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Her first detention and I dont think she should be in detention....**UPDATE***

DD has never been a trouble maker. she is non violent, not agressive at all (actually tends to be taken advantage of, and lets the kids get aggressive and violent with her with no retaliation) she usually responds to bullying and/or anger by having an anxiety attack and running away. 

she had a poster project this week, and she was bringing it to class yesterday, it was rolled up and she was trying to get it into class. she accidentally turned around and bumped another kid with the poster. now, its not a big giant one, its not heavy. its basically paper. but this kid threw a huge fit about it, but when the teacher talked to DD about it, and DD tried to say it was an accident and she said sorry, the teacher said 'we dont hurt other students, you are going to detention' 

I feel torn between momma bear going up to the school and demanding to know whats going on with this teacher (this isnt the first time DD tried to talk to her and the teacher blew her off) 

but also torn between cutting the cord and letting DD learn the realities of the world, that life is not always fair, and sometimes shit happens. 

what do you think??? 

ok so i talked to the teacher after school today. 

and my non violent, non agressive, usually bullied, little doormat of a girl, is aparently all of a sudden punching and kicking and pushing all the kids. 

she has been with this teacher for 3 weeks now. and this is the first time i have EVER heard of her being physical! ever, in any grade, by any teacher!

But the teacher says she always makes sure there is witnesses so that it is not a he said she said. 

I went to the office and have set up an IEP meeting for monday morning. 

Because there are 2 possibilities going through my mind. 

either A, DD is indeed becoming agressive and i need to know WHY, and WHAT is going on in that classroom to make her suddenly agressive and violent. 

or B, it is indeed an accident when she bumps into someone or turns around too fast (which is what she told me, which i dont really doubt because she is a clumsy little thing) and the kids all back eachother up and say 'oh yeah she pushed on purpose!!'

That happened to me as a child. one kid would make some shit up, and all the other kids would back them up. 

i was the weird kid nobody liked. my daughter is also the weird kid, though im thankful she has a few friends. 

but i will NOT just let those brats treat her like this. 

by on Feb. 28, 2014 at 10:47 AM
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by Silver Member on Mar. 1, 2014 at 5:28 AM
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If one of your children accidentally bumped into one of their siblings would you ground them for it? I would assume not. You would most likely tell them to be more careful next time, tell them to apologize if they hadn't already and leave it at that. At least that's what most normal people would do. This basically amounts to the same thing.

Quoting TheSilence: A detention isn't comparable to assault charges. If a teacher hit a child in the face accidentally she would definitely have to fill out a report and probably speak to the parents of the child. When you hurt someone there are consequences. Children can stand up for themselves, but you can't deny something that happened even if it was accidentally.
Quoting JuneCleaver256: So if the teacher accidentally stepped on a kids toes should we charge her with assault? Maybe suspend her without pay? Yeah life not fair but when did we stop teaching our children to stand up for themselves? What a joke.
Quoting TheSilence: As long as it was just detention I would just let it be. Life sometimes sucks and isn't fair. Even if we don't mean to hurt someone we have to learn that sorry doesn't undo what's been done. Now if she was getting into more serious trouble I think I would step in and discuss it.

by Platinum Member on Mar. 1, 2014 at 7:49 PM
I once held a beer for a friend who was using the restroom. I was 20 yrs old, one month away from 21, hadn't taken a sip of the drink and an undercover cop gave me an MIP. He said he watched me for a long time to try to catch me drinking it. It sucked. I didn't really do anything wrong. BUT, that's life. I'd let DD go to detention and let it go.
by on Mar. 2, 2014 at 8:22 PM

Bump for update

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