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I went to the tackiest baby shower I have ever been to! UPDATED

Posted by Anonymous
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Well, Im ok with every baby having a baby shower really.  Im the one to think that every child should be celebrated.

However, the baby shower today was very tacky.    First, in the invite, it asked EVERY guest to bring a package of diapers to enter in a raffle. (Seen this before so didnt pay much attention) However, she specifically wants huggies sensitive skin, because her baby, she is sure will be sensitive just like her older daughter who is barely 18mo.  Me, no, I just buy cutesy stuff, or from a registry.  She didnt have one.   Anyway...I arrive at 3 which is the time listed in the invite.  And they are still getting things ready.  The little brother of the pregnant girl, asks me if I brought a package of diapers.  I said, no, only my present.  He tells me that EVERYBODY was supposed to bring a bag of diapers.  I giggled because the little boy is 10, and dont pay much attention to it.   But then, the mom of the pregnant girl comes and asks me the same thing, and tells me the same thing,,,, We were supposed to bring a bag of diapers, didnt I read the invite?.  So I answer, that it didnt matter because I dont want to participate in the raffle anyway.      They did the exact same thing with every single guest arriving.     

Then, she invited over 100 guests over.   It was only 60 of us, but was very cramped.  I had already eated lunch with my husband so I wasnt hungry, but I noticed there is no food, just chips and salsa.  I thought maybe the food wasnt ready.  Finally 2 hrs after she announces to everyone that she is ordering pizza, and asks people to raise their hands if they would like to eat, as to know how many pizzas she is ordering. People looked confused, but anyhow apart from me and two other girls everyone raised their hands.  So she comes to every table and ask a short survey, cheese, pepperoni or pinnaple?  And as soon as she gets an answer, she asked each of them for a $20!   wth!?   Some, without saying anything hand her a $20, others giggle and say they dont have cash, or they dont have enough.   She says the $20 of some will overcompensate for the food of other ones.    Her sister in law, asks sort of irritated "M werent you supposed to get us the food since we brought the presents?"   She looks at her, giggles and says that "now a days parties arent paid for by the people trowing it and it makes more sense that a lot of people pays for the food, instead of only one since Im saving for a baby"   Im amazed/shocked.... what!?    So I text my husband and ask him to pick me up early.  He said he would be two hours because he was driving his mom somewhere.   Great! So pizzas come and people eat.  She announces proudly that she even "made money on the pizzas!  got $120 left over for baby fund"  Guest just look away. Most of this people dont even know her.  They know her mom. 

Then they announced the games where going to start!   And a lady who sells mary kay, starts explaining to us the goodnes of a free facial for the lucky ones she gets to pick. And says that for this party, all the sales made, a portion is going to go to the baby's fund.    We eat up the f....g make up presentation, and were being "pushed" to make purchases.   Some people said they were sorry but they didnt carry cash.   Well,  no problem because she has this app that she can use to charge people online.   Some people order something ridiculous.  Some others like me, arent falling for it.  The mom of the girl tells me that I should buy something, because that was gonna go towards the baby.   I flat out said I didnt like selling parties and didnt need any make up thanks.  She gives me the death stare. She asked me If I didnt have any cash.   I said I did, but I didnt had the intention of buying anything.  Then she tells me to remember I didnt bring any diapers.    Really??  I just spent $100 dlls in baby clothes and toys and you want me to picth in for the pizza, buy something to the mary kay girl and bring baby diapers??   At this point, I had enough. I called a taxi and excused myself.    One of my co workers who happened to be there and is friends with the preg girl's mom, she texts me saying it was nice seeing me there (Im on maternity leave) and tells me how awful it was the whole thing.   She mentioned that later on they passed home made baby shoes and ask people to "fill it in" with cash for the baby.  And that at the time of opening presents, she was upset most people did not leave a receipt on the presents so that she can change it if she didnt like it. The nerve of some people!! 

I was glad I bought everything in a mom and pop's baby boutique far away in a little town we visited. 

And I will never ever again will attend a baby shower just to humor my husband's coworker's wives!!   I did knew her before today but only seen her twice, at one of my husband's company, corporate dinner, and the second time she invited me.   My husband said it would be "rude" if I didnt go.  Now he is laughing his ass off, making fun of me.      I can bet you, none of you have ever been to anything tackier than this!!! 


Im sorry I can't respond to so many posts! It got blown out!  But I see same things over and over so let me add this:  

1. I got a $100 present for someone I barely knew because, my husband works with the baby's father.  He told my husband most of her family is Greek so they dont live here, except her mom. And, my husband and the guy have the same position, and luckily they make really good money, so I wasnt going to show up with a $10 gift.

2. I spend that much also because I wanted to help this cute older couple who have a baby store where they handmade everything. The lady makes quilts, baby clothes, shoes, hats courtains, and the husband makes any wood work, cribs, rockers, lamps, toys etc...  I didnt seem like they have much business so I just felt like helping.  Plus the lady wrapped up my present so beautifully!

3. Im not an idiot. (most of the time!) hahaha Yes, I know my grammar is terrible, but again, English isn't my first language and Im still learning it.  I have been in school for 1.5 years, and is still a long way to go.   English is a very rich language and confusing to me!  So forgive me if I add "ed" as some how I though it was use to do past sentences on everything.  So if I eated, leaved and drived.....hahaha I get it... Im learning. 

4. Many of you told me I should of left earlier AND take my present with me.  Honestly, I just felt insulted, as most of the women in the party (most of them were little old ladies and in between... and most of them, again were there for her mom. So I just wanted to get out of there and didnt even thought about the present... plus the baby is at no fault to have a mother that greedy.  But Im glad I didn't, because my husband told me, his friend mentioned that I was in a hurry and left the party early, and that I missed the cake! my husband made fun of me, and said "They will send you some cake tomorrow if you write them a $50 check"  hahahaha apologies to all the ladies who feel offended by my grammar. Sometimes, I make mistakes, Im only human!  = )

Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:15 AM
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by on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:20 AM
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You can't be serious.
by on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:21 AM
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Wow... I... Just... Wow
by on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:22 AM
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Oh... My... Gosh...
by Anonymous 2 on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:22 AM
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Wow! That beats all the crappy showers I've attended.
by Ruby Member on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:22 AM
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Yeah- I've been to one tacky party ever, but this might take the cake. Mine was a birthday party for a 5yo. They moved the party from the park to their house halfway through and started drinking and smoking pot (my friend's boyfriend's kid). I was disgusted and left.

If I were in your place I would have left with the gift I brought. I'm an asshole like that.

by on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:24 AM
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Wow. Nobody will ever go to anything hosted by that girl or her family ever again.
by Anonymous 3 on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:24 AM
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So you "eated"before you went  LOL   You mean you ate food.   Sigh.   That sounds like a train wreck of a party and I can see it happening with some people .   I never had a baby shower and dd survived just fine. 

by Alice In Heathenland on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:24 AM
by on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:25 AM

Quoting MilkLover0203: You can't be serious.
by Silver Member on Mar. 9, 2014 at 4:25 AM
Haha wow.
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