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Would you give $200 to a random person??

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Say you're at a store and you have a random $200 extra bucks and you're Christmas spirit says to give it to someone in that store.

So you wander for a few looking for someone to give it to.

What kinds of things about a person would you look for in deciding if they were deserving of the money?

Ratty shoes?

Dishelveled looks?

Food stamp card??

Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 23, 2013 at 1:56 PM
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by Anonymous 80 on Dec. 26, 2013 at 7:23 PM
I'm a little late to the party, but I only check my email when I have a spare minute (not often).

If you saw my kids and I out shopping today, you'd probably assume that I'm a single mom (my husband was at work). You'd probably assume I do the best I can for my kids (they were dressed in nice, fairly expensive coats and boots), but I had no money left to take care of myself ( I'm wearing an old, threadbare, collegiate hoodie with a few holes and flipflops). I have nicer clothes, but this happens to be my favorite hoodie. It's thin enough to be worn comfortably indoors, but keeps the wind at bay. I have 7-8 pairs of Dr. Martens sitting in my closet, but it was nearly 50° today. I've been stuck in boots for weeks. I was excited for weather warm enough to enjoy flipflops.

You would probably assume that I told my son that he couldn't have all of the 1/2 price Christmas candy he asked for because I needed the money to pay my bills (he didn't get the candy because he has barely touched his Halloween candy AND got a stocking full of it from my mom yesterday).

None of this really matters. I'm just pointing out that it is impossible to look at someone and know their situation. I also happen to own two houses. Between my husband and I, we own eight vehicles (two will be sold when we have time, two are our primary vehicles, two are just for fun, one will be passed down to our daughter as soon as she gets her license, and one is an antique).

If you saw me, or rather your perception of me (the single mom who has no money to take care of herself and can't afford to buy her kids 1/2 Christmas candy), and decided we were worthy of your pity, I would be offended that you thought I wanted or needed your money.

I once had someone (I knew the person) assume that I couldn't feed my kids because they aren't as fat as their kids. This person left two 33 gallon trash bags of groceries on my porch. Not only did I NOT appreciate the gesture, the person got a phone call demanding that the items be removed from my porch and kept by themselves or donated to a food bank.

I think the problem is that we don't advertise our income. We're not rich. We live within our means. We buy what we want, but we don't brag. We don't show off our shiny, new toys. Only a few people know we have two houses. I wouldn't even mention it here if I didn't have the option to remain anonymous. Because we don't shout it from the rooftops that we are living comfortably, people think they are better than us. Let them. I don't care. But it's when these same people start thinking of us as a charity case that I start to lose my cool.

Ok. Haha. I'm done whining about my "white people problems". Back to my point. You cannot look at someone out shopping and know their life story. And in answer to the question posted; I wouldn't. There is no way I would give a stranger in a store $200. I'm not a heartless bitch. I've paid for the old lady's/man's groceries in front of me when they're trying to choose between putting away the milk or bread. I've given away groceries to people sleeping under a bridge. I've given away my kids' jackets when I see some kid playing in the street without one. Etc., etc., etc... Aside from offending someone that doesn't need the money, you also don't know that said cash isn't going to be handed over the person's drug dealer as soon as they leave the store. Giving strangers cash is STUPID. Just saying. :)
by Bronze Member on Dec. 26, 2013 at 7:47 PM

If I had it to yes I would .. I would either trust my instincts,or pray about and let the spirit guide me whom to give it to.. The most I've given to a stranger up to this point is aa monthly bus pass worth 70 bucks...

by on Dec. 29, 2013 at 4:39 AM

 holy crap! how coool!


Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting Anonymous:

One year my DH and I were part of a group that rented out an entire wing of one of the hotels here in town for the week of Christmas.  Then we went to the local shelter and told them to send the next X number of families they had come in down to the hotel.  We decked each of the rooms out with a 5 foot fiber optic tree, and gave everyone their own stockings.  Then over the course of the week the adults were shuttled through town with a $50 gift card for each child.  We provided a bunch of stocking stuffers, as well as a big meal on Christmas eve.  Then on Christmas day we had a brunch line set up for everyone.  It was really awesome knowing that we were a part of giving all those families a good Christmas.

That is so cool!


by Gold Member on Jan. 2, 2014 at 1:23 AM

I wouldn't do it...can't afford to.


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