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We don't condone coupon fraud.

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This is what I was told tonight when I went out to shop. Yes, I coupon. Do I follow the rules of the coupon? By the damn book I do! That's why I have to do so many transactions!


 I go to this store all the time, and all the cashiers out there know me. Several of them love it when I come through, because we will try to guess how low my total is going to be ( even though I have figured out, the cashiers always like to make a bet that I missed something, and it might be lower, or a bit higher ). I have had issues with cashiers in the past that would get mad because of my coupons, and refuse to take them, but when a manager came by, they changed their attitudes quickly.


I had a good sized cart full of items that I needed. I got up to the registers, and didn't even really look to see whose line I got in. I just got in the shortest one ( hell I was tired! lol ). I got the majority of my stuff on the belt, and looked up to say hello to the cashier. She was already on her phone at the register, and not long after some man came up, and was giving me the Evil Eye. I said hello to both of them, and the Evil Eye dude asked to see my coupons. I showed my binder to him, and explained that I had a couple different transactions, that way I would be able to use all the coupons, but still be able to abide by the 4-per-transaction limit that each one had on it. He slammed my binder shut, dropped it in my now empty cart, and told me that they weren't going to be able to do any of my orders! I asked why, and told them that I have never had an issue with my coupons, and that they were for legit items that I had, and showed him a couple of them ( I had some Pantene with some $1 off one coupons, and some $1.50 off Reach toothbrushes , and I had regular Reach toothbrushes! ). He refused to look at them, and told me flat out to my face that :

I'm sorry, but we do NOT * he emphasized that word * condone coupon fraud. You can purchase the items, but you will not be allowed to  use your coupons. It is too many, even with separate transactions.


He stood there looking at me like I was a purple headed, yellow striped, pink polka dotted dino! He got called away a few seconds later, and the cashier looked at me with the most hateful  look, and said :

Oh'll actually have to pay full price for something!!!! Such a shock, isn't it?!

I simply picked up my binder, put the coupons back in it that I had shown the dickheaded manager, turned to the cashier, and said in the sweetest, sappiest voice that I could muster :

No....what is such a shock is going to be people watching you actually working, because guess what? You're going to have so much fun putting all this stuff back on the shelves.

And I walked out, Without my stuff. Because, apparently, using coupons the way they are supposed to be use, is now considered coupon fraud. I still can't understand it.....I go to this store all the freaking time, and have never had an issue!!!! I have even called ahead a couple times, and spoke with a manager because I had so many coupons. I was told that as long as I abide by the coupon and the stores coupon policy, I will be fine. And now this......

What would you have done?

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 25, 2014 at 1:23 AM
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by Anonymous 42 on Jan. 26, 2014 at 8:00 AM
Ya in my area of WI no one does double coupons. The closest place is 4 hrs away.

Quoting Anonymous: Its easy to find coupons. Some of the best (easiest) ways are printing them off from online, and coupon trains ( where you take coupons you don't want and mail them to the next person then they take the coupons they want out, add more and mail it out to someone else and on it goes until it gets back to you). The hard part is being in an area that allows you to double coupons. Like for me there is only a handful of stores in Florida that allow you to double (and those are 5+ hours away from me).

The big thing with couponing is that you can't be brand loyal and never use a coupon unless you can pair it with a sale the store is having.

Quoting Anonymous: I wish I could find coupons for my area like that!
by Anonymous 47 on Jan. 26, 2014 at 9:54 AM

Exactly. The problem is it may not be fraud to do what you did, but I think that you know multiple transactions is against the "spirit" or the coupon and is skirting the rules. If Jack in the Box has a coupon for two free tacos and it says one per person per transaction, it's pretty obvious they don't want you getting too free tacos and getting in line 10 times to get more food. I guess most manufacturers figure wording coupons in a way to stop abuse isn't worth it because most people use them normally.

Quoting Anonymous: Separate transactions is NOT the way the coupons were intended...p&g and others limit coupons to avoid people butting so many of the same item in the same trip... you were trying to get around it and they called you out..good for them!

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