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Cutting people off..

Posted by Anonymous
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Doesn't make sense sometimes. I get sometimes it's necessary... But this scenario? No.

My brother made the choice to cut off my parents. Why? Because my mom wants to talk to her grand daughter (my brother has a child with an ex fiancé). the x fiancé cut us all off because my brother was a little off after being in combat. She said he didn't need time to get over it (his friend was sniped in the head right next to him) anyway, x fiancé now says we can see the kid. Except.... If we talk to her were not allowed to see the other two kids (from his wife) or my brother.

Effing A. Why would you ask us all to choose? I mean, the oldest kid doesn't know me so I'm choosing my brother but I still think it's wrong to dictate who you can talk to.

I'm happy he's no longer getting divorced but this is ridiculous and if I voice my option - cut off, no doubt.

His wife hasn't changed, but I'm doing my best to see that she has. She cheated while he was on his last deployment and said she wanted a divorce. Wished he would put a target on himself while patrolling BUT is blaming her marriage being in shambles because of my brothers x fiancé entering the picture. I don't deny she has issues and has caused some strife for them - but it's not about her... It's about the kid. Who my brother now says he doesn't care about because if he talks to his kid his marriage is over.

It's a real crap storm of terrible.

She's gonna come around when she's grown and wonder why the hell we all came into her life and then left without a word. It's terrible to do that to a child. His wife shouldn't make him choose over children.. She knew he had a kid when she came into the picture. It's her way or the highway though. Too bad I don't have a my way or highway deal with my MIL.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 8, 2014 at 12:26 PM
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