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McDonalds hires morons

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Last time my dh went to McDonalds, they screwed up his order. I called them and they said they would replace the 20 piece nuggets they didn't give us next time we came in.

Well I went today and ordered 2 20 piece nuggets at the drive thru. I got to the Window and explained about the free 20 piece. The mgr verified and said ok. They were going to charge me for 2 20 piece nuggets and give me a 3rd for free. I only wanted 2 20 pieces and had to explain it over and over to the kid at the window.

Finally he gets it and I pay for 1 of the 20 pieces. I go to the 2nd window and the girl hands me a big bag and says here's your 3 twenty piece nuggets. I again tried to explain it was only supposed to be 2 but they just didn't get it.

They finally said just take the 3 twenty pieces, so I did. Their stupidity got me extra nuggets.
Posted by Anonymous on Mar. 18, 2014 at 7:57 PM
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by Anonymous 28 on Mar. 18, 2014 at 9:35 PM

You do know that explaining it at the speaker would have probably been the best way to order, right? Your order shows up on your screen, and I had always taught them to repeat it, along with the total. That was the time to say, oh, by the way, I forgot to mention....These are just high school kids for the most part, give them a break. It's not rocket science but it's not a fun job either, I've managed fast food places. By giving you extra nuggets the manager was apologizing for the earlier mix up as well as they're not getting it right this time. They weren't trying to be stupid, he/she was doing it from a customer relations stand point. It should have made you happy, it kept the drive-thru line moving and he did not have to waste 20 nuggets. Win-win-Win.

by Anonymous 18 on Mar. 18, 2014 at 9:40 PM
Quoting Shani527: If you order a plain cheeseburger. You're going to get cheese. If you order a plain double you're going to get cheese. If you order anything that comes w cheese and you say plain you're going to get cheese. You have to say plain no cheese. Not that hard. Just saying plain means no ketchup mustard pickles onions etc. Has nothing to do w no cheese.

Quoting Anonymous: I don't think anyone that works there knows what NO CHEESE means. It doesn't mean put cheese on the bottom where you think it's hidden, I can still see it. When I say plain (nothing but meat and buns) it means NO CHEESE OR ANYTHING ELSE. It can't be that hard.

I have said no cheese, plain with no cheese, every variation with the words no cheese and it never fails. It always comes with cheese. Hamburger means no cheese. When I go to burger king or wendy's there is never an issue, it's only McDonald's
by Anonymous 29 on Mar. 18, 2014 at 9:45 PM

You were stupid to not explain it to begin with when you ordered it the first time. They probably had it already rung up when you got to the window, and would have to redo it because you didn't tell them to begin with. Better yet, you should have went IN to deal with something like that. Guess customers there aren't too brilliant either.

by Anonymous 30 on Mar. 18, 2014 at 9:48 PM

I spent a total of five years in fast food. Employees and customers are both morons. Besides, these are teenagers working for minimum wage. Are you expecting geniuses?

by on Mar. 18, 2014 at 9:54 PM

 Yeah, says the IDIOT buying boxes of MYSTERY meat at mcdonalds. It's not even REAL CHICKEN. I guess the employees sometimes compliment the customers.

by Gold Member on Mar. 18, 2014 at 9:58 PM

I probably would have have explained the whole free nugget thing before placing my order, but that is just me. I have worked on both sides of the fence, and believe me... there are plenty of stupid customers out there too.

by The Dorkfish on Mar. 18, 2014 at 10:01 PM

I didn't work there, but I agree. It's just people in general that are freakin morons. Just the same, there are Mcdonalds workers who aren't idiots. lol.

Quoting Danesmommy1: I worked at McDonald's in my teens. Customers are morons too.

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