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FINAL UPDATE***Yet another update!**Another Update *Update I found someone I know on a porn site!

Posted by Anonymous
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OMG my husband and I were on Xhamster and we saw my sister-in-law on there (My husband's half sister). I have a profile on xhamster so I can save the videos I like and I kept getting these messages from a couple in my area. They are swingers looking for a chick. Well OMG I clicked on the user-name just for kicks to see if i've seen them around town (hey it's a small town) and the first video I see is my SIL going down on a girl! Her husband video taping in the background. I called my husband over in shock and he almost threw up! The best part is my SIL is a total cunt always getting on us about morality. She's a Jehovah's witness and has an attitude like she's better than everyone. Well now we know the truth! So I sent her a message on Xhamster that said "I never expected to see you here in a million years" there's no way she knews its us because we don't have any personal information on our profile just a little animated pic. 

Next time she gets on me about how we're not real Christians and we shouldnt let our children celebrate Thanksgiving i'm going to tell her a thing or two about pornography and living "the lifestyle" 

UPDATE 12/9: Lastnight before we went to bed my husband and I made a fake account as a woman looking for a couple. We sent my SIL an invite and I just checked and that bitch accepted my invite and sent me a msg. Here's an exact quote: 

"Hey how are you we're from Vacaville too lets chat sometime maybe we can have some fun one night? Wanna trade pix?"  

What do you think my next coarse of action should be? My bestfriend offered to use her picture if we need a pic to trade as long as we cut out her head she also suggest we use an image of some porn whore off the internet but I don't know if we should go that far and steal a picture to send to her.  She's at work right now so I doubt I will hear anything from her if I send her a message back now anyway. I'll wait till tonight to send a response. What should I say? I've never done anything like this before it's so weird my Bestfriend and the girl we rent a room to are so in on this! They hate my SIL the year before last while the girl we rent to, Br---was pregnant my SIL approached her while she was watching TV in the family room, she confronts her about being pregnant and unwed and how horrible that is. She went on and on about sexual purity and sex being between a married man and woman. She actually made poor Br--- cry. Br----'s fiance died Afghanistan a week before she found out she was pregnant and my heartless moral fucking SIL still grilled her. I kicked my SIL out that day and told her she couldn't come back until she apologized. It took that cunt 3 months to apologize! 

*Also the first message I sent her from my account has gone ignored. but her profile is now set to private so only "friends" can view her videos. 

UPDATE 12/10: My husband sent her a message last night as "Gloria" that's the name to our fake lady. And of coarse this morning she responded! Also this morning she came by to drop some things off for my FIL who's coming to visit tomorrow from New York. I wanted to say something to her right there but my husband assured me that it will be more satisfying to do so in front of their dad.  Here is the plan we've come up with if you're curious. 

In her last message to "Gloria" she expressed an interest in meeting up. We told her that we were shy and anxious because this was the first time...blahblahblah. She agreed to meet us in a public place on her lunch break tomorrow if we were around. (By we i mean "Gloria" of coarse) she sent her cell number and told us to text her. We're going to use Br--- phone because she won't recognize the number to text her later today. 

Here's what we're planning. We are going to have her meet us at "Pure Grain" German Bakery in Downtown Vacaville tomorrow sometime after my FIL gets here. We're telling him that SIL wants to meet for coffee and lunch and is paying for all of us (something she never ever does) because she's had a change of heart about celebrating Christmas (which my FIL would love nothing more than to celebrate Christmas with his bitchy only daughter that stupid JW cunt! ) Instead of meeting Gloria SIL is going to come into the bakery and see Br--- wearing exactly what we told her Gloria will be wearing. She will call her on her cellphone which is the one we used to text her. FIL, DH, and I with kids will be at the next table over smiling and waving FIL completely in the dark about what SIL is up to. We're going to pretend like we never saw the porn site in front of the kids and FIL. I'm going to take SIL aside at some time during the lunch and explain to her the conditions in which we don't tell FIL and everyone else about her secret deviant lifestyle. These conditions are, 1. She no longer brings us copies of the Watchtower to our homes. She no longer pretends to be better than us morally or spiritually. 2. She must stop criticizing us for celebrating Halloween, Christmas, and all other holidays and she will have to join us for Christmas Dinner though we will not make her bring a gift. 3. She must apologize to Br---- for years of nastiness in front of FIL and everyone at the table. 4.  After Christmas she needs to come clean about her lifestyle to everyone or I will! With pictures! and screen shots! 5. She's paying for lunch! 

I'm bringing my IPad with all her pics and vids saved on it. Just in case she tries anything or doesn't comply. Also thanks to the wonderful suggestion of you ladies i'm going to present her with a pet hamster named X. I just called one of the pet stores in town and will be picking up little X  the dwarf hamster in about an hour. This is going to be so satisfying! 

Update 12/11- We've sent some texts back and forth, she is so disgusting to me. She sent me some topless pictures and I almost threw up. I didn't even bother telling my husband about the new topless pictures she sent. She agreed to meet me at 1pm but at a different location. When I told her where I wanted to meet she didn't want to go there in case she might run into someone she knew. So we settled on McDonald's. Which is funny because that's the last place in the world my husband and I would go to eat. But that's where we are going. Which is good because there's an indoor play area for the kids. We're meeting there at 1pm I can't wait to see her face! 

FINAL UPDATE!  Sorry it took me so long to update SIL got arrested so I had to talk to the cops. And we had to explain everything to DH's whole family and FIL, can you say Awkward? 

FIL, DH, my 3 month old and my 2 year old were waiting for her at McDonald's. She was expecting to see "Gloria" wearing a tight pencil skirt, white blouse, and red 4 inch heals. But Br---- had an emergency with her son so she couldn't go to the confrontation. (Her son had a high fever at daycare but he's alright and at home sleeping now) Instead I send her a text on Br--- phone saying she was all the way in the back of McDonald's across from the play equipment. We got there at 12:45 we are sitting waiting for SIL we saw her car pull up at 12:56 and watch her walk in. She looks for "Gloria" and sees us. We are pretending not to notice her and my FIL is playing with my 2 year old. I get a text on Br--- phone saying "o shit my brother is here." I send her a text back that says i'll meet you in the parking lot. She says. "cool I hope they didn't see me." There is an exit in the play-area and as she goes out the main entrance I went out the play-area exit just in time for her to walk past. She was expecting Gloria and saw me. Her eyes got big. I said hello, ask what she was doing there she tried to tell me she was meeting a coworker. I said "Oh you mean Gloria." And her eyes got so big she was a deer in fucking headlights. She opened her mouth but no sound came out. My FIL came over when he realized I was outside talking to her he gave her a big hug and I told her who all was there (me, DH, FIL, 2 of my 4 kids, and my cousin who knew all about what we were up to was along just in case there was a scene she could hurry the baby and my little one home) My FIL asks her what she wanted so he could order for everyone and she just stood there silent. I turned to him and said "Gloria-oops I mean F--- already ate she just wants a drink." Still SIL was speechless. FIL left and SIL stood there just staring at me for several minutes. That's when I said "We'd better go in otherwise they might start wondering what's going on." Still silent she followed me in and we sat there as a "happy" family. She was silent the whole time the only time she said anything was when FIL asked her if anything was wrong her response "Work has been stressful and said she had to leave." I told her I had a gift for her DSD and that I should talk to her about it as she walked to her car. 

Once in the parking lot SIL tried to slap me. I caught her hand and pretty much let her have it . I think I started out with "Listen you stupid cunt." She asked me if I was stalking her and I told her "No i'm not stalking you, I saw you on Xhamster what does it say in the Watchtower about swinging?" She said it wasn't any of my business. I asked her several times why she thought it was her business to tell me i'm damned and tell my children I can't go to "Paradise" because i'm bisexual. I asked her "How would Jehovah feel about your xhamster profile?" She tried to slap me again! Like I was going to let her! I gave her my conditions and she said she wouldn't agree to any of it and that I didn't have any proof. So I showed her some of the proof I had on just my tenants cellphone.She offered me money to keep shut about it. When I told her I didn't want or need her money she threatened to have me killed. I laughed really hard right in front of her. I asked her "Who you gonna get to do the job The Watchtower Society?" That only made her more mad. 

She called her work and told the there was an emergency and that she couldn't come back to work. She followed me home. DH, FIL, and the kids went to pick up my other 2 children at school. By this time  I was home with my cousin and Br--- was back from the clinic. After 20 minutes of SIL sitting in her car crying in front of my house my cousin suggested she might have a gun, Anyway she finally came in and  I showed SIL all of the evidence I had on her and she said. "I'm the one that's going to kill you." This bitch jumped over my dining room table and tried to attack me. She was grunting and  foaming at the mouth. It was shocking and so brutal I've never seen anything like it before. She was screaming her head off and said she'd rather kill herself than let her secret out. At that point I kinda started feeling bad for her. My cousin took video as soon as she started looking like she was going to attack me. She said a ton of incriminating things. But it gets better Br---- called the police when the police got there SIL was screaming about how everyone in the house was going to suffer and she screamed about how she was going to report me to CPS even if she had to "Make shit up." She also threatened to kill me and/or burn my house down. The police arrested her for making terrorist threats, also for assault because even in police presence she tried to slap me. Wanting her to go to jail for as long as possible I allowed her to this time. There's no word on bail yet. My FIL is pissed at her and though I think he greatly disapproves of what DH and I did he apologized to me about her death threats. Everyone has been shocked by what happened and what she was doing behind all our backs. 

However everyone in DH's family is already placing the blame on her husband. "He must have forced her into it." 

I have a feeling after all is said and done she's going to blame her husband and be completely absolved from everything! uggh! 

As for Xhamster the little hamster I bought, my kids are going to keep him. We're still calling him X. 

Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:32 PM
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by Bad♄Wolf on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:34 PM


by Sarah on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:35 PM
Lol wow!!
by on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:35 PM
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Lol we saw our ex roommate on red tube a couple weeks ago. Shes such a hoe now
by Platinum Member on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:36 PM
Omg! Lol
by Anonymous 3 on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:36 PM


by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:37 PM

she's not "oing porn" she's making home videos with her husband trying to get more women to have sex with 

Quoting Anonymous: Eh...I dont judge anyone for doing porn. I went to high school and am still friends with a porn star... she has been with a lot of famous porn stars, but idk how famous she was before stopping to have her kids

by Member on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:37 PM
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too funny.  Should make holiday gatherings interesting.

by Anonymous 4 on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:38 PM

...Is she hot?

by Anonymous 2 on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:38 PM
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And what part of "making videos" of sex is not porn?

Quoting Anonymous:

she's not "oing porn" she's making home videos with her husband trying to get more women to have sex with 

Quoting Anonymous: Eh...I dont judge anyone for doing porn. I went to high school and am still friends with a porn star... she has been with a lot of famous porn stars, but idk how famous she was before stopping to have her kids

by Anonymous 5 on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:41 PM
Shit I would be a bitch and forward it to all of her friends and family! She keeps her holier than thou attitude shoved in my face? She suffers the consequences lol
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