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my ex's wife was arrested for kidnapping my daughter

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my ex asked me if he and his wife could take our 8 year old daughter out of state for a wedding for his wife's cousin. They would be leaving Wednesday afternoon and driving through three states. I told him no because she's already missed a lot of school this year due to illness and this would mean she would have to be checked out early on Wednesday and miss Thursday and Friday. I feel that is too much school to miss for people who she has never even met and have nothing to do with her. yesterday afternoon I picked her up after school as I usually do but she wasn't there. I parked and went to the office and they looked into the records and found out she had been checked out just before lunch by her father who by the way isn't allowed to pick her up it's specifically put in our court order because during school hours wouldn't be during his time anyway. I called my ex and he said that he was at work. He said he picked her up and had his wife take her to the wedding. The plan apparently was for him to fly up on Friday evening. I called his wife 3 times and left three different voicemails saying that she needed to turn around and bring my daughter back immediately she did not answer. So now I knew that his wife, who has no legal rights to her, was traveling with my child out of state and refusung to take my calls so naturally I called the police. They were found within the hour and she was arrested for kidnapping because that's what she did. I believe she is also going the charged with taking a minor over state lines because again that's what she did.I have been told that she will likely do some jail time up to a few years. At this point it's out of my hands anyway so it's not like it's even up to me to drop charges but I think she got what she deserved she knew she wasn't supposed to take my daughter out of state and she did it anyway and while I think honestly my e should be in more trouble than she is I don't feel bad for her. I'm also going to take my ex to court to adjust visitation since he violated the court order by picking her up. also since I have right of first refusal she shouldn't even be alone with my daughterunless I am first called and asked if I can take her. a lot of people know about the situation because the second I realize she was missing the first thing I did was put it on Facebook and ask everyone to share because at that point I wasn't even sure that she was actually with my ex for his wife for all I knew some man came up and said he wa her dad and Took her. most people I talk to are very supportive and think that his wife is getting what she deserves but I have gotten a few people who got a little bit nasty about it saying that I should ask the courts for leniency for her and that its unfair for her to do jail. I really am not inclined to do so but I was just kind of wondering what some of you ladies think
Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 6, 2014 at 2:20 PM
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by Silver Member on Apr. 20, 2014 at 4:51 PM


by Anonymous 74 on Apr. 20, 2014 at 6:41 PM

I call troll post.  The school would have to pull a list from the child's file to see who is and is not allowed to take her out of school.  They would be in more trouble than the SM.  But nice try.  lol

by Ruby Member on Apr. 20, 2014 at 6:43 PM

other people bumped this so..any update?

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