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UPDATE Well.... I guess I won't be watching her kid anymore....

Posted by Anonymous
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So I agreed to watch my sils friends child. She was looking for a baby sitter and having a hard time. She's a newly single mom. I kinda half know her just from her being at sils house. So I agreed to watch her daughter from 7 am to 7pm Monday through Friday for just $75 a week to help her out.

Well, today was the first day I had her daughter.

She wouldn't eat any of the food I tried to give her (snacks or meals.)

Refused water, milk and juice. He did drink some juice eventually but screamed the entire time.

I had made French toast and bacon for breakfast. She refused that. So I offered her some yogurt and granola. She refused that too.

For lunch we were having grilled cheese, mixed raw vegetables (broccoli, carrot sticks, celery and baby tomatoes.) and apple sauce. She refused all of that.

Dinner was chicken pot pie. (Chicken, a large range of vegetable that we Needed to up, chicken gravy, and crescent Roll crust.) She refused that.

Snacks were graham crackers with peanut butter. Banana and grapes. Crackers and cheese. She refused all of those.

The only thing I got her to eat was a cookie after lunch when dd asked for one.

When her mom came to pick her up she asked how things went. I told her I couldn't really get her to eat or drink anything. And she said "ok. Yeah, she's pretty picky. I forgot to give you the list of foods she'll eat.".

She then handed me the list and left. I did te dishes and sat down to look at the list.

Here's whats on it:

Banquet pot pies. (Chicken or breakfast ones...I Didnt know they made breakfast ones...)

Tyson dinosaur shaped nuggets.

Digorno cheese pizza.

Kid cuisine trays.

Nacho lunchables.

Pizza lunchables.

Any breakfast lunchables. (I didn't know they made breakfast lunchables either...)


Cheese pizza hot pockets.

Duplex Cookies.


Noodles with salt and butter.

Pretzel sticks.

Sour cream and onion chips.



Trix yogurt.

So I called her to ask her about the list because most of those things aren't things I have in the house on a regular basis.

We like pot pie, but I always make it.

Dd loves nuggets but I always make those too.

We love pizza, but I usually make that. Sometimes we'll buy pizza from the store, but I don't think ive ever bought a digorno. (I've heard they taste good but I always forget to try them.)

Some times we have lunchables in the house because dd does like the pizza ones. (So do I) But she's really not too big on them so I don't see a reason to have them in the house all the time..

I don't buy TV dinners, I don't think I've ever bought a kid cuisine one.

We aren't big on chips. (However I'm slightly addicted to snyders pretzel pieces..)

It's just all stuff we don't have.

When I called her she said

"Yeah she's really picky."

Then prodded to list off all the food she refuses to eat, which included:

Pasta with any kind of sauce.
Vegetables (except celery.)
Lunch meat.

Will ONLY drink chocolate milk.

And more. I kind of zoned out after about 15 minutes of her listing off food that she won't eat and reasons why she won't eat it... (Like "she won't eat eggs becuase they're mushy..."

So I told her that the stuff she'll eat aren't things I typically have in the house.

She said I'd need to buy it.

So I told her that I could not afford to go our and do separate grocery shopping for her child and if that's all she eat then she needs to send the food with her daughter.

She got pissed and starting yelling and saying "I'm PAYING you to watch her. Feeding her food she likes is part of watching her!!!".

So it told her "your paying me $75 a week to watch her for 12 hours a day , 5 days a week. That is some EXTREMELY cheap child care and I only offered to do it to help YOU out. I can not afford to buy separate groceries for her. And I will not buy separate groceries for her. "

She said "well if you won't give her the good she likes then I don't want you watching her." And hung up.

I really don't think I'm wrong here. I offered to watch her 2 year old child for $75 dollars a week. Why the hell would I be expected to buy separate groceries for her child? I don't get it. Even if I was being paid more I can't imagine any one insisting that I, the baby sitter, have to be the one to provide the food for Their extremely picky child.

Is it normal for people to expect the baby sitter to buy all kinds of food that they don't usually buy in order to feed a kid their babysitting?

I mean, I have no problem with providing her with food, if she'll eat what I have in the house. I wouldn't even have a problem with getting certain items she really likes when I go shopping, like maybe some nuggets, or one of her favorite snacks, just to make sure that he does have something she really enjoys now and again. But there's no way I can afford to buy a whole grocery list specifically for her .

Eta- she didn't bring her back today.


She called me.

First she apologised. And then she asked if I'd still be willing to watch her daughter.

I told her that yes, I'd still be willing to watch her, but that:

1. Her daughter will need to eat what I make, or she'll need to send the food.

And 2. The very next time she wants to start yelling at me and talking to me like she did yesterday , I will be completely done with dealing with her and will no longer watch her daughter.

She asked if I thought it would be possible to get her daughter to eat what I make.

I told her that the first few days would probably be difficult but that I'm willing to bet that within 2 weeks time she'll be willing to eat the food becuase there's no way she's going to completely starve herself. If she's hungry enough, she will eat, even if its not a lunchable.

Now to answer some questions you ladies had:

The girl is not over weight, I'm fairly certain she must be underweight. My daughter turns two in April, and barely weighs 20 lbs. she's smaller than my daughter.

Some one asked why I was doing it so cheap. I'm willing to do it cheap becuase I wanted to help her out, and to me having one extra toddler on the hose isn't that much extra work. Plus, she and dd get along really well.

Some one asked why I was including meals and snacks in my price. We have food. We haw more thang enough food at each meal for her to eat. I always make twice the amount we need so dh and fil can take it for l lunch and there's ALWAYS still some left over. And I always by more than we really need as back up, so feeding her really doesn't put a dent in our food. However there would be a huge dent if I had to buy heater own food

For the most part the little girl is really sweet. But she throws a fit any time she's told no. Apparently she's not use to being told no.

I'm willing to bet that within two weeks I can have her eating normal food, and have her behaviour under better control. I told her mother that and she said that if I think I can do it she's willing to give it a shot but she doesn't think it's possible.

I told her I think it's absolutely possible but she's going to have to work with me on it and not resort back to the same expos and behaviour on weekends.

She agreed. So we're going to give this a shot. I think it'll work fine. This little girl is not going to starve becuase she's not getting a lunchable or frozen pot pie.

I do know how to make home made "hot pockets", my family loves them. And I have a home made equivalent to pizza lunchables that dd loves.

Plan is for me to keep a log of what I feed her, and her mom will do the same thing on the weekends. I have a feeling her mom isn't going to easily make her give up the junk right away but we'll see.

Several people have asked if she's a young mom. Shes 26. (3 Years older than me.).

Some one asked why 7 am to 7pm.
Part of it is traffic. She doesn't have to be at work until 9, but she has to drive through rush hour traffic, which easily adds another hour to the already hour long drive. She gets off around 6 and the traffic is awful again at that point. It takes my husband close to two hours to get home and he gets off at 4 or 5 most days.

Today we had pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. She ate maybe 5 bites of pancake. I figured since the breakfast lunchables have pancakes maybe she'd eat them if I made them little like a lunchables.

Lunch is going to he nuggets, vegetables (celery and carrot sticks.) and banana.

She's getting her chocolate milk at meals. But water or juice at non meal times.

Eta- at lunch she ate 2 nuggets, her celery, and then asked for more celery. (She calls it "sticks.".

At dinner she ate All she she was a couple bites of cheeses potato bake.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:10 PM
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by Ruby Member on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:13 PM
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I wouldn't do it either. She wont find anyone to watch her kid and provide the crap meals she expects.
Posted on CafeMom Mobile
by on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:15 PM
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Um nope, I would have done exactly what you did.  If she wants to feed her kids all that crap and let her not eat regular food, or anything good for her, than she can bring it with her.  And the ungrateful attitude should be worth not watching her kid in the first place imo

by Sapphire Member on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:15 PM
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She provides the food. That's how it works. No wonder she's having a hard time finding someone to watch her picky child.
Posted on CafeMom Mobile
by Bronze Member on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:15 PM
Nope not normal. I babysit and would never do it that cheap. And the parents usually provide the food or money for it. The kids I watch now I feed them a snack but they're not picky.
by Gold Member on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:15 PM
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Well, that's one problem you no longer have.
Posted on CafeMom Mobile
by Lorelai on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:16 PM
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Definitely not normal. I wouldn't deal with that BS.
by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:16 PM
After hearing her list of things her daughter won't eat I am sooooo glad 22 month old daughter isn't picky at all... She'll eat anything and everything...

Quoting MommyBoha: I wouldn't do it either. She wont find anyone to watch her kid and provide the crap meals she expects.
by Anonymous 2 on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:16 PM
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That is all junk she eats .
by on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:17 PM
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If I know my child was soooo picky I'd have packed a lunch for him. With the food I know my child will eat (although it's all junk, ick).
That's just freaking ridiculous. I wouldnt want to continue being her child care either.
by on Feb. 24, 2014 at 9:17 PM
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She sounds like a moron.
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