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IM SO SORRY! I Just Have To Vent About The Teen Who Killed 4 People & Got Off Free

Ok I know I am not the only person irate over this case. I have to vent I am so disgusted. My stomach literally hurts. You probably know about the 16 year old teen that was drunk and driving when he killed 4 innocent people with his car. There is more to the story but ultimately that's the jest. This kid is a spoiled rich kid. His defense attorneys convinced the judge that this happened because the kid has affluenza! Basically meaning this kid is so spoiled he never was taught right from wrong. And apparently they taught this kid to not have a conscience either. The judge agreed!! And sentenced this kid to 10 years probation! And for his parents to get him into counseling that will cost 500,00$. That is it! Nothing more than that! The parents said that putting him away in the slammer would do no good for him to teach him anything. Really!! Are you serious right now! Yes he needs counseling, but so do the parents! Also this is the parents fault too for doing this to there kid. Affluenza is a bunch of crap! No one else would get off killing four people and being 3 times over the alcoholic limit under age! With that stupid excuse! Just when you think America can't be any more STUPID! It does I hate our judicial system. I think that judge got paid off to come up with something lame to let this kid off. He will never learn anything in life, no right or wrong, no good or evil. He will learn that money takes care of everything! And all his problems will go away. I hurt for the families that lost there loves ones. They will never get closure, only pain and suffering. They won't get justice either. Thoes parents of the kids should be locked up too. Wow just wow! Thanks for reading ..
by on Dec. 12, 2013 at 3:04 AM
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by Gold Member on Dec. 12, 2013 at 9:46 AM
My SS's bio mom and her ex were exactly like this with my SS. My DH now has custody and its so hard to 'correct' the entitlement behavior. He has gotten better, but he still has his moments, especially after spending the weekend with his ex SF and his family. He's only 8 (6 when my DH got custody) so I can't imagine how he might would be at 16.

Quoting susannah2000:

I can't imagine anyone is surprised by this, since people have been teaching their kids that they are respensible for NOTHING for quite a while now. How many mothers even post here totally indignant that  school DARES discipline their child for something? How many heap on the privileges and the electronics from birth as entitlements of their children, while expecting them to do nothing? How many say, "my kid is messing up big time, doing this and this and this, is it too much to take their phones and IPads etc?"  If kids are taught that there are no real consequences for what they do, they won't fear any, and will do what they want. How many posters here talk about spending hundreds and hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars on their kids' Christmas gifts? This all creates value systems, and the kid is the one who will pay for it, in feeling entitled and self absorbed.

But it's not just affluent kids. How many times do the families of poor or minority kids who are caught red handed in crimes, swear that they "didn't do it," it's not their fault, everyone else is to blame, their teachers, society, it's not their fault.

by Ruby Member on Dec. 12, 2013 at 9:53 AM
I'm not surprised by this at all. Sadly this is what the world is coming to
by Sarah on Dec. 12, 2013 at 10:12 AM
Affluenza is a word I just looked it up on the online dictionary .

Quoting Anonymous: Jist not just and being affluent. Influenza is a word, affluenza is not. Please learn something tonight. Thank you.
by Anonymous 13 on Dec. 12, 2013 at 10:17 AM
Karma is a bitch. Look at oj simpson.
by Sarah on Dec. 12, 2013 at 10:42 AM
I just read your story of sorrow. I am so sorry this happened to your brother, family and yourself. Brought tears to my eyes and made my heart heavy reading this. I couldn't even imagine the pain, anger, depression and hate that follows a case like this one. And the one I posted. Its awful. You have my full sympathy. I hope you and your family have found some way to deal or cope with this loss of a beautiful life. I agree there would have been some closure in this evil man who killed your brother getting life or even death in prison. Its just not fair..its not right, its unjust, its whatever you want to call it. Not sure if your a Christian women ..I am. I believe there will be justice for everyone, especially thoes who commit these awful crimes and get away with it. God will judge hunny he will have to answer for himself. God does punish people that have no regard for killing someone and getting away with it. Its called karma for non believers ...God don't look kindly on this crime. But God does heal if you let him...God bless you hun And your family.

Quoting Bonnie_:

I  agree with you.  24 years ago my younger brother  was killed by a drunk driver. The car  my brother was in went over a steep embankment.  The drunk driver  climbed  out  of his car also over and flagged down a car. He was going to walk his dogs on the beach.  A couple  picked him  up  but said they wouldn't take his dogs.  They took  him  home.  They  had asked him  if anyone else was involved and he told them no.   They went  home  and thought about the way he was acting   and then they called the cops.   The told the cops  where the accident happened.  The cops went to the site and found my brother dead in the car.  They went to the guys house.  His wife and sister lied and said  they hadn't seen him.   The cop looked  down as they were talking  and saw a phone book  open  and the name of the hospital circled.  So the cop  went to the hospital  and  found  him there. 6 hours after the accident.  Some bruises and a few stitches. Nothing  major.   They tested  him  for alcohol and  that much time after the accident he was still twice the legal limit.  I was in Japan at the time and had just given birth to my youngest.  Because it  had been a difficult birth I wasn't  cleared for travel  so I had to miss the funeral.  It  turns out the guy's dad was a big  wheel lawyer  who  knew  all the judges  blah blah blah...  and thee  guy  only  ended u p  with 5 years probation and wasn't  supposed to go to any drinking establishments.    That was it.  He wasn't  a kid  he was 32.   He left the scene of  the accident  and failed to report it  and the fact  that  there was another victim.  I would  say he  just left  him  like a dog... but he tried to take his dogs home... so  my brother didn't  even  get the courtesy  of a dog. This event crippled our family and broke my mother's heart.  She was never the same.  We  have NEVER gotten over this loss.   I want to ask  the people  who decided  that no punishment  was OK  because he was too rich and sheltered  and ignorant of the world to know  he was doing wrong.  They  are obviously  people  who  have  never  experienced  this type of unjust loss and pain.   He should have been  made to  stay at a mortuary  to  see a family  have to  go in and identify  their loved one.  To  hear the grief stricken  sobs and wailing  of the family.  So I went  on FB  on  what would have been my brother's birthday and looked  up that guy.   He's  in his 50s now and was able to get married and  have a few kids. He was able to live a full happy life. My brother never got that chance. He was 26  and he was engaged.  He never got  to get married  and my  kids will never know what an amazing talented  beautiful  person  he was.  He never even got to  hold my two daughters.  So  yeah.... I  know full well  what those families are going  through  and  it brings  back  a lot  of pain  hearing a story  like  this.   He  should have had at the very least 4 years in prison.  One  for each life he took.

by Sarah on Dec. 12, 2013 at 10:44 AM
by on Dec. 12, 2013 at 10:45 AM

And it *is* the term used in this case. 

I thought the attorney made it up, but apparently you found it in the dictionary, which astounds me.  But in any case, Marriedmyprince is correct and the word "affluenza" was used in the trial.

Quoting MarriedMyPrince: Affluenza is a word I just looked it up on the online dictionary .

Quoting Anonymous: Jist not just and being affluent. Influenza is a word, affluenza is not. Please learn something tonight. Thank you.

“Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day.”

Helen Steiner Rice

by kid crack dealer on Dec. 12, 2013 at 10:47 AM
I read about this yesterday. If his family didn't have money, he would be rotting in jail.
by facta, non verba on Dec. 12, 2013 at 10:59 AM
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Quoting want10more:

 and did YOU learn something??????? ahem.

Quoting want10more:

 affluenza is a 'new' word, a 'new AFFLICTION" meaning if you are too well heeled, you are just not cognizant of real world values. DSMR ready no. pop culture pop psych, yup

Quoting SweetPea2004:

You could say that about many disorders.

Quoting tossed:

Quoting Anonymous: Jist not just and being affluent. Influenza is a word, affluenza is not. Please learn something tonight. Thank you.

The psychologist who testified that the kid has affluenza should not be allowed to practice. Clearly, his parents paid a large amount for this "expert testimony" who came up with this novel defense. So sad that a judge bought into this crap. Affluenza is a made up condition suggesting that he was too wealthy to be responsible for his actions because he was never taught right from wrong...mommy and daddy bought him out of all of his problems including the deaths of 4 innocent people.

by facta, non verba on Dec. 12, 2013 at 11:14 AM
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They don't punish him because he is too rich and his parents failed to teach him right from wrong, and they never taught him that everything has consequences? Fine. Put his parents in jail for raising a killer. That's what he is. If he cannot see that his actions are dangerous, it is their fault for raising a menace to society, and they should be punished for it. Maybe that would set an example for other people who think they are 'too rich' to raise their children to be a productive member of our society. 

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