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**Edit** Book vs. Movie - The Hunger Games

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First of all, I'm only on chapter 4, so I have no idea if anything else will come up at the topic at hand. I paused to cook dinner and just can't stop thinking about it. I normally like watching the movie before I read the book (or else the movie will suck. We've all been there, right?). Well, I was going to put off reading the books 'till after the last movie, but got impatient after I found out they're going to stretch out the last book into two movies, just like Harry Potter and Twilight.

Edit: Dammit. Premature posting, thanks to my toddler.

Anyway, the part that got me thinking about was the "bread" scene. I've seen the movie twice, and both times I got the impression that she resented him for throwing perfectly good bread in the mud. But after reading the book, it's clear that it was just the opposite. She loved him for it, and felt forever in his debt. She was starving to death, and he threw it in her direction instead of feeding the pigs like he had been told.

WHY did they change that part in the movie? .......or did they not change it, and I just read the emotions wrong?

Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 8, 2014 at 9:23 PM
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by on Mar. 8, 2014 at 10:05 PM
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I know - he was so perfect in the part. I was so happy that he would still be in them.

Quoting Elyce225:

Thank goodness!

He played the part so well, it would have been hard for me to be able to look at the character the same if it was someone different.

Quoting tecsabates: Phillip Seymore Hoffman was done filming for Mockingjay 1 and only had a week of filming left for part 2. What bit he didn't get filmed, he will be digitally added.

Quoting Elyce225:

If I didn't read the books I would have never picked up on that he was on her side until I saw him in the plane thing.  

Also I wonder who is going to play him in the next movies...

I have to ask, why go anon for this?

Quoting Anonymous: Naw peeta gives her everything.

I actually really like the way they set up the end of the movie. There is actuary foreshadowing, where heavensbee talks about moves and counter was awesome. I've watched catching fire like 4 times now lol

Quoting Elyce225:

Oh, Heavensbee.  

I thought you were talking about Peeta.

I meant to say that he shows her the clock with the symbol.  There was no foreshadowing that HeavenBee was on her side at all in the movie.  If I didn't read the books I would have never suspected that he was with the uprising which they made important knowledge in the book for the reader.

Quoting Anonymous: Heavensbee never gives her anything.

Quoting Elyce225:


He was standing on the bakery's steps and threw some bread to the pigs and the other loaf in the mud in Katniss' way.  He was intending for her to take it.

Quoting Anonymous: He never gave her anything.

Quoting Elyce225:

They didn't change it.

He regretted throwing some of the bread to the pigs and felt so guilty about it.  She was grateful for the bread that he did throw.

There are a few major things they left out of the second movie.  Like when Heavenbee gives Katniss the clock that is a Monkingjay when they dance.  We were watching Catching Fire (again) last night and I had to explain to my DH that giving her the clock was a HUGE hint that he was on her side.  She even says so in the books. 

by Ruby Member on Mar. 8, 2014 at 10:08 PM
I think you read the bread scene wrong in the movie. He threw bread in her direction because he wanted to help her but didn't want his mom to know. He purposely burned it so it would have to be thrown out. She didn't want to compete against him because he saved her life and she felt she owed him one. Plus she probably didn't want to see him offed by someone else and she was still a little embarrassed about her previous situation.
by on Mar. 8, 2014 at 10:08 PM
Ughhh I have to wait until next week to watch I promised the hubs !!!!
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