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*UPDATE #3 BIL is dead. BIL shot my dog in front of my kids!

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*UPDATE #3* My BIL is dead. He died alums 5 this morning. The tumors in his brain were cancerous and the cancer spread throughout his body. He hadn't been aware of things for about a week now. The past 4 days he's been on morphine, since that's the only thing that we could do to help him. When the morphine started to wear off he'd just scream and scream in pain. We knew it would happen soon.
My sister and her kids are a wreck, and so is the rest of the family. Idk what else to say. Please send us prayers or healing thoughts, the next few days will be the hardest.

So BIL got out of jail Monday. Wednesday evening my sister left her girls with me because a police officer was coming to their house with BIL so he could get his stuff. My sister and BIL didn't say a single word to each other. Well as BIL and the officer were leaving BIL drops the box and drops like a rock, hits his head on the front steps and has a seizure! So my sister calls 911 while the officer timed the seizure and when it was over was holding pressure to the massive gash in his skull. So they go to the ER and my sister stays there while they stitch up his head and then he has ANOTHER seizure! My sister says that she wants to know why BIL is all of the sudden having grand mal (sp?) Seizures so they take him for a CT scan/MRI what ever thing they do to figure out what's wrong with someone's brain. At this point it's after midnight and I haven't heard from my sister and her phone is ringing and ringing and then going to voice mail. I put my nieces to bed in the living room and DH and I went to bed to wait on a phone call from my sister. Finally at 3:30 AM I get the call from my sister. She was in hysterics, and when I finally got her to calm down, she said "All of those women were right! I knew he wasn't a bad guy really! I knew he wasn't bad!" I told her to tell me what the fuck was going on.

My BIL has a tumor. Y'all crazy hoes were right. They don't know if it's cancer yet, but he has a tumor the size of a baseball on his frontal lobe and one the size of a ping pong ball on the left half of his brain. That's all we know for now. I'll update when we know more. I'm sad for my sister, my BIL and my nieces. This is just one more corn kernel in the shit pile they are dealing with. I'm glad he wasn't genuinely evil and he's just sick.

My BIL is in jail again! My sister went and bailed him out, despite advice to do the opposite. Well he didnt talk to her until they got home, not a single word. when they got home he went nuts screaming at her and telling her that if she ever threatened to leave him in jail again he'd kill her! She told him he needed to cool down or she was going to call the cops. AND THEN HE PUNCHED HER OVER AND OVER TIL SHE FELL ON THE GROUND CRYING! SHE GRABBED THE LAMP AND THREW IT AT HIM AND RAN AND LOCKED HERSELF IN THEIR ROOM. She called 911 and the operator could hear him beating on the door and screaming that he was going to beat her to death. She told the operator that there was a gun in the nightstand and that she was scared for her life so she grabbed it and had it when he broke down the door. The police and an ambulance got
there and she's pressing charges against him for everything she can and so are we. She's calling her lawyer now, after she got off the phone with me. She wants a protection order, restraining order and a divorce with full custody. We wI'll see what happens now, but everyone on her and my gut feelings were right. There was no hope for this man. Hopefully my nieces will be alright and not nuts like their father.

My sister, her DH and my 3 nieces were over visiting tonight. My dog is (was) very old. I've had her for 12 years. She is a lab.

Well my 2 oldest nieces (14 & 12) were picking on my dog through the fence. My BIL was egging them on. My sister told them to stop and so they came in the house. Well my BIL stayed outside apparently picking at my dog for about 10 minutes and came in for dinner. My DH came home and let the dog out like he always does and she followed him inside. She laid down on her dog bed all through dinner.

The older girls wanted to go with my ODS (12) to play the wii and my youngest niece (8) and YDS (10) stayed in the living room with us.

The next thing I know I hear my dog growling and my oldest niece and ODS screaming and crying. That bitch kicked my dog! My dog bit her, and it Broke the skin. DH took the dog outside as ODS and ON explained what had happened and my sister and I took care of ONs leg.

We hear a shot and YDS and YN run in bawling their eyes out saying BIL shot daisy!

So I tear out of the house and my BIL is putting his rifle back in his truck, my dog is very clearly dead and my DH is on the phone with the cops!

BIL goes to jail for animal cruelty and discharging a firearm in the city limits, everyone, including my sister, is mad at BIL, all the kids are crying, and BIL is still saying he did the right thing.

After she bit my niece, I instantly made the choice to go have the dog put down. She was already 13 years old and had arthritis really bad and she was walking slowly. But to shoot her in the head in front of the kids after my niece admitted to kicking her, was just wrong on so many levels.

What would you do in my situation?

ETA: my BIL won't be allowed at my house ever again. My sister is only bailing him out on the condition that he gets help.

My niece is grounded and has asked to go to counseling so she doesn't end up like her dad. When I talked to my sister this morning my nieces have appointments for this evening with some counselors. She also called the school to let them know what's going on and the school counselor wants to speak with them too. my oldest niece will be volunteering at the shelter every other Saturday. since they have so many volunteers they have to spread them out.

I love my niece far more than I could ever love a dog and that's why we are getting her help.

Euthanasia was an option the vet and I had already talked about if her arthritis started getting worse or her meds too expensive as maybe the best thing for the dog. The vet had her on a high dose of some pain killer and the vet told us that when we were ready to let her go, we should put her down. This would have been the push to have her put down because I wouldn't have wanted her to suffer anymore.
Posted by Anonymous on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:08 AM
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:09 AM
by Emerald Member on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:10 AM
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I'd never ever allow BIL anywhere near my house again. I'd also have a LONG talk with nieces about taunting animals.

That family sounds like a mess.
by Gold Member on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:10 AM
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Exactly what you did. I'm so sorry. 

by Gold Member on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:11 AM
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I would never allow him in my house again! She kicked an arthritic old dog, what did he think would happen?!?
by on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:12 AM
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It wasn't his dog, it wasn't his call to make.
by MotherDucker on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:12 AM
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I'd never allow him or his children near my house again.

The girl kicked your dog she very much deserved to be bit.
by Emerald Member on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:12 AM
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BIL should not be in or around your family again. Ever. Although you can't make the choice, I would be encouraging your sister to leave the douche bag as well. He sounds like he has psychological issues. He antagonized the dog and encouraged the kids to do the same. 

If it were my husband? He would have been beating the crap out of BIL while calling the cops. 

by on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:13 AM
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BIL would NEVER be allowed at my house again.  I would really have to fight the urge to beat the hell out of him.  It was not his place to touch your dog, even if she did bite his child.  

Sounds like the kid deserved to be bitten, maybe now she won't tease or kick animals.

by Anonymous 2 on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:13 AM
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He should be put down.. by his logic
by Gold Member on Apr. 16, 2014 at 2:14 AM
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What a fucking psycho!!! I'm so sorry
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