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Vent: PTA Drama that isnt needed

Posted by Anonymous
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I'm the Vice President on my child's PTA. I'm highly involved and just flat out LOVE volunteer work. During breaks I do other volunteer which has been done with the city and other school issues. I'm about to start time volunteering at the food bank since a lot of talk happens about the need they have not with just food but the need for bodies to help out. I already donate a lot to them and have set up donating events now I wish to do more and help.

I dont think our PTA is like the PTA you would see on the movies, we don't do it for popularity (okay some might not sure why we have generally a bad name). But we do like to work hard and we have many great volunteers. I get along with EVERYONE but one person who seem to wish my take down.

That is the upsetting part of being on this PTA, this person is a board member (one of the Presidents) that I must learn to work with. I have heard from staff and friends of how she talks bad about me and will twist my words and try and hurt me. Well she nearly was successful this year but I was told to just smile keep calm and act as if it doesnt matter if people are thinking ill of me, once they see that Im nothing like she claims it will be dismissed. It took a little over a month but it seemed to calm down.

But just recently she told a mutal friend of ours that I had said some nasty things about her child. OMG why would she say that. Now the friend was at first mad and blasted me but not with why she was really mad so I got upset and blasted her back. Then she came to me the next day and told me what was behind that. I told her I was sorry and I was just hurt with being yelled at and lashed out. But I was hurt when I learned that this person lied about me cause I thought this other person was my friend again (she has done this in the past with me when I upset her over something minor) but turns out she is still upset and jealous with me. And there is no need to be.

I want to be President next year but not if she is involved again.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 12, 2013 at 7:04 PM
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