's not "obvious". A lot of times somebody else joins or someone is parking the car or WHATEVER.
It's not as cut and dry as me just counting you all.

If I do say "The three of you for dinner?"
Some asshole will say "no, more will be coming."
Then there's a pause..... I'm like okay, care to elaborate?? Like maybe HOW FUCKING MANY.

Then there's the people that come in and before I can even say hello, they're yelling "2 for a booth".
First off, hi. How the fuck are you tonight?
Second, why are you not allowing me to utter a word before you're requesting a booth? Why are you so eager for a booth?
Weird. It's just a booth.

Then there are the people that say, "We would like a booth by the window."
Me: "I can do that, certainly. Right now they are all filled up, but I could take your name and I'd quote the wait at about 10 mins"
Customer: "So there's no booths available by the window?"
DIDN'T WE JUST COVER THIS? Guess not. I'll repeat it.
Me: "No, not at the moment. Can I take your name for a brief wait or seat you elsewhere?"
Customer: *takes like 2 mins to discuss it with the fucking wife*.
Is it that hard to come to a decision??
Customer: "We will actually take a booth towards the back wall."
Once again, are you fucking blind?? There are NONE AVAILABLE. You can CLEARLY see the whole restaurant from the hosted sing stand, it's clear that the most liked booths are taken.
So after minutes of fucking hashing it out, they suddenly don't mind sitting elsewhere.
GOOD. I'm glad. And congratulations, I'm now 80 fucking years old. I'm glad you took soooo long to decide such a simple SIMPLE simple thing.

There's the group of 3 people that come in and want to sit at the booth that fits 10.
Umm, no..? Why would I do that? That just makes it so that when a big party comes in, and THEY WILL since it's a Saturday night, I can't sit them.
Why do 3 people need a space for 10 people?
I don't get it. Why can't you just be normal and sit at a regular table or booth that would fit the amount of people you have? Did you plan on giving massages? I'm confused.

There's the people that come in with small children. I ask if they'd like a booster seat or a high chair. They decline.
5 minutes later they want a high chair, so they come up to the hostess if stand and ask for one.
First off, you are now in the hands of your waiter/waitress.
Second, can't you see I'm busy?? I already dealt with you and seated you. I have a line at the podium and I will not ditch the crowd to go get you the high chair you didn't want at first.
Changing your mind is perfectly okay. But why are you asking me? Your server JUST visited your table, were you conscious for that?

There are the people that allow their kids to rip paper into tiny shreds and color on the table.
Umm, fucking LOSER!
Who the Hell lets their kid trash a table to that degree and/or draw all over it? Way to let your brat run your life.
Your child is making a humongous mess, and your child looks about 5 years older than mine. Mine wouldn't ever dream of doing something so..... DUMB. I am the parent and I set rules and boundaries for how to behave in public. I guess not all parents do that? Hmm.

The moms that come up and ask me over and over for a different colored crayon for their child because "all he got was 2 and he doesn't like red or orange"
HAHAHAHAHA. What? He actually had a green and blue as well. I watched him break them in half and toss them. So, you're wrong.
Here's the wax sticks for your spawn. Hopefully he eats them.

I hold the door for a guy to be nice as he's leaving. He says "now what should I tip the door girl for doing so well tonight at getting the door?"
Excuse me? Save your money, you need it to spend on your wife. She's wearing clothes that look like they were made for a size 3 and she's clearly NOT remotely that small.
How about you use your grubby fingers to hand HER over your wannabe wad of cash so she isn't wearing those clothes, provide for your wife you dumbass.

I can't do it. Too many incompetent people.
I'm not cut out for a job that deals with the public by serving them in that manner.
Not for me!!

Goodbye to trying something new!
And hello to the Insurance company again while I finish school to be in my office working with people on a professional level.
I don't like dealing with people outside of their profession unless they are a friend.
Too many idiots.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 1, 2013 at 1:44 AM
Replies (261-262):
by Evil Food Lady on Dec. 2, 2013 at 12:26 PM
When I was able to work I mostly worked with the public. Cashier (grocery store), store host (camp ground), after school teacher (Christian school), ice cream cake maker (dairy queen), pca (convergys call center for express scripts), receptionist (nursing home) and customer service rep / phone & email (hamilton beach). I also spent a lot of time helping my mom at her business. She owned a gift shop. She sold rooster, apples, frogs, nautical, etc decor. Top seller was wax melt burners and wax tarts. She had 30+ burner styles (some were colored crystal, others were ceramic and had diff designs to match your decor..... top seller was nautical (fish, beach/tropical scenes, dolphins, lighthouses and turtles). She also sold 100+ different scented wax melt tarts. Everything from fruity to clean to manly to fresh baked goodies to apples to flowery to you name it we prolly had it, lol. We also made gourmet and goody baskets for any theme or occassion. We delivered at no charge within reason. Only job working with the public that I enjoyed. Yes some ppl irked me like those that come in 5 minutes before closing time and they are fully aware yet took their time for a good 45 mins. *sigh* the other jobs i dealt with bc I had to work. I generally worked 2 at a time (full time and part time). I have crazy stories from working at hsmilton beach customer service....lawd ppl are nuts!

But yes it is hard. You learn to eventually kill em with kindness, smile evefy chance you get and be super nice.....from my experience from working with people when you do that most ppl apologize for being rude. And that makes me even more giddy and happy, lol. Working with the public there is never a dull moment!
by Bronze Member on Dec. 5, 2013 at 4:45 AM
I never did figure out exactly what I wanted to go to school for. Now I work retail and homeschool my 2 kids so I don't have time. Maybe sometime in the future I'll go back to school. It would fun.

Quoting Anonymous: I couldn't do that for 14 years. I couldn't even donut for 14 days.
How come you aren't going to school to do something you like? ):

Quoting Jesslynne_81:I understand everything you're going through. I work in retail and it is awful. No, not every customer is a douche, there are several that I love. But every so often you get that customer that talks to you like you're a piece of shit and you can't do a damn thing about it. I can't wait until the day I can quit my job and tell some asshole customer to fuck off.

P.S. I'm a really nice person, and have never told anyone to "fuck off" or anything of the sort. I've been working in retail for 14 years and there have been so many times I wanted to say it. But I never have. I just put on my happy face and continue with what I have to do. So telling someone off will be so rewarding for me, lol.

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