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Yeah because she really needed those

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My ex told me he couldn't help with dd's summer stuff....why? Because he "had" to buy his wife implants, because she was oh so insecure having no boobs as in she had fibroids in both breasts and needed them removed (mastectomy?) He now can't buy his ds food

Smh priorities, he really needs to learn them
Posted by Anonymous on Apr. 29, 2014 at 6:18 PM
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by Gold Member on May. 4, 2014 at 1:31 PM

Waaaay to ASS-U me big time.  Actually I have TWO kids and their father is OVER 30K in the hole for C.S. so I def. know what it takes... point is if a parent has a child 50% they are supporting the child 50% and just like when you make a decision that somethings supercede others the father has the same right to make that decision.

Like a pointed out to OP, if the daycare has to paid monthly then its up to both but if he does not use it, then he should not be paying for it.  Clothes food etc. at his house are his responsibility ditto for mom. and extras are extras yes they can be seen as important BUT I don't expect for biodad to pay for 1/2 of things that he did not agree to.

And there are times that I really want my kids to have something but if I can't afford it at the time it is what it is.  Its my decision as a parent and any other parent has an equal right to make the same decision.

Unless you WANT someone else to decide for YOU what your child MUST have and YOU MUST pay for.

I just agree equal rights for both.

Quoting Anonymous: Breast are not needs! So yeah... Go without! He may have her 50% of the time but does he split tuition or summer camp or extra curricular activities? What he feeds her 50% of the time? That's not equal.... But only those in that situation would understand that.
Quoting MamiJaAyla:

he doesn't pay child support b/c he has the child 50% of the time.  So he's already supporting her 50% and no swimming camp etc. are also not NEEDs.  And there may never be a time where they can pull of the reconstructive surgery w/o financial difficulty.  So she should never have breasts??

Quoting Anonymous: You guys are Efn crazy!! It's his child!! If she's in swimming camp etc.... Those come before a woman's implants!!! She should get them herself!! Crazy! If he doesn't pay child support then he should help!!
Quoting MamiJaAyla:

its summer so that's why I put day care/summer camp b/c well its summer so schools out so its a little diff. than during the regular school year.

What's the plan for when he's at her house?  How old is dd?  If younger tahn knder then I get the whole day care thing and yes if its a month at a time then he is going to have to figure out something.  If she's older and can do camp... then a lot of camps are weekly.

Even some daycare's are a little more flexible and do summers by week b/c well... its summer. ( I know mine did during the year heck no, but in the summer I would schedule ahead of time and when I wasn't working they would not go or pay)

Quoting Anonymous: Wtf are you babbling about? Summer DAY CARE Never once have I said anything about camp
Quoting MamiJaAyla:

okay.  Food and clothing for his house yes that's automatically his issue.  Daycare/summer camp during YOUR time... not so much.  Summer camps easily go by the week and he can choose not to do summer camp during his time.  Is a choice not a need.  

and no just b/c dd wants to do something doesn't mean he has to pay for it.  My kids want summer camp unless I'm working they are not going. They'd love to go to the one that has horse back riding... not happening.  They would LIKE to go do Disney... no.

Kids can WANT a lot but if I can't afford it and its not a need... they are NOT getting it.

That's just the way LIFE works.  If you choose to give her/pay for those things that is YOUR choice.  Its not a need.  

We had unexpected medical expences this year and it is what it is.

As long as I've got the food, house, utilities, etc. covered that's ALL that HAS to covered.  Anything else... well, its extra and if I can't I can't.

Quoting Anonymous: I thought OP said there wasnt any type of court order?
Quoting laranadtony:

Quoting Anonymous: If she goes to daycare on your time only, then no its not his responsibility to pay for it. Clothes, yes she should have her own wardrobe at his house provided by him Summer activities are not a need, and no he shouldnt have to pony up money for that. If you want to put her in extracurriculars then you pay for it, you cant just decide how he spends his money on extra things I'm not being an ass at all, please dont take it that way but you are being unreasonable in your expectations of what his financial obligations are
Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting Anonymous: The swim lessons you cant really be upset about honestly. If he has your DD have the time, then what needs are you asking him to cover? Are they reasonable given the custody situation?
Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting Anonymous: The stuff your dd needs, are they truly needs or extra summer expenses not covered by CS? Im not being sarcastic but trying to see things from both sides.

most of it is needs except for the swim lessons but the swim lessons are only $40 which means he only has to pay 20

and he doesnt pay child support since he has dd half the time

day care is a need since i dont have anyone to watch her 

clothes for his house,i refuse to send dd's clothes from my house to his

and whatever else dd wants to do during the summer he has to pay half of

Do you understand that this is under court order in lieu of CS?

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