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Tonight I am going to be a horrible mother. :( Update 6 so we're done right?

Posted by Anonymous
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It is time oh my little men that you sleep in your own beds in your own room. Yes I know for the last 2.5 year and 14 month respectively you have slept cuddled up against me having milk on tap throughout the night. But now mommy just can't do it anymore. All night every night I can't even move because I am perched half on half off the bed because there just isn't room enough for us if mommy would even to twitch kerplop on the floor. The last time mommy fell out of the bed she broke her ankle and yeah not fun. Between the two of you nursing throughout the night I am woken up every hour, you are too old to be using me as a pacifier at night. In addition the "boob war" at 2 am just has to stop. I realize you both want to nurse but at the same time fighting over the same boob just isn't going to work. There are two after all someone could compromise and go left. But alas it's a crying scrambling territorial mess for milk right when I just fall into deep sleep and mommy has reached her limit. You are both old enough to sleep through the night now in your own beds. So tonight after bath and a book it's into your beds you go. I realize tonight I will be the worst mommy on the planet making you sleep in your own rooms. But I promise you later you will thank me. We all will sleep better in the end. So farewell cosleeping hello first step toward independence.

Update 1.

The boys are asleep for a very late afternoon nap. They had a cuddle/nurse and then they fell asleep on the sofa. I am gearing up for tonight getting a quick cat nap also. Wish me luck!

Update 2.

The hubs just got home and we all had dinner. The boys and hubs are watching Daffy Duck Looney Tunes unwinding. So, in 15 minutes in bath book cuddle nurse and then bed.

Update 3.

Well. That. Sucked

DS 2 went to bed easy as you please. 10 minutes nursing in the rocking chair and he was out. DS 1, was so upset he made himself vomit on hubs. I tried the same rock nurse bit that worked with DS 2. But it didn't work because he desperately wanted his daddy. :( hubs eventually came in to the room pissed off that I didn't put the boys to bed hours earlier so he wouldn't have to listen and experience the unfolding heartbreak. He was pissed off which upset little man even more to the point he threw up on him because he was so upset. I kicked hubs out of the room and banned him from bedtime for the foreseeable future. Love the guy but frankly he can be an ass and can't deal with crying or upset at all... any. When DS2 was a week old he cried the longest ever about 10 minutes non stop and hubs was convinced it wasn't normal and if people had this "difficult" of babies no one would procreate. *eyeroll* back to point as soon as I kicked hubs out of the room DS 1 calmed down had a cuddle and nurse we sang together and he fell gradually to sleep. We survived, my husband is a major jerk, and next step is when they wake up. Hopefully it won't be until morning. All in all a success for step one.

Update 4.

And then.... There was light and the boys in their own beds. Whoop Whoop Happy Dance!

DS1 woke up once called for me came to the door of their rooms I went in picked him up put him in bed sang him a song and he was out! He woke up happy as can be. The cat slept in his bed and he woke up to a purr box lol. When I groggily opened my eyes I was greeted with giggles. I on the other hand migrated beds last night. DS 2 woke up around 3 and was just upset and confused. So more rocking nursing cuddling but when it was time to lay him down after be had fallen alseep it was like a warning alarm went off he was being put down and he would immediately wake up. After almost an hour I broke. Sue me. I coslept with DS2... in his crib. I didn't want to bring him to our bed that would be backsliding even worse. He has never slept in a crib before. He was uncomfortable with it. So we both crawled into his crib and he just snuggled up and was out. Now climb off the ledge people the crib is a floor height crib the rails are as high as a baby gate I didn't scramble up into a standard height crib. I snuck out of the crib after about an hour and then slept in the other twin bed in their room. When DS 2 woke up he was better he didn't cry but he called for me and then when freed from the crib he made a b line for big brother and they had a mini wrestling match with the cat. After a bit they realized they hadn't had their morning fix and it was a milk rush. I was a bit engorged so they pretty much sloshed when they were done.
The hubs apologized for his lack of support and agreed he stays out of bedtime until its a good routine. We have been talking about this transition for weeks btw.

Also a common question has been "don't they eat" absolutely they eat solid foods. 3 squares and 4 snacks per day. They probably eat a more varried healthy diet than most of you. Yes they also know how to chew. We have chosen that instead of giving them factory farmed cows milk they will recieve my specially formulated just for them major health benefits breast milk. I could go on about the benifits of breast feeding toddlers but everyone else has access to google and looking up countless medical studies on the issue. Well, enough said one night down another 29 to go until its truly a habit. The goal tonight no mommy in crib.

Update 5

And so it begins again. DS1 refused to nap today so I might be glutting for punishment but I'm going to try to put them to bed in about an hour. DS 2 had a quick nap. Wish me luck! Thanks for all the encouragement ladies! 

Update 6

Last night was just awesome lol! DS1 went right to sleep no issue rock cuddle nurse and he was out at 8pm. He woke up at 11 and after a brief snuggle back to sleep. He slept until about 8am. DS2 same thing as the night before rock cuddle nurse and he was good until 1am. After that he just wouldn't go back to the crib. Mommy was faced with two options crawl into crib with baby or do a slow transition. We opted for slow. The plan is to start him out in the crib and then when he wakes up bring him into our bed and slowly wean him out of the bed. He just hasn't ever been in the crib so it was too much of a change at once. He just needs to get used to sleeping in the crib. After the boys went to bed I sat there for about 30 minutes a bit confused what to do next lol. Such freedom do I watch tv, do I do housework, or do I just sit there contemplating my options why yes yes I do! After it clicked this was the fabled "mommy time" I fell asleep lol. 

Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:06 PM
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by Bronze Member on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:09 PM
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I get it! :) at 18 months I could take being my son's pacifier anymore either. Good luck and there is a full nights sleep in your future (after everything settles down!) hugs!
by Anonymous 2 on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:09 PM
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Slowly backs out of post..... 0__o

by HAIL NUGGY! on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:10 PM
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Good luck, momma.


by Anonymous 3 on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:10 PM
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You go girl!   A message to others...don't do this, it's hell to break them of the habit.

by Silver Member on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:11 PM
good luck. i value my sleep, ds was in his bed from day one most the time. he once in awhile would sleep with me but i need sleep to be functioning during the day.
by Anonymous 4 on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:12 PM
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ummm.....tonight is going to be a VERY, VERY long night for you

by Gold Member on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:12 PM
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Be prepared for a sleepless night tonight. Lots of screaming. Stay strong momma!
by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:12 PM
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I figure if I stay firm that they sleep in their own beds and faithfully follow the super nanny stay in bed technique it will work. It's probably going to take at least two weeks.

Quoting hgibsonorc: I get it! :) at 18 months I could take being my son's pacifier anymore either. Good luck and there is a full nights sleep in your future (after everything settles down!) hugs!
by Platinum Member on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:13 PM
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Good luck! No way could I put up with that. Stick to your guns!
by Anonymous 5 on Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:13 PM
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Are you going to wean them as well? Seems like a good time since you are really only a pacifier....

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